Best Hosting for WordPress in India 2021 – with powerful performance.

Do you also want to start a blog or website in 2021? Do you know that Web hosting play an 50 % of important role to be success in a blog or website? So, if you want to create a blog/website in a wordpress (CMS) then you should need a Best hosting for wordpress.

Do you know that how much site loading speed and response time matter in SEO Raking factor ? If you don`t know then let me tell you that Website loading speed is one of the important ranking factor from the 200 Google ranking factor SEO (Search engine optimization).

Best Hosting for WordPress in India 2021

A Website speed depends on your hosting (Server) that Which Hosting service you`re using and it`s features such as  bandwidth, RAM (Random access memory) storage of server, Server location. etc. So, these are the some of the features on which your site speed depends.

So by looking with all the features such as Fast server speed, All time quick support, Backup/security, Server uptime & downtime, Price & plan, C-panel free or premium, Money back guarantee etc. we will know about 8 Best Hosting for wordpress in india 2021.

8 Best Hosting for WordPress

#1. Hostgator – WordPress hosting

Hostgator hosting for wordpress


  • Hostgator Brand :- It  is one of the best hosting provider service which is around 20 years old reputed brand and it was started it`s hosting online market around in the year of 2000.
  • Server location :- A server location is most important option which should you look before purchasing a hosting plan. It has a server location of india and united states. So, select the server location according to the traffic that in which country you want to target to gain a visitors. According to the server location the price will be changed.
  • Customer Support :- The features of support option is also very important because if any issue comes in your site related to server slow down then you will need to contact thehosting provider to fix the bugs or issue. So, Hostgator hosting provides a live chat support and Call support of 24/7.
  • Moneyback guarantee :- Most of the hosting provider offers a money back guarantee of 30 days except hostagator. But hostagator provides a 45 days of moneyback guarantee. After purchasing a hostagator hosting, if you will not satisfied with their hosting, then you can claim for money back within a 45 days.
  • Ease of use:- It provides you a free c-panel to manage a database and through the c-panel, you can install wordpress on your hostgator hosting server by one click. So, due to this features you don`t require any technical knowledge.
  • Hosting type of service plan :- It provide us all plan of services from lower to higher plan such as Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and VPS (virtual private server) Hosting.  If you don`t know that what are shared, cloud and VPS hosting ? then let me tell in short which are given below :-
    • Shared hosting :- A shared hosting is specially recommended to the beginner who is going to create a new website or a blog with a low price. As a slowly, in your bog or website is growing then you can change your plan.
    • Cloud hosting :- A cloud hosting is recommended for those Who wants a dedicated RAM and resources and if spikes is coming more in their site But this plan is expensive than shared hosting.
    • VPS Hosting :-  If your blog or website business is in higher level and more traffic is coming then you should go for VPS hosting. It is more expensive than any other plan.

#2. Hostinger – Best hosting for wordpress

Best hosting for wordpress

  • Hostinger brand :- Hostinger is also one of the popular and reliable hosting provider service which is not an new brand. It was started it`s hosting service provider online market in the year 20004 and that this hostinger was providing a free hosting service. At present, it has a 29 millions users in the 178 countries.
  • Server location :- Hostinger have a server location in 7 different countries and they are United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Lithuania, Brazil and Netherlands. If you`re searching the server location of india then they don`t have a server location in india. But you can choose a singapore server location for india.
  • Moneyback guarantee :- Hostinger hosting providers offers a moneyback guarantee of 30 days (1 month). If you find any issue or not satisfied with this hosting providers in future then you can change your hosting service provider. Within 30 days, if you change hosting service then you can claim for full money back.
  • Ease of use :- If we talks about ease of use, then you don`t get C-panel. Instead of c-panel, you get H-panel which is same as C-panel but the interface of H-panel is simple and easy to use. Through the help of H-panel, you can install wordpress content management system in one click.
  • Support :- It provides us support of 24/7/365 live support chat in multiple language. Remember :- You can`t take support through call. So, you don`t have to worry about the support option, if any issue or downtime problem comes in your site, then you can take help with the live chat support option.
  • Free SSL (Secure sockets layer) :- In each plan Free SSL certificate are available which makes your domain from http to https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured). In many hosting plan, you need don`t get a free SSL, you need to purchase.

#3.Bluehost – Server recommended by the wordpress

Bluehost - Hosting recommended by the wordpress

  • Bluehost brand :- Bluehost hosting service provides was started it`s online market in the year of 2003 which is the oldest brand.
  • Server location (data center):- The data center of bluehost is only located in USA (United states of America). I would like to tell you that this is the main drawback if the traffic is comin from india.
  • Customer support :- Bluehost Hosting provider service offers a live support chat of 24/7 and also on a phone. It is a fast live chat means you can connect for live chat within 5 minutes. you don`t have to wait for live chat support.
  • Refund policy (Moneyback) :- It provides a money back guarantee of 30 days (1 month). After purchasing a hosting plan of bluehost, if you think that it is not suitable for your site or you`re not satisfied, then you ca request for refund.
  • Free SSL :- If we talks about SSL in this bluehost hosting, then you get Free SSL Certificate for unlimited website. If you want to host a more website in your bluehost hosting, then you will not need to buy an SSL Certificate.
  • Free Domain :- In every plan from lower to higher, 1 domain for 1 years is available in free. You don`t have to spend an extra money to  purchase a domain. So, this is the main advantages in every plan which you get.
  • Pricing :- By the way, you can see the price of three plan which is given in above pictures. The price starts from 199 per months and higher plans goes to 299 per month, but if you buy for 3 years only. As you buy the plan of less validity the price will be more.

#4. GoDaddy – Popular hosting all over the world

GoDaddy - Popular hosting all over the world

  • Godaddy brand :- Godaddy is also one of the oldest, popular and reliable hosting provider service. Since, this blog/website is also hosted on godaddy hosting server.
  • Server location :- The server location of godaddy is located on America, Europe and Asia. So, if you want the server of india, then my recommendation is to select the data center of Asia.
  • Customer support :- You get a customer support of 24/7 on a phone for almost every country in every mutiple language. I really like the customer support of godaddy because sometimes due to some issue, i have been contacted to customer support of godaddy.
  • Pricing plans :- As you can see the price in the given images that the lowest plan starts from 99/monthly and higher plan goes to 449/monthly. But when you buy for 36 months (3 years).  If you buy less than 3 months then the price will be increase step by step.
  • 1 Click wordpress installation:- In every plan of godaddy, you get a c-panel and through the help of c-panel you can easily install your wordpress content management system in 1 click. There is no required of any technical knowledge to install WP.
  • Refund period (Money back guarantee) :- If you purchase an annual plan (1 year) then you can request for refund within 30 days. But if you have purchased a monthly plan then you can apply for refund within 48 hours. So, these are the refund period in godaddy hosting of all plans.
  • SSL Certificate :- Every plan of godaddy hosting provider service does not offers a free SSL Certificate. So, this is the main disadvantages is there in godaddy.
  • Domain :- You don`t get free domain with hosting in every plan of godaddy. So, you will need to buy domain an extra if you purchase a hosting (server) of godaddy.

#5. SiteGround – Recommended by the wordpress

SiteGround - Recommended by the wordpress best hosting

  • Siteground company :- If we talks about the brand of siteground, then it was started it`s siteground hosting provider service market in the year of 2003 and It is european based company.
  • Server locatio (data center) :- Siteground hosting provider service has a data center of UK (United kingdom), Asia, Singapore, Europe, USA (United states of america), Australia and Germany. So, if you`re buying hosting for india, then you will need to select either asia or singapore.
  • Customer Support :- Siteground gives a customer support in a live support chat with 24/7 and you can easily connect for live chat support in a less time and it is fast. Since, Call support on phone is not available in siteground hosting.
  • Moneyback guarantee :- They have a refund period of 30 days for shared hosting and 14days for cloud hosting. So, refund policy is available in every plan of siteground hosting.
  • Free SSL Certificate :- Siteground provides us free ssl certificate for unlimited website with best hosting for wordpress. So, you don`t have to buy any ssl certificate if you purchase a hosting from siteground.
  • Pricing :- If we talks about it`s pricing plan than it starts from $6.99/monthly and higher plan goes to $14.99. Except 1 months of plan, In every plan discount and price is same whether you buy for 12 months or 36 months. The price you have to pay same only whereas on the other plan we have seen that price increase if you purchase for less month.
  • Domain :- In every planof site ground, you get a temporary domain but not a primary domain as a other brand of hosting provider offers a free primary domain for 1 year.
  • Backup & Restore :- Siteground provides a 30 days offservers backup and it is easy to use ans one click restoration option is available.

#6. Namecheap – Best hosting for wordpress

Namecheap - Best hosting for wordpress

  • Customer chat :-  They provide us a live support chat of 24/7 and there is not a customer support given through call on a phone.
  • Server location :- Namecheap hosting provider service has a data center in US and UK country. There is not a data center in india or Asia.
  • Free SSL :- They offers a free SSL certificate for only 50 website and for 1 year only. After 1 years, as well as with domain you also have to renew SSL certificate.
  • Money back guarantee :- They have a refund policy of 30 days. If you want to refund your money, then by the help of live support chat, you can claim.
  • Pricing :- If we talks about pricing, then there is given three plan in shared hosting Which starts from $1.58/monthly and higher plan of shared hosting goes to $4.80/monthly.
  • Free Domain :- You get a 1 free primary domain for 1 year with hosting and other than these, you also get a free temporary domain. So, you don`t have to buy a domain an extra.
  • Migration :- You get a free migration setup. if you want to migrate your wordpress site, then you have to contact to customer support. Then they will migrate your wordpress site.

Conclusion on Best hosting for wordpress

I hope that you would have got an better idea about the best hosting for wordpress in india 2021. After doing many researches, these list are prepared in this article.

The 6 Hosting provider service which we have mentioned in this article is a very old company and has a good response time server and loading speed.

From the given list, whichever brand of hosting provider service you want or feel that you can purchase and start your online business of blog or website.

If you have any query related to this article or any other question, then you`re freely to contact. The solution of your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

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