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ln this article, we will try to know about Top 20 best Aeps app for aadhar payment and how to get it`s id and password. Firstly, I would like to tell you that what is Aeps?

AEPS for aadhar payment. open CSP

What is Aeps apps for aadhar payment?

The full form of Aeps is Aadhar enable payment system. Which provide us many services such as Aadhar withdrawal, Balance enquiry etc. It is based on the UID ( unique Identification number) of the adhar card and the person`s finger print. It is a type of payment method.

This system is used in Android mobiles, computer or laptops, Tablet, Aadhar ATM machine etc. If you want to use this payment method in your mobile, you will need AEPS apps which is certified by the government and Biometric device also needed to scan finger. So, I will tell about some of the Best Apps/Software of this system through which you can use.

There are some of the eligibility for the Aadhar withdrawal and balance enquiry. Firstly, customer`s Aadhar should be linked with their bank and their fingerprint should be match then only customer will be able to make adhar payment and money transfer from their bank.

Top 20 best Aeps app aadhar payment

1.paynearby Retailer

Paynearby retailer is an app which you can download from playstore. It offer many services related payment, mobile recharge, flight, bus booking, bill payment, insurance, etc. by doing this services, you can earn more commission. The main thing is that this company has been spread in all area of india. (Aadhar withdrawal and balance Enquiry by panearby-full guide)

It provides one of the basic feature that is mini statement (pasbook updates). One thing , I would like to tell you that you should know before taking it`s id that it`s package upgradable fee charge is 1000. if you want to use in pc (computer and laptop) then you can do your work by entering mobile number and password in the paynearby website.

2. Spice money

The basic feature of this brand is that you can take loan also from here. It allow us to connect and use micro Atm machine. In which we can use all type of debit/atm card issued with bank and we can make payment. Money transfer facility is available in all the categories such as IMPS (immediate payment service), NEFT ( national electronic fund transfer), RTGS (real time gross settlement).

3..CSC Digipay

The full form of CSC is common service centre. It is not a peribhet paltform. It is from the governance. To use this apps, you will need id and password which you can get from the offline and online mode also. Basically, Those who are VLE ( village level enterpreneur), they have the id and password of this and they work.

It is only for the village of the india to make digital any work or online related. In one gram panchayat, one or more person`s can take id and provide services to the people of villages and can earn commission. ( Rememeber:- after getting csc id only you will be able to use digipay apps.)

4. Mitra (fino payment bank) apps.

Mitra app is from the fino payment bank. The basic features in this is that as well as AEPS service you will get only but customer`s new accounting opening option also is available in this platform.(Remember:- account opening facility is only of fino payment bank). it allows youto handle like bank (mini branch). It also allows you to open CSP (customer service point) shop and to provide services to the people through fino payment bank.

5.Airtel mitra

It is also Aeps app for aadhar payment and officially from the airtel payment bank. you can visit airtel payment bank and contact there and take id. in this also you will get many facilities,

6. Fing Pay

how to register for fing pay:-

  • Download the app Fng pay from the playstore and install it.
  • After installing, open it.
  • click on new merchant register.
  • then, four option will come. for the Aeps click Retailer.
  • a new page will open, you have to fill some basic detail such as mobile number, 12 digit uid of aadhar, email id.
  • In the previous step only, you have to upload photograph of aadhar (frontside and backside both) and click proceed.
  •  enter the otp which is send to your mobile number which you have entered previously and click next.
  • click no distributor.(because you are applying for retailer)
  • again you have to fill some information related to your bank account such as bank account number, ifsc code, pan card number and it`s images of front back both and set a password. (which you want to set)
  • successfully you have created your account of fing pay.
  • next process you can see by searching in google and youtube.

7.paisa nikal

how to create new account  for the paisa nikal apps:-

  • install and open it in your smartphone.
  • select langauages and click proceed.
  • now it will display it`s features.
  • click, get started and enter your mobile number and click login.
  • after you have to choose registration method. ( manual registration or by ekyc biometric device)
  • if you will choose manually then it will ask such as store name, pan card number, your name, email address etc. click next
  • As soon as you will click next, you have to enter otp (one time password) and click verify.
  • fill your store address such as state, city,current location etc. and click forward.
  • it will show guidelline of next.v and upload identity proof.
  • you will be getting sms, in which there will be username and password and  some important messagges. login it. (after 3-4 hours your kyc and aeps will be approved.)

8.Novo pay

New account create procedure:-

  • open and click new user. fill mobile number and click forward butto.
  • It will bring one agreement (if you want to read you can), scroll down and click next.
  • upload the photo of the shop and the shop owner and name also. select the type of your bussiness. press submit button. fill the address and identity detail by pressing next one by one.
  • between 24 hours they will contact and give log in information detail.your account was created.

9.Roinet xepro






15.Mobi safar

16.Smaret pay

17.Ezee pay

18.RNFI Relipay

19.Let`s go

20.GO payment

I hope that you have understood  about Aeps apps. If you want to do the work of this system then you can choose any of the platform. I have not tell about all AEPS apps because it will be too long  but if you want to know more detail, you can research in can earn money also through this services by opening csp shop. Thank you.





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