How to get Starlink internet and what is Starlink & it’s cost ? 2021

If you want to get fast internet then you need one fiber – broad band connection which is available in only some of the cities and very expensive. But can you imagine that without broad band connection, you can get fast internet speed in smartphone and laptop as same speed given in fiber connection. I would like to tell you that with the help of starlink internet, there is possible to use fast internet without any broad band connection. So, in this article we will know that what is starlink and how to get starlink internet? 

Get starlink internet

As well as with what is and how to get StarLink Internet programme? We will also know about many queries of answer such as – What is  budget (price) for Starlink Internet project? Why this starlink programme of internet was launched? Who launched this Starlink ISP programmeand many other question related to this Internet Service programme.

So, if you are also interested in using high speed internet. So, This Internet service is for you. Now This Internet Service is available in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Virginia and west Virginia. They are providing 50 mb/ps to 150 mb/ps. And they claim to increase speed to 1gb/ps also. So, you can imagine that now these days how much technology are growing so fast ?

How to Get StarLink internet Service Provider (ISP) Programme ?

What is Starlink Internet Project ?

StarLink Internet programme is the programme in which Elon Musk is trying to provide internet to remote areas of of world. And not only internet but also high speed internet which is a very good thing. In this internet service they will provide internet trough satellites. So, you can imagine that at any place of world you can get internet.

By some leaks and updates it is said that the budget of this StarLink service will around 10 to 20 billion dollers. (This is not confirmed value). StarLink programme works under  SpaceX. Who’s owner is Elon Musk who is now world richest man. In this internet service he had decided to launch 42,000 satellites. So, now you can imagine how big project  project is this.

How To Get StarLink Internet Programme?

You know the speed of StarLink which is around 50 to 150 mb/ps. And you also wanted to buy and use this internet service at your home or at you office or at any other places also. Don’t worry i am here to help you out now it is available in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Virginia and west Virginia only for pre-beta test. But it will be available  in whole world and in India also in 2022.

For that now, Registration is open so you you want it to registered and get as soon as it comes. So you can register it in there official website of StarLink Internet by your credit or debit card. Don’t worry there is full money back guarantee so you can book it without any problem. Just go on google and search there starlink and open the first link that appears and book your registration.

Why this StarLink ISP Programme Was Launched?

Now in your mind one doubt must be coming that this internet providing service is to earn money? So, the answer is “NO”. It is to make our world a developed place and it is very beneficial to human kind. There are many places in which world that in remote areas and they are not getting all services that we get. by this satellite network system any place in world can get internet.

Which is not possible by providing Fiber Optic Cables. and it cost many rupees also and many time too. Therefore it is very good idea to provide network to allover world. Just by an antina and by an wifi router you can get internet anywhere at any time. so according to me it is a very good thing that is done by Sir Elon Musk.

Who Launched this Satellite Internet Programme?

This was launched by Elon Musk Sir. Under the SpaceX programme. And he is the world richest man. by this programme he can provide internet to any place in this world through satellites. Just by antina and by wifi router you can easily use this high speed internet data in this busy world.

As you know that, today world is full of technology and many things in this world can be done done by internet. Internet is one of the most necessary thing without it we cannot imagine our life. So by launching this programme Alon Musk has done very good things which is very beneficial to human kind.

What Will Be Cost For Full Setup Of This Programme? Get Starlink Internet

The Starlink Kit contains the Starlink dish, tripod, WIFI router, cable, power supply etc. other things for connection. This is the kit which is must to use Starlink’s internet. Which will cost around $499 US dollars. In India according to current exchange rate it will cost around 36,517.27 rupees.

And the internet cost is 99 US Dollars. The cost I have mentioned is for a single month. You have to pay it per month for internet service. Latest prize  is 99 US Dollars. And in India it will cost around 7,200 rupees (it is according to current exchange rate). So in future prize me differ in India.

How Does Starlink internet project Works?

Starlink Internet is a satellite based internet so it provides internet trough internet. For that Elon Musk Sir has launched 900+ satellites. And his aim is to launch 4200+ satellites. For providing internet allover world. After satellites gone to the lower orbit of earth they will create a sphere like structure.

And they will send network which will be detected by antennas. And which is available  in the starlink set provided by them. Which you have to place in the top of your office, home or anywhere you want.

When you will get Starlink Internet programme In India?

I know that you are also eagerly waiting for this Internet service to come in India. Now don’t worry today you will get the answer of your all questions related to Starlink. Many question answered i have already given but is also a main question. That is Starlink coming to India.

According to some leaks and update. It is said that this internet service is coming for India in year 2022. For using this fast internet you have to wait hardly only 1 year. Then you can use this fast internet without any problem. Or it can be launched early also because is is mentioned on the basis of leaks and updates.

What Are The Advantages Of this StarLink programme?

Now i will talk about some advantages of Starlink programme. As you know that the average speed of you broadband that is provide is up-to 10 to 12 mb/ps only. Which  is provided by your fiber optic cabel of your local network service provider. Which seem very slow as compared to Starlink. Because it provides you around 50 to 150 mb/ps which is very high.

And second benefit of it is that good network in worst conditions. Often you used to face servel problem regarding network in bad weathers. It is because they used to provide network through land transmitters, Which is affected in bad weather. And starlink is a satellite based internet provider which is not affected easily. It is affected in extreme bad condition only. And his aim is to launch 4200+ satellites. For providing internet allover world.

What Are the Disadvantages of StarLink Internet Programme?

As we all know that everything that have a good thing will also have a bad side also. So now i will tell you some bad sides of Starlink. First of all I will talk about space debris. It is a major problem. Space debris means human made waste in space. So if Elon Musk will launch 42,000 satellites it will be a major source for pollution in space.

For this problem Elon Musk had shared solution that he will crash satellites in earth after every 25 to 35 year after being them in space. Which is a very good thing. And another major problem that will occur is the problem of light pollution.

If you don’t know what is light pollution. I am here to tell you about it. Light pollution means artificial light source. As we all know that that Elon Musk satellites will be in earth’s low orbit. So it will effect our sight to milky way and other constellation. Which is not a good thing.

FAQ about Starlink internet programme

Can I sign up for Starlink Internet?

Yes, registration has been opened for getting starlink internet programme but still it is not available in the whole world. After ordering for starlink, Your money will be safe if by chance in future you don`t get the benefit of starlink ISP. So without any hesitating, you can go for registration.

How much will Starlink Internet cost?

The full setup for the first time of starlink is $ 499 dollar which you have to pay for the first time only as you pay for broad band connection for the first time. And the per month you have to pay $ 99 dollar for the Starlink ISP charge.

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#Conclusion on How to get Starlink Internet ?

I worked very hard to collect information and provide it to you all. If you enjoyed reading it comment down below that it was helpful or not. Thanks for reading. In this article we have talked about Starlink’s Internet service. Which is provided by Elon Musk who is world richest man.

And we have talked about many questions that are often occur in every one’s mind who want’s to know something about Starlink. We have mentioned here about when it is coming to India. What will be cost of it.It’s Advantages and Disadvantages. How it works? Who launched? Why it was launched? And 1 very important question How to get this internet service?

So, be touched with our website. Here we talk about  internet, Android apps, android tricks, computer, internet tricks and about mobile phone. To know more about us you can visit about us section. And if you have any questions you can comment down we will surely answer you question.

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