How to download whatsapp status in jio phone : jio phone status download

Do you also use whatsapp in your jio phone ? If yes then surely i hope that you may be using whtsapp status feature in your jio phone. If you likes someone`s status, then you want to download it in your mobile. You also want to set videos in  whatsapp status.So, today i am going to tell you that how to download whatsapp status in jio phone. Also i will tell that how to download best videos to set whatsapp status from jio phone.

(In this post, you will get two answer of queries related to whatsapp status in jio phone)

Before this feature has not came but now jio phone whatsapp status update has came.By the way, there are many ways to download whatsapp status if you are in smartphone. But there are not many ways to download images & videos of status from whatsapp in jio phone.

Because you can download many apps in smartphone to download images & videos of status but in jio phone, you can`t do. The design and function to operate Jio phone is different from other phones.

Download status of whatsapp videos & images in gallery of jio phone :

How to download whatsapp status in jio phone. (videos & images)

The important things here you should know that whatever you see media such as images, videos, text, voice etc. from whatsapp, is downloaded and stored in file manager of your mobile. (It is for the all mobile.)In the same way when you see whatsapp status, it downloaded and stored in file manager of jio phone.

Firstly the videos & images of whatsapp status that you want to download in jio phone, open and see it. (I have already mentioned above that when you open and see media of whatsapp, is downloaded.) Now, your videos & images of whatsapp will be downloaded but you have to find now that hidden files.

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Steps to Download whatsapp status in gallery & video :

1. Open the file manager of jio phone.

2. Press jio button to search hidden file which is above power button.

3. Now search option will be come. So, you have to type ‘whatsapp’ from keypad of your jio phone. As you will be typed, again press jio button of your jio phone.

4. ‘Whatsapp’ – hidden file will be come. So, open it by pressing ok button.

5. Now, one ‘.status’ fill will be come. open this file.

6. Here you can see all images & videos of whatsapp status which you open and seen. Here is the location where all media downloaded of whatsapp status in jio phone. (But this media you have not seen in gallery or videos because it is under the hidden file. So, let`s follow trick to see from gallery & videos.)

7. So, click to option by pressing jio button. Scroll down to copy or paste option and select it. (now, paste option will come)

8. Press 2 times power button to back. scroll; down to any folder press jio button to paste that images or videos.

10. Now, come back to your gallery or videos according to what you have pasted such as images or videos. You can see whatsapp status in your gallery or videos. Hence, your Whatsapp videos &  images is downloaded in galllery of jio phone.

jio whatsapp status video download

We will also know that how to download videos to set in whatsapp status in your jio phone. I will tell some easy steps, so that you can download videos from internet on jio phone and can set it.

By the way, nowadays everyone puts emotional videos in whatsapp status. Most of them use videos from such as Like app, share chat, snack app etc. But this can be use only in smartphone.

If you are jio phone whatsapp user then you need lile that videos to put in whatsapp status. By the way, how you want like that many videos available in youtube. This is the best way to download whatsapp status videos from youtube.    So, let`s know how you will get :-

Conclusion :

I hope that you havew understood that how to download whatsapp status in jio phone. Also you have understood that to download best suitable videos for whatsapp status in jio phone.

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