Online mobile recharge with high commission for Jio, Idea, Airtel, BSNL

Do you also want to do online mobile recharge with high commission earning of your friends and other customers.

If you want to earn commission by recharging mobile of different operator of SIM, then your are at the perfect place.

So, today i am going to tell about that best mobile recharge commission app 2021.

Mostly, this is for Retailer who has open shop to recharge customer`s mobile number. So, by doing recharge of customer`s mobile they can earn more commission.

It is not only for retailer but also for personal uses, you can follow the information.

The commission depend on it`s platform that by which apps you are doing recharge. There are many UPI (unified payment interface) apps which gives cashback for personal recharge.

They are paytm, phonepe, google pay etc. apps are available in the playstore which allows you to earn cashback but only for 1 time.

I think that it is best for the personal. But if you want to do recharge of your customer and also with earn money, then i will tell best app for Online mobile recharge with high commission .

It also depend on it`s operator of the sim. To earn more commission such as by anyone operator sim, you have to download It`s operator (brand) official app which offers you to do recharge then only you will get more commission.

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Best 6 Apps for Online mobile recharge with high commission

Now, I will tell for all brand of telecom operators such as jio, idea, airtel, vodafone, BSNL (bharat sanchar nigam limited). So, that you can do mobile recharge of any number and earn more commission.

You can gain commission as much as you want, it depends that how many customer are going to you for mobile recharge.

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1. JIO pos Lite – online recharge of JIO and earn high commission

Jio pos lite is an app which is officially from the jio brand. It is easily available in the play store from where you can install it on your device. It is the best earning app by doing recharge, you can earn money but only of jio operator customer`s.

if you want to do recharge with this platform then you have load money in jio wallet. Then, you can do mobile recharge of any one.

When you will load money in wallet that time you will  get commission. The commission is based on 4.166% of the amount of money you load into wallet.

First time, you have to load minimum Rs.1000/- and you will get total with commission of Rs.1041.66. After loading RS. 1000  in the  first time, always you have to load minimum balance of RS.200.

How to use JIO Pos lite app for more commission ?

[Follow the steps which is given below] :-

(1) Go to playstore and search there jio pos lite. Install it in your smartphone.

(2) open the app. welcome page will open from jio pos lite and in the downside click allow all.

(3) if you are new user then you have to sign in. click sign in.

(4) Enter your jio number and click to generate otp(one time password). Fill the otp number which is send to your mobile number of 6 digits.

(5) your name will show automatically but you have to write your Email and choose your location with the help of the check box and click to continue.

(6) your account has created successfully. click to done,

(7) Now, you have to sign up. click it.

(8)enter your jio mobile number and email. click generate otp. enter it and click validate otp.

(9) A new page will open. all the features will be available there such as Recharge, my earning, load money, passbook.

Requirement of things & services to use jio pos lite for recharge commission – [For beginner]

It is simple and it`s user interface other than all apps. You don`t need more things to use this app such as kyc, pan card, aadhar card etc.

But to load money, i hope you are knowing that we should have an ATM/Debit or Credit card and the mobile number should be registered with your bank account.

If you are not knowing then let me tell you that debit and mobile number linked should be there anyhow to load money in jio pos lite.

Otherwise if you will not load money only then how you will recharge ? I hope you have been understood my point that what i want to say. This suggestion for beginners.

Use it properly according to the requirement. Other than this app, there is jio pos  plus in which there is all services about jio sim registration etc. But for this, you have to get kyc. So, it is not easy to create account.

2. My idea – Recharge and payments

It allows to recharge of both idea and vodafone sim. It gives us cashback whenever you will recharge of your friends or customer`s  mobile.

But this cashback you can use only to recharge by that number which you have logged in my idea app.

If the mobile recharge customer is permanent customer then by installing “My idea app” on customer mobile, you can do recharge.

So, when that customer will come to you next time, then you will get benefit.

Note :- The number from which my idea has been logged, in that number only recharge can be done. Also commission will be there in “My idea app” under that number only.

When you will open this app, you can see there is list of cashback. It cashback is such as in RS. 149/- to 219 = cashback rs. 10, 249 to 399 = 15, 449 to 555= 20 And in 599= 25.

It`s coupon will be given within 4 days. By this app you can see your mobile number detail information such as call and recharge history.

As well as mobile recharge, you can do the payment of electricity and SME Broadband.It also offers to set dial tones.

How to log in?

(1) firstly, install this app and open it.

(2) login it by filling mobile number and otp.

(3) page will be open and the feature will open to recharge. after doing recharge, your cashback will be available in coupons section.

(Aadhar withdrawal- earn money)

3. Airtel Thanks – best mobile recharge commission app

Airtel thanks is an app which is launched by the airtel operator brand. It is officially for the Airtel sim but also you can do the recharge of all operator.

It also offers all features of UPI payment. All types of recharge you can do such as DTH recharge, Data card recharge, dongle, X stream etc.

you can switch your one operator to other like jio to idea sim. It also offers to see live tv channel. if you will do your personal number recharge, you will get in high amount cashback.

But for all customers you will get commission according to percentage. It gives 4% of commission. If the kyc of airtel thanks app will be done then it will be more better to use all features. It is the  best application for Online mobile recharge with high commission for all sim.

[ open and login as i mentioned in previous apps that how to use]

FAQ (frequently ask question) about airtel thanks app.

Hence, i expect that you have understood more better. If you want to know more information, you can comment.

FAQ on best recharge app with commission

What is the Commission for mobile recharge?

It depends on the operator of sim card such as if you recharge jio number from JIO Pos lite, then you get Rs.50/- commission in recharge of 1000. But for the operator of  idea, airtel, vodafone etc. sim card, there is not officially app launched for the recharge of customer. Read this article to do the recharge and earn commission of all sim card. There is a trick given above to earn the commission as a jio for idea, airtel, vodafone etc.

Which recharge app gives best cashback? Which app is best for mobile recharge?

Paytm offers a cashback for mobile recharge but for only 1 time. But if you want to get cashback as a commission, then you can read this article. For every operator of sim card, there is officially application which offers a cashback. If you have a jio sim, then you should install “JIO Pos lite” app on your android phone. or if you have a idea & vodafone then install my idea app. And for Airtel operator of sim card, install my airtel application. If you want to know in detail then you can read this article, step by step process is given.

How do I get Jio recharge on commission?

Just install jio pos lite application in your smartphone and you have to load minimum first time Rs.1000/-. When you will load Rs.1000/- balance on jio pos lite, you will get Rs.40 extra amount. So, Jio pos lite is the best recharge app with commission for jio number recharge.

Is mobile recharge business profitable?

Yes, mobile recharge business is very much profitable. Many of them have opened shop and they are earning Rs.1000 per day as a commission by doing mobile recharge of customer. Since, Nowadays many people are doing recharge by own from their smartphone but there are also many people they go to shop for mobile recharge. So, if you are enquiring about profitable of mobile recharge business, then i will say yes. Before opening mobile recharge business or shop, you should know the best recharge app with commission. For this, you can read this article.

How can I benefit from online recharge?

Conclusion on online recharge with high commission app

I hope that you would have got an idea about the best mobile recharge commission app for all operator sim.

I would like to tell you that one of the best operator that is Jio and it is a single operator which gives high commission in comparison of Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL etc.

Other operator of sim gives commission or cashback through it`s official application but it allows for personal use not a customer.

I`m talking about here high commission otherwise there are many application which gives commission but low commision.


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