How to add location in google map for public । Add address in google map.

If you have a shop or Business, you can easily add location in google map for public through your mobile or laptop. Today Google map is mostly famous in all over the world. In earlier days, when we used to go somewhere and we do not know the location of that particular address. Then, we used to have to ask someone about direction of that particular place.

But Today we don`t need to ask someone about location. Today our mobile help us to know direction of any places or business through google map. Nowadays the location of every shop or business is in Google Maps. So that buyer or customer can easily locate the location of shop and can visit.

If you also want to put your shop,business, home, address or anything in google map, you can easily put. Many of them have questions that how can i add my shop name in google map ?. So, today i am going to tell you that how to how to add my shop name in google map ?  (Best cooling tricks 2020)

How to add address in google map ?

How to add location in google map for public

There are the two types & methods for adding location in google map. First one is to add missing place. In this you can add missing place which is not in googlee map such as bank, school, Restaurant etc. location. Another one is to add business location in google map, so that your business can come in google search result when any one search.

How to add missing place in google map (add address in google map) :-

1. Open Google map application which is already installed in every mobile. If you want to do in laptop, go to google map official site.

2. Firstly, select your Email account by tapping user icon from which account you want to add missing place.

3. Click to ‘three line’. Now, you will get menu of google map.

4. Scroll down to menu and you will get option of add a missing place. so, click it.

5. Now, you have to fill some detail of that place which you want to add. Add name for which thing you want to add. (add name of your home, bank, school, temple etc.)

6. Add your category, many option will be available. (Select the category according to your name of place.)

7. Now, you have to add location of that place which you want to put in google map. so, click to ‘update location on map’ option.

8. Move the pointer to your location or place where you want to set  and click to ok.

9. Now, you can also add your extra detail such as contact number, website, opening date and photo. Option will be available there. After filling it, click to next icon which is above in right upside.

10. Again there will be option to add business contact number and website. if you don`t want to fill it, just click to send button.

11.  You will be display, Thanks for sharing and helping google map. Now, Google map will verify your request and after sometime it will be approved. When it will be approved, your location will be visible to publicly. (Flash your android 2020)

How to add business in google map (add location in google map for public) :-

1. Download Google my Business app from the playstore in your mobile. For laptop-  go to google map  site and click to three line.

2.  You will be display two option. they are create business and switch account option. click to create a business in your mobile. For laptop – click to ‘add your bussiness’. Now, process will be same in both pc and mobile.

3. Enter your business or shop name and click to next.

4. Now, it will ask that do you want to add location?. click to yes and then again click to next.

5. Enter detail address of your business such as pin code, city etc. Tap to next.

6. Move the pointer to your business location in google map and tap to next.

7. It will ask that Do you serve customer outside this location ? choose yes or no and then click next.

8. Choose business category and do next.

9. There will be optional to add mobile number and website. if you want then you can add. Do next

10. Click to finish.

11. Now, you will get option of verification in which you have to enter contact name and address will be automatically entered. Click to post.

13. There will be display that ‘ A post card is coming’. click to continue.( you post card will be delivered in your address within 12 days.)

14. Now, you have to enter pin code which will be in your post card.

When you will be entered your pin code then your request will be approved. Your business location will be display as publicly. Anyone can search in google map and can come easily in your shop or business location through google map. (Android tv remote control)

Conclusion :

I hope that you have understood that how to add location in google map for public ?. I have told two methods to add address in google map. So, follow the procedure to add business in google map and grow your business. If you like this artcle, then share it.


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