How to add join button on youtube channel : youtube join button

Have you also ever seen join button in youtube channels in Right side of subscribe button ? Yes, obviously sometimes you may have seen join button on some youtube channels.

If you are a youtuber then you also may be thinking that what is youtube join button and how to add join button on youtube channel.

Many of the question may be comes in your mind related to join button on youtube channel, whether you are youtuber or viewer.

what are the things that you should know before adding join button on youtube channel

If you are a curious to know about that how to enable join button on youtube channel, then you should know about many things.

So, let`s know that what are the things that you should know before enabling join button on youtube channel.

1. What is Join button on youtube channel ?, What is join membership in YouTube?

2. What are the benefits for youtuber & viewer of youtube join button ?, What is the use of join button in YouTube channel ?

3. What are the eligibility requirement to enable join button ? What are the terms & condition to add join button on youtube ?

4. How to add join button on youtube channel?, How to enable sponsor join button on youtube channel ?

So, guys these are the query and answer of these question, you should know before how to have join button in youtube ?

What is Join button found on youtube channel ?

Join button on youtube is also known as by many words such as sponsor button, membership button etc. I expect that the word of join & membership button, you can understand little bit.

This join button features on youtube allow viewers to join memebership of that particular youtube channel. By joining, any viewers can become special members of that particular youtube channel.

Mostly, this button you will able to see or enabled in big youtube channels which have more subscribers. Viewers have to pay charge for joining membership of youtube channel .

The membership charge is set or decided by youtuber (owner of the channel). To be continue joining membership, viewers have to pay charge in monthly.

But here question comes that why viewers or subscribers will become membership of any particular channel ? The answer of this, you will get in benefits of join button for audience.

To enable this join button on youtube, there is the minimum eligibility requirement from youtube. This button doesn`t show automatically in channel of youtube, but you have to enable it. (Play youtube in backround without any app from youtube app)

Benefits of Join button (membership) on youtube channel :

The youtubers and viewers both gets benefit by sponsor button on youtube channel. So, we will discuss first for youtuber that what benefits does youtuber get when they enable join button in youtube channel.

And in second we will know that what benefits viewers or audience gets if they buy or purchase membership by join button.

Before enabling feature of membership button on youtube ,it is important to know about its benefits. So, let`s know one by one.

Benefit For Youtubers of join button :

The main thing is that whichever amount was set for membership, It`s 70% of amount got owner of channel and 30% of amount takes youtube.

So. through membership features on youtube, earning increases of the youtuber. This is only main moto or purpose of every owner of channel to enable join button.

Also the authority of youtube channels and youutbers, increases due to this. If viewers or audience want to support youtuber in the form of fianancial support, for this purpose also they can purchase memebrship plan.

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Benefit for audience or viewers to join membership :

The benefit you will get that would be set by owner of the channel. The plan would be set by youtubers in three levels such as gold, silver and diamond. The plan would be lower to higher as it is mentioned such as gold to silver.

The benefit also you will got according to plan. The higher level of plan will give more features & benefit. These all the features are mentioned, when you will be click to join button of any channel.

Mostly, benefit you get when you join membership, that is given below in the following points :

1. When you will be comment, then next to your name, one special badges would be added. So by this, youtuber can know that this person has joined membership of his/her youtube channel. You will get reply as soon as possible compare to normal audience.

2. You can email to owner of channel for any query which you want. If viewers had joined membership, then you will be getting reply or support as soon as possible.

3. You can live talk to that person at one time in a month. It is the important benefit, so i hope this would be set by youtuber in higher level of plan.

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Eligibility requirement to enable join button (sponsor button) for youtubers :

Now, talks come about that eligibility requirement to enable sponsor button on youtube channel. So, According to policy of youtube for a membership button only, you will  be eligible to add youtube join button.

Otherwise there is impossible, if you are not in a such condition according to that youtube join button programt policy. So, follow the instruction of eligibility requirement to enable join button or sponsor button on youtube which are given below pointwise :-

  • Youtubers should have a 30,000 subscriber in his/her youtube channel, if they have non- gaming youtube channel. It means when the youtube channel is about other topic or niche other than gaming channel.
  • If channel is of gaming, then minimum 1,000 you need to enable sponsor button. The channel should be monetized as it should be in youtube partner program. Click the heading to know more information about membership.

How to add join button on youtube channel :

How to add join button on your youtube channel

#1. Open youtube studio of your channel on computer or in mobile.

#2. Click to monetization and you can see option of membership. Click it.

#3. Note : if you are eligible for sponsor button, then you will be display get started option. So, click it.

#4. Now, you will get many setting to set. In the first steps you have to Add levels and perks. So, click to start. The settings which you have to set that :

Click to un-name level one and give it`s name, which you want (For example : gold).  Select monthly price of membership, so that your audience can purchase Ist level of plan.

Now, add perks which you want to give return in your audience by clicking it.(Set up to level 3 according to necessary)

#5.  Add badges and emoji in 2nd Steps. So, click to start. You can add your own badges or from youtube. You have to also select the badges according to membership duration.

Here you can enable dark mode in background of emoji. Now, after adding this all features, click to save.

#6. Step 3 you will be given option of announce for memberships. Here you don`t have to do anything. just it is instruction that you can make video about features added of memberships.

#7.  1.Now, click to edit in the 1st step which is in above that is add levels and perks.

#8. Click submit for review. Here once check.

#9. Scroll and give consent by ticking statement. Click to continue.

#10. Now, agreement page will come which is of youtube and youtuber about revenue sharing. Give your full name & email and youtube channel name. Check consent of two statement.

#11.  Click to submit for review. (Know to print from mobile)

Conclusion on how to add join button on youtube channel :

Now, your application to add join button on youtube channel has been submitted. It would be reviewed between 24 to 48 hours. When it would  be reviewed, Join button will be enabled in your youtube channel.

By the way sometimes it depends on youtube for membership features. It means to say that if your channel meet according to youtube eligibility then also sometimes you don`t get. But it happen in some case only.

But don`t worry, i`m sure that if you meet the eligibility requirement points and accept the youtube terms and conditions policy, then obviously you will get youtube join button.

I hope that you have understood that how to add join button on youtube channel. I have tried my best level to make you understand in simple ways.

If you have read this full article then all the correct information you have got. Please comment and tell that how this article makes you helpful.

If you have any doubt or query related to this article, then please contact or comment. The answer or reply of your query you will get as soon as possible.

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