How to Get online cg e-pass for travel in lockdown.

In this page, you will know that how to get online e-pass  to travel in lockdown in  interstate  from chhattisgarh and in inter district  across in cg in the lock down  situation. From the governor side, it was announced that the people have to show their e-pass for crossing district and states.

before you get e-pass in offline only but now you can get online e-pass for visiting that places where you have your emergency works. This online e-pass is for only vehicles like two-wheeler, four-wheeler,goods vehicle  etc.  For this, there is strictly guideline from the governor that you need to be followed.

As you will apply for the online cg e-pass, the important things you have to submit reason that for what purpose you are going.if you will tell the reasons for the unnecessary work, then your application will not approve. you have to tell reasons which is appropriate work.

steps to get online e-pass for vehicles in lockdown from cg e-pass apps

1.  you have to install CG e-Pass application from the play store in your smartphone or android mobile or you can click this cg e-pass and it will redirect into play store platform.

2. As you will installed the apps in your android, it will ask your mobile number and you have to fill it .

3. clik generate otp button.

4. please enter otp which will be send to your mobile number.

5.Then the app interface will be open.

6. down side there will be able the options of interstate, inter-district, verify e-pass, more.


In this section you will be able to see type of travel option. under this there will be 3 types.

(1) one way:-it option is only for dropping someone in other states and returning to chhattisgarh in       the emergency condition only.

(2)Round trip:- This is for going to other state from cg and coming back to cg.

(3)inbound:– To come in chhattisgarh state from other state.

According to your choice, click anyone from 3 alternatives. after clicking, it will ask some basic details information of travels and Applicant`s. under this three options, something will be different but mostly as same only.. It is the demo of 1st one.

   Travel details you need to fill it.

  1. purpose of travel:-option-government related/ death in family/ job related/treatment related/marriage related/other. you have to choose anyone.
  2. additional information:- if you want to add other information, you can add.
  3. vehicle number:- enter your vehicle number
  4. vehicle type:- option will be there to choose.
  5. travel date:- when you will click,  calendar will be open. you can choose.

Applicant`s detail

  1. Name
  2. age
  3. gender
  4. district
  5. block
  6. city/gram panchayat/village
  7. complete address with house number
  8. id type:- you have to choose (adhar card, voter id, driving licence, passport id)
  9. id number:- number of your id that you have selected in previous step
  10. total number of person including vehicle` driver and passenger.
  11. origin address:-  some basic information of your area.
  12. destinstion address:- where do you want to go.

     uploading of document

  1. your photo with maximum 5 mb.
  2. identity proof with local address
  3. identity of adhaar  with candidate`s photo and his/her address
  4. Driver`s detail information you have to upload with his/her address and  id proof.

After doing this all, you will have to click check box (i accept the term`s and conditions) given below in last position and click the submit button. now, your appeals are send for approval. between 24 hours you can check your application status that it has  approve or not.(Remember-By some mistakes your application can get disapproval also) This status you can check and print in verify e-pass section. which is given below.


under this there is two alternative to choose- (1) inter district (2)inter district bus pass. something will be different according to categories, it is the procedure of 1st one.

Type of vehicle:- (own/other`s /commercial vehicles) select anyone which you need.

Travels details:- travel date, purpose of travel, automobile number and its category.These information you have to select (mandatory).

Applicant`s information:- some basic details you have to enter about your area and id.

 after this, you have to fill your (beginning address) from where you are now and where you want to go (stopping address)

click submit button.

check status and get print out of cg e-pass in verify e-pass section by entering your automobiles number.

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