best cooling app for android 2021 -Tips & Tricks to prevent from heating.

If your phone`s battery is overheating then here is the best app to cool down phone. So in this article, you`re going to know about best cooling app for android mobile.

There are many apps you will find in playstore to cool your phone but many mobile phone cooler does not work. But here you will know the perfect solution of  how to cool down phone successfully ?

Firstly, You have to know that either processor & GPU (graphic processing unit) is heating or mobile`s battery. If your phone overheat near the camera then the processor is heating or if near speaker then phone`s battery heating.

There is not fully solution from app only but some percentage it works. There are also some tips about that how to fix android from overheating? So, there is some tips also by following them you can avoid overheating.

How to install software in dead mobile 

 Best cooling app for android – mobile cooling app

1.CPU cooler master – phone cooling app

This app help you to cool your mobile and it`s battery. It also allows your mobile to run faster, smoothly and lightest. There are 10 millions of people has been downloaded this app in their smartphone. It`s really helpful and best cooling app for android.

When you will open this app then it will show your mobile & CPU temperature and RAM usage. when you will click to cpu, it will scan cpu and mobile temperature.

2.clean master- cooling app for android

Clean master is an free app which prevent your mobile from overheating. It automatically deletes your cache files and also give notification that which app is running in background. you can clean your junk files which is stored in your mobile.

This apps deleted the virus of your mobile. It work as antivirus protector. If you are playing game or using heavy software then it will optimize your apps.

3. Phone master – Junk cleaner master, Battery cooler

Phone master is also one of the amazing application for CPU cooler phone and battery cooler app to do phone cooling apps work. It allow us to Scan and remove virus (junk file) from our android phone.

It has a features of smart charge which help to optimize charging process of mobile. You will need to Turn on smart charge setting then only you can take the benefits of this unique features.

You can also lock any app of your android mobile by using “App lock” features. Many of the setting & options are available to make your mobile cool down and run smoothly.

4. Phone cooler, battery saver

It is a free android application which is available in google playstore. The main moto of this “Phone cooler, battery saver” application is to reduce the battery usage.

This application control the battery usage by doing real time monitoring of each other application which are present in your android smartphone.

The important things of this android software is that it keeps or maintain the health of the battery of your mobile. It prevent the battery of smartphone from overheating and dead battery.

Hence, we can say that this app is the battery doctor of smartphone which care the working of battery in good condition with proper management.

5.One booster – Antivirus, Booster, Phone cleaner

This is also one of the powerful light weight application which really helps to cool down phone from overheating avoid heating problem of smartphone.

As you may be know that many application stores cache of their application in our mobile which is not in our use many times. So, this “One booster – Antivirus, Booster, Phone cleaner” app detect cache storage of app and which you can clear.

It works very fast and user interface is very easy to use for Junk cleaner, Removing anti virus, Boosting phone, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler etc.

How to fix android mobile & battery from overheating?

you have to follow some tips & tricks avoid your mobile from overheating. often, this heat problem are seen in summer season. If the mobile will over heat, surely there will be hanging problem.

(1) while charging the phone, remove the back cover and decrease the brightness of your mobile.

(2) Use the same brand of charger as a brand  of mobile.

(3) if the battery of your mobile has spoiled, as soon as replace it. (It should be the same brand)

(4) don`t keep mobile in high temperature of sunlight. ( remember:- it is the myth that keeping mobile in freeze there will be cool. Don`t try it otherwise battery will thrive.)

Why your mobile overheat?

There are some basic Reasons by which your mobile is overheating. All the reasons, i am going to tell. Normally, every machines get heated when you give it overload. For example- if you drive a car in 50 speed then it will consume low power, it will less heat. On the other hand, if speed will more then there will be more heating problem.

Same as like that in our android phone also. If you are using heavy software or multi tasking then the processor will work fast. if processor will work fast then it will get overload and directly heating problem will start.

when an application run in background that time also it get heats problem. If the RAM ( random access memory) capacity will low and you will use more size of application then absolutely, it will hang and heat.

This problem comes when internal storage has full of file. by installing more apps in your mobile also create problem.

Some basic setting to prevent heating & hanging problem

(1) go to the setting. click there apps. click all apps one by one and click to clear cache. By doing this, app`s cache data will deleted and app will run smoothly. also, the storage will free space.

(2) Turn off the GPS (location), if it is not necessary because it connect to satellite and it consume processor power.

(3) Whenever you want to use internet then only on your mobile data.

(4) time to time update your all app from playstore to run it lighter.

(5) when you are downloading any app, try to find in lite mode (it keeps safe) such as facebook lite, tik tok lite etc.

(6) try to keep in your phone external storage such as sd card to store files which are in internal storage.

(7) go to playstore and click play protect to scan playstore platform.

FAQ on Cooling app for android

What is the best cooling app for Android? Is there an app to cool down my phone?

  1. CPU cooler master – phone cooling application
  2. clean master- cooling app for android
  3. Phone master – Junk cleaner master, Battery cooler
  4. One booster – Antivirus, Booster, Phone cleaner
  5. Phone cooler, battery saver – cooling master app

How can I cool down my Android phone? Does Cooler Master app work?

You can cool down your android phone by two methods 100%. Smartphone can be cooled down 75% by following some major effect and 25 % by an any phone cooler app. Follow Some basic setting to prevent heating & hanging problem and to fix android mobile & battery from overheating which are given above in this article, step by step.

Can overheating damage your phone?

Yes, overheating can damage your phones. If the phone heats normal or temperature is low as normal in summer season then it`s ok, there will not be any problem. In summer season, normally every phone heats in low temperature as you use it. But if the phone`s temperature is more overheating, then firstly battery of phone will start damaging. And finally the damaged battery will damage your phone`s operating system.

Conclusion on best cooling app for android

I hope that you have understood about the information which is given in the above. After doing many researches, i am abled to make this content perfectly.

The methods which are mentioned in this article is truth and surely this article will be benefited to you if you really wanted to know that  how to cool down phone.

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