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How to reset jio phone password – jio phone reset code

If you have forgotten your password of your jio phone, then don`t worry. There is a ways to fix the problem of your solution of jio phone. So, in this article you will know that how to reset jio phone without password.

So, To reset forgotten password of your jio phone, you have to wipe data. It means to say that you have to hard reset in your jio phone to crack password.

Same method is applied to Android phone also, when the users forgot pattern or password.

How to Reset jio phone password

By the way, you are also knowing that jio phone comes with many models. You can see your model of ji phone in backside when you will remove battery.

So, by boot button only, wipe or factory reset is possible when you have forgotten your password. So, in every model of jio phone, boot button is different for factory reset.Here you may be thinking that what is boot button ?

Let i tell you that boot button helps to wipe reset features open. Now, you have understood little bit but when i will tell step by step to reset jio phone password, that time you would be understand well.

There is not need of computer to reset pin of your keypad jio phone. So, let`s start to crack password of jio phone according to it`s all model.

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Reset jio Phone Password : F211S

1. Switch off your jio phone by removing battery or powering off from red button.

2. Keep pressing red and 8 (digit) boot button and when screen light on then release only red button. You have to keep pressing 8 (digit number) unless option not come as shown above.

3. Scroll down by navigation down button into 5th number which will be written as ‘wipe data/factory reset’.

4. Click it by pressing ok button from your jio phone.

5. There will be option to choose no or yes for hard reset.Scroll down once into yes and press ok button.

6. After a few second, there will come option to reboot. so, press ok button for reboot. (Now, your jio phone will be startup as you have been bought your jio phone.)

7. As it starts then you have to select language. (select language which you wish to set)

8. Accept licence terms of jio phone by pressing jio button which is in above of power button.

9. Now, your jio phone will be completely start as a fresh.

Hence, your jio phone would be completely hard reset and your pin lock (password) will be removed. In this way you can reset jio phone password easily.

Note : This process is of Jio Lyf F211s but there is many models of jio phone. The process will be same in every model but 2nd (second)  number  of the steps will be different that is boot button. In steps no.2 I have mentioned 8 digit number number and it is boot button.

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Now, you have understood about boot button very well.So, in all models of jio phone boot button is different. So, i will mention all the models and it`s boot button to remove pin lock of your jio phone. Just you have to replace other button instead of 8 boot button in second steps.

List of all Models of jio phone and it`s boot button jio phone password reset code :

These are the following list of models and boot button of your jio phone and use it with red button to reset jio phone.

  1. F211s – 8
  2. F50Y – OK button
  3. F61F – ——=——
  4. jio f41t black hard reset key – 1
  5. F101K – 3
  6. LF2403N – * and # button.
  7. jio f10q boot key – ——-=——–
  8. F61F – OK button
  9. F81E – 5
  10. jio f90m boot key – OK button
  11. F2401 – Navigation up and down button
  12. F30C – ———–=————-
  13. F250Y – ————=————-
  14. F2402 – ———–=————-
  15.  jio f10q boot key- Navigation up button .
  16. If your device is locked by jio security and you have forgot passcode then click here.

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FAQ on How to crack & Reset Jio phone password – jio phone reset code

How do you unlock a Jio phone if you forgot the password?

If you have forgotten the password (screen lock) of your jio phone, then you can unlock it by doing factory reset of jio password. You will need to unlock forgotten password of jio phone as same as android phone. You should know the model of jio phone to know the boot key to open recovery mode for factory reset. Read this article to know in detail about boot key for the all model of jio phone and step by step process to unlock.

Conclusion on How to Reset jio phone password :

Hence, I hope that you would have understood easily to reset jio phone password of all model. I have tried to make you understand in simple way.

So, You can follow the method which is given information. The method and steps which i have mentioned above that process is safe.

Also if you are getting problem to unlock password, then your problem would be solved.

If you have any query or question, then you can ask me and also tell that how this makes you helpful.

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