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Do you also want to buy fingerprint scanner Biometric device for mobile?

If you want to purchase fingerprint device and curious to know which is best biometric fingerprint device?, then you are at perfect place.

As you know that Nowadays, In every government online scheme and banking sector, there is the most necessary of Biometric devices.

if you want to do work of government scheme or banking sector , then there is the first requirement is fingerprint device.

So in these case, if you are planning to buy a biometric devices for mobile or computer.

Then firstly you should know detail about each types & brands of fingerprint scanner device.

So, here you will know that Types of biometric devices and Which is best biometric scanner devices for you ?

Best biometric Device for mobile & PC – Fingerprint scanner device

There are many types and brands of biometric fingerprint devices are available in the market. It means to say that the use or work of Fingerprint scanner device is same but types and brands are different.

Each types and brands of Biometric device have some Advantages and Disadvantages. So, there are three famous devices are there.

So, by reading this full article, you will come to know that actually which one you should buy ? Continue Reading…..

So, let’s know price, features, specification of each type and brands of Biometric fingerprint device.

7 inch smartphone under 10000 – 15000

1. Mantra MFS 100 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Device for mobile – Review, Feature and price./Mantra biometric device for mobile & pcMantra biometric device

Nowadays, this mantra mfs 100 Biometric finger print scanner device is a most popular everywhere. This device is available at online and offline both market.

But as you know that many products are expensive in offline than online. So, recommendation is to buy from online market because the price is less.

This mantra device is little bit big in size as compare to another device that is another morpho device. But many people used to purchase mantra device because it has very low cost compare to another biometric Device.

So, there is some advantages and disadvantages also behind this mantra mfs 100 biometric scanner device, if you purchase it.

It will come in use of same type of online work as another finger print scanner devices works. You can use it for many other online work that require this biometric fingerprint device.

For example such as for withdrawing money from bank or other use for bank, KYC of any online work, all types of Government scheme, etc. for many such kind of purpose.

Advantages of Mantra devices

The price of mantra mfs 100 biometric devices for mobile or pc is cheaper than any other fingerprint scanner device. The price difference between mantra and other devices is something around Rs. 500/-.

You can purchase it from amazon in only Rs. 1849/-. Below, you will know that the price and detail about that another types & brands of biometric fingerprint devices for mobile.

The hardware part and wire of mantra mfs 100 is very strong. It means that it will not break easily.

You don`t have to pay any Rd registration charge after purchasing mantra biometric fingerprint scanner device. Whereas in other biometric device, they ask charge for maintenance that is for Rd service of that particular device.

So, in mantra mfs 100 device there is two main important advantages that are cheaper price and no maintenance charge require.

Disadvantages of Mantra

Actually, there is not any disadvantage if you purchase it. But according or compare to other biometric devices, the size is big than other that is morpho device.

For example, if  you want to keep it in your pocket and travel, then it will not adjust easily in your pocket. The weight of other morpho device is more. But the weight, doesn`t matter. Of course, you can carry it with your hand.

The red light of mantra biometric device stop with 15 seconds whether the fingerprint catches or not.

Whereas  on the other device until the device does not catch fingerprint successfully, the red will not stop. Sometimes the transaction also failed due to this problem.

2. Morpho – Fingerprint Scanner for mobile

Morpho - Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Device 

Buy Morpho fingerprint scanner device

As you know that wherever you will go whether in bank or aadhar center or CSC center, you will find this morpho biometric fingerprint device.

Have you ever seen mantra or any other fingerprint device in bank or government works ?

There are two model comes under morpho biometric fingerprint device. They are Morpho E3 and E2 model. There is not any difference between the model of morpho E3 and E2.

It comes in red and black color. It scans fast than any other devices.

As you purchase it, you will get 1 year morpho rd service afterwards you have to be pay. Also 1 year warranty will be given to you, if any software problem comes.

Advantages of Morpho

The size of morpho biometric device is small compare to other fingerprint scanner devices. So, easily you can put it in your pocket without any problem.

Unless it doesn`t capture the person`s finger print successfully, the red light will not stop automatically. So, it prevent us from some specific server error problem.

So, if you are going to do transaction work from morpho device, then there will be less chances of transaction failed. Or for other works, there will not be more issue as compare to other devices. If the person`s or customer`s finger s not clean smoothly, then also it detect fast.

Sometimes it happen that of some specific person due to problem in the customer`s finger, it does not capture but morpho device captured. This i`m telling you from my experienced because this ame problem i have faced from one person.

Disadvantages of Morpho 

The price of morpho E2 or E3 is same but the cost of morpho product is too high compare to other fingerprint scanner device.

Every year you will need to Renewal of Morpho RD service registration. It means per year you have to pay around Rs. 350 -400  for rd service registration. This is the main disadvantages of this morpho device.

If you don`t pay the payment of morpho RD service registration, then you will not be able to use that particular device. So, if you are going to purchase morpho biometric device for mobile or computer, then you must know this information.

Mantra vs Morpho device – Difference between mantra & morpho biometric device

3. Startek FM22 

Startek FM22 - Fingerprint scanner Device

Startek fingerprint device also  very famous as well as with mantra and morpho biometric device. The price of stratek fingerprint is same as Mantra device but not exactly.

It means something around there is between of Rs. 50 – 100. The prices of startek biometric device is low than Morpho biometric device.

I hope that most of them from you never have seen this startek biometric device. Because it is new product in this present condition. So, it will take some time to grow the market of this startek product.

I think everywhere in offline market or shop, it will not be available but don`t think that it is not good. So, you can purchase it from online, Link is given from there you can buy it.

It will work for all online work as other mantra and morpho biometric scanner device works. Don`t think that whether this device will work or not.

If you have any problem with this and other device, then in online you can replace it under 7 days. But i don`t know that in offline, shopkeeper will replace or not.

Advantages of startek

The main advantages of purchasing this startek device is that you have to pay less price as same around mantra biometric device.

Another benefit is that the Capture powering is very fast. It means it captures very fast fingerprint.

The hardware part and wire of this device is also strong. It means it will not break easily.

Disadvantages of  Startek

Here the disadvantages you will get as same as some disadvantages of morpho and mantra biometric device. So, let`s know that what are they –

Firstly, there is size problem in this startek biometric device. The size is bigger than mantra device also. So, you will be unable to keep it in your pocket while travelling or going somewhere.

The rd service registration, either you can pay per month or can pay for lifetime. Here also same problem arise of renewal startek RD service registeration.

But the amount of RD service registration is low as compare to morpho device. If you pay for the life tine also for always then also you will not have to pay more amount.

Don`t worry, when you will order or purchase and then you get, then it will work successfully. You don`t need to do anything.

FAQ on Best Biometric device For mobile – Fingerprint scanner device

Can Android phone be used as biometric fingerprint device?

No, Android phone cannot be used as biometric fingerprint device. Because fingerprint sensor of smartphone is only customize for unlock or password. Android or any other phone, they don`t have a permission from the government to use as a biometric device. So, you will need to buy a fingerprint scanner device, smartphone will not work.

Where can I buy biometric devices?

You can buy a biometric device in online or offline. Link is given below of each images, So you can buy biometric device from amazon, flipkart etc. It is available in offline also but you know that the price is more than online. So, there will be better to buy from online only.

How do you connect a biometric device?

You can connect a biometric device to Smartphone or Computer & Laptop. So, you will need to Install RD Service according to brand of biometric device in a both mobile and PC.

Then only you will be eligible to use biometric fingerprint device. If you want to connect biometric device to smartphone, then you will need an OTG cable.

Suppose if you want to use Mantra biometric device, then you will require to install Mantra RD Service whether you`re using laptop or mobile. So, this way you can connect a biometric device to phone or computer.

Where are biometrics used?

Biometric Fingerprint scanner device is used in many online services of government and private sector. It is used in banks for various purpose such as for money withdrawal, KYC, insurance etc. You can also use it in your shop for aadhar money withdrawal, account opening, SIM Card activation, CSC center, etc.

What is the cost of biometric machine? What is the cost of fingerprint biometrics? How expensive is biometrics? What is the price of biometric device?

The cost of biometric machine depends on the brand. Mantra is the brand of biometric machine device and it comes with the minimum price around Rs.1800. Whereas Morpho is also a biometric device and it comes with minimum price Rs. 2000. Read this article to know difference between mantra and morpho device.

Which is the best biometric device?

If you want to buy biometric device in a minimum price, then mantra mfs 100 is the best deice. And if you want to invest more money, then you can buy morpho device. Read the article of mantra vs morpho, then you will know detail advantages and disadvantages of mantra and morpho biometric fingerprint scanner device.

How do I know if my biometric device is working?

When red light burns over the glass of biometric device, then you can know that your biometric device is working successfully. The all biometric fingerprint machine have a red light to capture a finger print of a person successfully. So, in this way you cam able to know that whether your device is working or not.

How much does it cost to install a fingerprint scanner?

If you buy a mantra MFS 100device, then you don`t have to pay an extra charge for installation other than mantra product cost. Whereas if you purchase Morpho device, then you will need to pay an extra charge every year for installation that RD service charge.

Conclusion on Biometric Device for mobile

I hope after Reading above paragraphs of each brands of biometric device advantages and disadvantages, you will have came to know which is best for you.

Am i Right ?

There are Some condition that will tell you that which one you should purchase. Below there is given according to you which should you buy and which device –

When to Buy mantra and Startek Device :- If you have a less budget and want to buy the device in low cost, then you can buy. And if are ready to face issue for 5 minutes, sometime server problem happen.

When to Buy Morpho biometric device :- If you don`t want to face any issue and have enough budget, then you can purchase.

I expect that you have understood that which biometric fingerprint device should you buy ?

So, I will recommend you to buy Fingerprint scanner device through online amazon. The link is given above with images.

If you want to know that which device i used ? then i tell you that i use Mantra biometric device for my personal use.

If you have any problem or query related to this article, then please comment or contact to me.

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