how to download fl studio mobile free on android.

how to download fl studio mobile free on android

Hello friends, I am going to tell you that how to download fl studio mobile free software on your androids. If you will download this apps from playstore, you have to pay RS.300 charge because it is paid apps in playstore.

But the process that I will tell, you can download it for free without paying any money. You will get full features of FL studio mobile. Don`t worry your mobile will not root by this method.
FL studio is the best software for song editing. It provides many features to edit your song. if you have not use then download and use it. Try it and know that how much it is the best software.

How to download fl studio mobile free?-know

The process that i will tell to download free, it will accurate and genuine. In short way firstly you have to download only app without any data and secondly you have to load only data (obb file). Then you have to add this file under the apps.

There are three things that you have to download. They are :-

(1) Ac market apps

(2) Fl studio mobile without additional file.

(3) Obb file (additional file)

What to do and how to download Ac market ?

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Firstly, you have to download Ac market apps. you can download this app from browser or by clicking Ac market, you can redirect to it`s website. click there download button and loading will start. after these, install this app in your android phone. ( Remember that this app is not available in playstore platform)

It provides all free apps which is in playstore. Not even only, FL studio free but also you can download any apps free from this platform.

What to do and how to download FL studio mobile ?

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Open Ac market apps, search there FL studio mobile and click to download. When downloading will start, in the notification bar you will see that it will be downloading in two files. one will only app without data and other will be obb file. App of fl studio mobile will be downloaded within 5 minutes and it will be of less mb.

obb file will be of more size 900 mb and it will take more time to download it. so, when app will fully downloaded, cut obb file from downloading. Now, i will guide you that how you can download obb file in less time and also of less size.

What to do and how to download obb file ?

click obb file to download it. After clicking, it will redirect into google drive download page. click there download and loading will start. After downloading successfully finished, it will be stored in your download file or in google drive. if it is stored in google drive, again you have to download from drive to stored in file manager.

How to open FL studio mobile app?

To open FL studio mobile, you have to add obb ( additional file) in Fl studio app. if you will not do this, then whenever you will open it will show some error. So, follow some points that is given below:-

(1) open file manager app of your android mobile.

(2) click android file and create folder with name obb.

(3) click to obb and again create there new folder with name com.imageline.FLM . ( Remember – spelling should be correct otherwise it will not work properly)

(4) Now, go to file where your obb file name with is stored. select and move it to under the com.imageline.FLM folder and paste it.

Now, you can open your app properly. It will work nicely. There will not be hanging problems in your androids. All features will be available there.

What are the features you will get from FL studio mobile apps?

There are many features you will get from this app. if you haven`t use or don`t know about this application then you can`t imagine that what types of editing you can do. You can edit your song as you wish.

Mostly, It is use in the studio where singer sing a song. You can record your vocal. It also gives many method to set your dj name in song. Fl studio is the best mixing app.

This FL studio software you can use in laptop/computer and smartphone. For the windows, you have to download other version such as FL 11,12,20 etc. In the windows, you will get more options from the smartphone app.

It provides facility to edit song such as to change voice of your audio, cut, join etc. you can make any audio to eco, thin, fat, adding dj name, dholki pattern, piano etc.

How to mix a Dj Name in Fl studio mobile ?

Many of the people like to set dj name in song. so, i am going to mention in short about dj name mixing.

The mobile version of FL studio can`t provide features of speech but In the pc software, it is available. There are the two methods by which you can mix dj name. They are by vocal recording and third party tts (text to speech) apps.

vocal recording – Record your voice in fl studio mobile app by saying your dj name or whatever you want to speak. Add song and drag over record voice.The voice which you have recorded, make it soft by putting some effect such as reverb, eco, etc. So, that it can match to your song.

TTS apps- Download any text to speech app from playstore and install it. open and option will there to type. you can type dj name or what you want to speech. your text will be change into voice and download it. Drag your audio voice under the song.

I expect that you have perfectly know to download fl studio free on your mobile. If you like it, then share this post to your friends through social media. So, that they can also get profitable knowledge with you.

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