how to download youtube videos in jio phone

In this, page you are going to know about that how can you download youtube videos in your jio phone. after downloading videos, you can see it without internet in offline also. you can send this into other mobile or sd card. you can download not only videos but as well as song also in different format.There are many ways to load mp3 and vdeos. Let`s see below.

download videos in jio mobile

Best 6 ways to download  youtube videos in jio phone.

1st by putting ss

  1. open the browser of your jio mobile and type their youtube and search it.
  2. click the website of youtube. (in the first page it will come)
  3. play your videos which you want for downloading.
  4. press (₹-) this button which is above the green button (phone call pickup button).
  5. Then, video`s URL ( uniform resource locator) edit option will come.(means to change the text of url option will appear)
  6.  from the before only, it will written as:- But you have to put ss after the m. and finally it should be as:-
  7. click go and it will redirect into (savefrom ) website.
  8. scroll down and select format of videos in which you want and click download option.
  9. now, it will star downloading. you can see in your notification bar.
  10. it will take some time to download ( it depends on your net speed and file size.
  11. you can go to download file from the file manager and you can watch.


2nd by removing ube

In this (way) you can load not only but ass well as song or mp3 also. Upto the 5 number the process will be as same as it is give below in the 1st, the next process will start from point number 6.

6. you have to remove ube from It will be as

7. click ok and it will go to (yout) website.

8.scroll down and select the format [ mp3(audio), mp4 (videos) etc.] which you want.

9.Now, select the quality. ( 32 , 64, 128, 192, 256, 320 kbit/s) it is lower to higher means if you will choose less kbit/s then your video`s quality will be low.

10. click the shift  to video. loading will be start automatically

11. as same as in 1st way that is given in the above.

3rd by putting pwn

upto 5 point as same as previous way.For the 3rd steps that is given below in the following points:-

6. you have to type pwn before youtube and after m. in the place of It will be as click  go and other website will open. ( currently this site has closed due to some problem but in future it may be open).

7. select format and quality.

8. click download button and after this, follow previous steps of second ways .

4th by inserting pp

before the sixth number, the steps will be same as in ahead section.

6 .you have to insert pp after the . it will be as click go button and it will come in other site  (y2mate).

7. down your page and you will be able to see your videos which you have selected for downloading.

8.just below of previous steps, option will be there to choose resolution, file size, format. click download button.

9.your videos will be saved in download file. you can check it.

5th by typing h2

same as before only. you are able to know easily that what this post you want to tell. I hope that you are catching in easy.

6. you will need to type there h2 (small letter only) after the m. and before the it will be as from and click go.

7. it will come  in (h2converter) websiite after pressing that button and select the format and quality.

8. click next and on the other page will open and click their download file. hence, your file has started to load.

6th by removing ube and writing 10

6. Remove the ube from the youtube and instead of ube, write there 10. it should be as  in the place of  click go button. will come in (scconverter) page. scroll your web pages and select the resolution and click to download.

8. your file will start to load.

Hence, I hope that you understand easily about to download youtube videos in your jo phone in many ways. In the above, many  ways are mentioned. you can choose any one. if you have any problem or enquiry, comment and contact with me. if you want to know about adhar withdrwal money you can visit. 

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