How to check samsung mobile activation date – with IMEI & Serial Number

How to check samsung mobile activation date

Do you also want to know that how to check samsung mobile activation date?

If you buy a new or old smasung or any other smartphone device, firstly you should check activation date of that mobile.

So, in this article you will know that how to check samsung mobile manufactured date.

If you check activation date of mobile, before buying then all the doubt will be clear.

By checking Activation code, your all query removed from your mind such as How phone is old? Is the warranty available ?

So, let’s know that How to check manufacturing date of Android mobile Samsung devices ?

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How to Check Samsung mobile activation date using IMEI?

I hope that whenever you go to shop to purchase a mobile, then you may have seen that shopkeeper writes an IMEI Number in a bill.

Do you know that Why IMEI Number is important ? Why shopkeeper use to writes an IMEI in a bill ?

I expect that this questions sometimes would have come to your mind ? So, let`s discuss about IMEI and how to find IMEI Number of a mobile ?

International mobile equipment identity is the full form of IMEI. This IMEI number of 15 digit is available in every mobile whether it is a smartphone or a keypad mobile.

Through this IMEI Number all the detail information can be access such as activation date, model number, serial number etc.

Anyone can check this type of information using IMEI number through online.

So, let`s know to find IMEI Number in samsung or other devices.

Ways for How to find IMEI Number on samsung devices ? How do I check IMEI on Samsung?

  • Remove battery of your mobile and then there in back side of device, you will be able to see 15 digit IMEI number.
  • Open dial pad of your mobile and type samsung imei check code¬† *#06#. Then you will get IMEI and serial Number of your device. Using this method not only you can check in samsung but also in other smartphone.
  • Open setting < About phone < IMEI number. Every Smartphone has “about phone” setting and from there you can know.
  • By looking the mobile package cover. You may have seen from there only shopkeeper writes a detail information in bill.

By the way there are many ways to find IMEI number but this much is enough for you. Now, you have known imei number of your device.

But questions comes that how to check samsung mobile activation date using IMEI Number. So, let`s know all the methods and step by steps.

The methods which i`m going to tell through that not only you will be able to check samsung manufacturing date but also able to check other mobile.

When you check activation date then as well as with activation date, you get detailed about warranty date, Serial Number, Model Number etc.

This type of many extra Status of that particular device you get.

There are many methods through which you can able to check samsung mobile purchased date using imei Number.

So, let`s know that which are the methods and how to verify samsung mobile activation status using imei ?

How to Verify Samsung Mobile Purchased Date using Website ?

  • Go to website.
  • Click to imei checker and Select “Samsung IMEI Check” option. (If you have other device then select according to brand of mobile.)
  • Type the IMEI number of samsung device on the blanks.
  • Click to check button.
  • Verify captcha and you will get all detail information of your mobile device such as activation date, Product ID, Samsung mobile warranty check – starts and ends date, Model, Samsung serial number code etc.

So, there you will be able to see purchased date of device. By looking purchase date, you can Guess that whether device is old or new.

How to Check google account first registered date on Samsung or other mobile?

Whenever anyone buy a mobile, they firstly logged or create email (google account) on that particular device.

You can follow this method if you have already purchased a mobile and have logged g-mail account on that same date.

if the above condition meet and you are eager to know that when you have purchased or mobile or when device has been activated ? then you can follow this method. So, let`s know :-

  • Search “Find my device” on google and visit to first device.
  • Enter email account and click to next button.
  • Fill the password of your email and click to next. (If your browser has been logged by your email id, then you will not be ask to enter email & password)
  • You will come to Google Find my android device homepage.
  • Now, you will be able to see an android smartphone icon, model, battery charge status and network connection.
  • Tap to (i-circle) icon which will be side of your model name.
  • There you can see First Registered date of g-mail account on that device. Also you can see there IMEI Number of that device.

Now, you can easily able to Check Samsung mobile activation date using google account. This method will not be helpful for all user because if you have not logged g-mail account, then you will not be able know purchased date.

How do I find out when my Samsung phone was activated? using Samsung app

  • Go to playstore and search “Samsung phone information”.
  • Install that application and open it.
  • There you will be asked to put Serial number of your samsung mobile. You can also skip.
  • After opening, all the detail information you will get about hardware and software both. Below there is given detail that what are the information you will be able to see from this application.
    • Phone model, Device type, Product name, Made of origin,¬†Product code
    • Manufacturing date (Activation date)

Through this samsung phone information, you will not be able to know exact activation date. This application helps us to tell only manufacturing date of samsung device.

But by knowing the manufacturing date, you can estimate the activation date. As you know that mobile is purchased within 2 or 3 months after manufacturing.

How do I check if my Samsung is original? How do I know my Samsung phone is new?

  • Install and open “samsung phone info” application.
  • Click to menu bar (Three line bar).
  • Click to “Refurbishment check” option.
  • if the phone is original, then you will get message “Congratulation, Your phone is original

This way you can check whether your samsung phone is original or refurbishment.

This application works only for samsung phone. if you try to check in other phone, then it will not work properly because i have been checked in realme and redmi mobile.

How do you check if my Samsung phone is still under warranty? How can I check Samsung mobile validity?

  • Open “My Galaxy” application in your samsung phone. (By the way, it is already installed on your samsung phone as you buy. But if this app is not available then you can install it from play store.)
  • Tap to Care option.
  • Click to mobile care.
  • Type 15 digit of IMEI Number of your device.
  • Click to check.
  • You will get notification that within how many days your samsung mobile warranty will get expired.

You can easily able to calculate and can now about exact samsung mobile activation or purchase date. As well as with this you will get warranty information also.

How to check samsung mobile activation date using Serial Number ?

As i have mentioned above that every phone has an IMEI number of 15 digit. So, in the same way there is Serial Number in every phone.

So, we will know the phone purchase time using serial number of mobile. Before knowing manufactured date, you should know that how to find serial number of mobile ?

Ways on How to find samsung Serial Number Code on phone ?

  • Using setting :-
    • Open setting.
    • Click to About phone.
    • There you will find serial number of your device.
  • Using Code :-
    • Dial *#06#.
    • As you dial, you will get automatically serial number of 11 digit. (IMEI Digit is same in all device wheres seril number is different according to brand. So, in all hone of samsung brand, there will be 11 digit.)
  • Using website :-
    • Go to website.
    • Enter 15 digit IMEI Number in homepage blank option.
    • Click to check option.
    • Click to “Check SN/Warranty/Carrier” option.
    • Now, you will be able to see serial number of your samsung galaxy hone.
  • If the battery of smartphone is removable then by taking out battery, you can see serial number.

So, these are the some methods through which you can find samsung serial code. Now, you have known your serial number but question arises that how to check activation date using serial number ? So, let`s know.

How to check samsung mobile activation date using Serial Number ? How can I find my Samsung phone serial number?

This method will be offline. Just by looking serial Number, you will able to identify phone manufactured date.

From the 11 digits of serial number, 4th and 5th Digit of number will tell you the manufacture date.

Suppose the serial number is FN9N356FBHJ of your samsung device. Here, N and 3 will helps us to identify manufactured date.

So, here N= 2020 and 3= 3rd months (march). So, the manufacturing date of FN9N356FBHJ is march 2020. These alphabet and year you can identify from the list given below :-

  • G = 2015
  • H = 2016
  • J = 2017
  • K = 2018
  • M = 2019
  • N = 2020
  • P = 2021
  • Q = 2022

So by manufacturing date, you can calculate the Samsung mobile activation date. You can know that How do I find out how old my Samsung phone is?

FAQ on How to check samsung mobile activation date

How can I check my activation date?

There are many methods to check activation date of smartphone. You can easily know that when your smartphone has been active for the first time by various methods. They are using serial Number, IMEI Number, Google account, brand official app. In this article, i have told to check activation date for samsung mobile but some methods will also work for other brands of mobile.

How can I check my Samsung mobile? How can I check my IMEI number Online Samsung?

You can check online samsung mobile detail such as purchased date, activation date, manufactured date, warranty validity, Original or refurbishment etc. using serial number, imei Number and google account. So, if you want to know step by step process for checking samsung mobile detail record, then read this article. Everything are explained very well.

How do I check the specs on my Samsung phone?

There are many ways to check the specification of your samsung phone. Follow the following points to know the specification (detail) of samsung phones :-

  • Open setting < about phones, Now you can see the detail specification of your samsung phone such as model, Storage, battery power etc.
  • Go to imeichecker website and paste the imei number of your samsung phone.

Do Samsung phones have warranty? How long is Samsung phone warranty?

Yes, samsung phones have warranty. By the way, mostly in every smartphone there is the warranty validity for 1 years. The validity of warranty is more or less according to the model of mobile.

How do I know if my Samsung IMEI is real?

Just check the IMEI Number online in website and you will get the detail information about mobile such as brand & model number, activation date, manufactured date. You have to match the model number from online and box of mobile or from setting. If everything matches, then IMEI is real.

Conclusion on How to check samsung mobile activation date

I expect that you would have easily understood that how to check samsung mobile activation date ? If you know this process to check then there will not be risk.

Sometimes happen that fake IMEI is written over the package of mobile or device has been used and customer buy that item. So, in this case you should check activation date & verify through IMEI number.

I appreciate that this article will be helpful for you. By the way, i have focused for samsung devices but also by using this method, you can check or verify device information in other mobile.

Through this article you will come to know about the importance of IMEI and Serial Number of mobile phones. If you don`t know that how to track lost mobile with IMEI number then you can go through this link.

If you have any query or something missing in this post then you can comment or contact me. Also if you want to read this type of technology information, then you can read.

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