How to hide chat in whatsapp with password – lock & hide whatsapp chat

How to hide whatsapp chat with password.

Do you also want to hide chat in whatsapp  with password ? We all have a personal chat with someone in whatsapp on our Smartphone and we want to hide it from others and family memeber.

But our family members or friends also sees sometimes our whatsapp. So, in this case you can hide your whatsapp chat with password & without deleting chat history of whatsapp.

By the way, there is the one simple method to hide by archiving chat from whatsapp. But anyone can access it easily, if the other person knows that how to unarchive whatsapp chat.

Because in archive method there is not any password to set. So, today i am going to tell you that how to how to hide whatsapp chat in android phone & iphone with password ?

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1. How to hide chat in whatsapp with password using ‘Locker whats Chat App’ :

Locker whats chat is an application which helps official Whatsapp app to make it professional feature. You can lock chat of your whatsapp with password through locker whats chat app.It means that ‘locker whats chat’ app helps to lock chat of your whatsapp app.

If the personal chat would be locked of your whatsapp then any person cannot able to access it without knowing password which you would set.

If you hide chat from whatsapp app through archive feature, then it would be hide without password. So if you archive feature then anyone can access it easily. Because in whatsapp app there is not any feature to lock whatsapp chat with password.

You can understand that locker whats chat application helps the chat of whatsapp app lock with password.

So, that anyone can`t see your personal chat without your permission. You can able to lock chat of multiple group & contact of whatsapp with your own password using this amazing app.

Hide individual whatsapp messages & chat with password (Locker whats Chat App) :

  1. Download ‘Locker whats Chat‘ app from playstore in your smartphone.
  2. Open it and create 4 digit password (passcode) & then again confirm it. (This password would be needed when you will unlock chat of whatsapp.)
  3. You will get one pop-up notification of password recovery email. Also you can set up this in case you forget passcode then you can recover it or you can skip this step.
  4. You will get one pop-up message of permission required to lock chat. It is mandatory to give permission then only you can go further process. So, click to enable.
  5. Click to downloaded whatsapp and then enable locker whats chat app  from setting of your mobile.
  6. Now, you can open locker whats chat app completely. Click to add ‘+’ icon.
  7. You would be directly entered into your original whatsapp app. So, click chat of group or contact which you want to lock.

If you would locked some chat using this method and when you would try to open that chat from your whatsapp then it would ask password to access it. So, you have to enter password which you would set according to your choice.


2. How to hide chat in whatsapp without archive – GB whatsapp hide chat :

GB Whatsapp is an application which is same as original whatsapp app which you use. The user experience and interface is same as the whatsapp which mostly use.

But it has some of the extra features added compare than the normal or original whatsapp app. It is the one of the amazing whatsapp software which has the pro feature.

I hope that if you would download & install once this application, then you would not uninstall it. If you want to hide chat of whatsapp then you have to use GB Whatsapp application instead of original whatsapp.

GB whatsapp hide chat – Step by step :

  1. Firstly download GB Whatsapp & install it in your smartphone or android mobile. ( Note : GB whatsapp is not available in playstore, so download by link from browser.)
  2. Login in gb whatsapp by entering mobile number as you login in normal whatsapp.
  3. Select chat of contact or group by tapping it which you want to hide and tap to three dot which would be in top right side.
  4. Click to hide chat option.
  5. Choose a lock : pattern or Pin. So, select anyone which you want.
  6. Set pattern or password and hen again do same procedure to confirm it. After doing this, you would be ask to give answer of question. So if you forget your password, then you can recover by giving answer.

Now, your contact or group chat would be hide successfully. So, in this you can hide chat in whatsapp with password. Now, also question arises that how to unhide chat in gb whatsapp ? So, let`s know it :

How to unhide chat in gb whatsapp ?

Step 1. Open GB Whatsapp and click to whatsapp in the top left side.

Step 2. Enter pin or pattern as you had set while hiding chat.

Step 3.  You can see your hidden personal chat and you can also chat with that contact from hidden area only. Select it by tapping long and then click to three dot option.

Step 4. Click to mark chat as visible option.

Hence, Hidden chat would be unhide as it is before. So, in this way you can unhide and hide whatsapp chat with password in GB Whatsapp.

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3. How to hide chat in whatsapp with password using Yo Whatsapp ?

Yowhatsapp is an application which works as same as original whatsapp app but extra function are there in yowhatsapp application.

Due to extra many features, this android software is most popular among the whatsapp user. Through the hep of this android software, you can easily able to hide your chat with pattern, pin , password etc.

This android application is not available in playstore due t some reason but you can download through online browser. So, let`s know that how to download yowhatsapp and how to lock whatsapp chat?

How to Download Yowhatsapp android application ?

  1. Open any browser in your smartphone and search “yowhatsapp apk download”.
  2. Enter to first website in google search result.
  3. Click to download app button to load in your smartphone.
  4. After downloading, install it in your android phone.

how to hide whatsapp chat in android phone with password ?

  1. Login in youwhatsapp and chat with someone. So, that you can lock that particular whatsapp chat.
  2. Select the particular whatsapp chat which you want to hide with Pattern, fingerprint, PIN etc.
  3. Tap to three dot menu on the top right corner and click to hide chat.
  4. Choose lock type from the list according to your wish which you wan to keep such as pattern or pin or fingerprint. (if you choose a fingerprint lock type, then you should have a fingerprint sensor in your smartphone)
  5. After choosing lock type, create a lock. Now, you will be in homepage (chat list) of whatsapp.
  6. Again select the same whatsapp chat which you have selected in previous step.
  7. Tap to three dot and click to hide chat.
  8. Give same password which you have created in previous step.

Now, you can see that you have successfully hide your whatsapp chat. you will not be able to find that particular chat where that chat was stored in previous.

How to unhide whatsapp chat in yowhasapp ?

  1. Open whatsapp and click to “Yowhatsapp” on the top left side.
  2. Enter the password or pin to unlock hide chat.
  3. Now, you can see you hide contact & chat.
  4. Select the whatsapp chat which you wan to unhide.
  5. Tap to three dot and cick to unhide chat and again put the same password.

Now, you your chat of whatsapp will be unhide from the hidden features. So in this way, you can hide & unhide chat with password using youwhatsapp application.

4.How to hide whatsapp  chat & contact using Archive features ?

Archive features help us to hide contact & it`s chat (conversation) on whatsapp without password. Later one any one can access it or unarchive chat and contact.

Archive feature is available in official whatsapp app which is mostly use. Not only it allow to hide contact but also it offers us to hide groups from whatsapp app.

Some of them don`t know that how to use archives feature in whatsapp ? So, by using this feature you can hide multiple chats of group & personal contact or can archive all chat.

How to archive whatsapp chat – Hide chat in whatsapp :

  1. Open whatsapp app from your smartphone.
  2. Select the contact & group which chat you want to hide by tapping it for a second.
  3. Click to archive chat icon on the top as shown in image. As you would click archive icon, the particular group or contact`s chat would be archived. It means specific chat would be hidden in archived list.

Your Whatsapp chat has been archived. Now, question arises that how to view whatsapp chat which is archived ? So, let`s know that how to find archived chat as hidden whatsapp chat.

Can’t find archived chats on whatsapp – View archived chat :

  1. Open whatsapp and scroll down the group and contact of chats at the last (bottom).
  2. Click to ‘Archived’. This would be written when any chat would be archived then only. There will also written the number of group or contact beside the archived.
  3. As you would click that, the list of the archived chat would come. You can click and see chat of your contacts & groups.

How to unarchive whatsapp chat – Unhide chat in whatsapp :

  1. Open the archived chat as i mentioned above, process to see archived whatsapp chat.
  2. Select it as you had selected to archive the chat.
  3. Click to archive icon as you had clicked while archiving chat.

Now, hidden chat would be restore as it is before. So, these are the process to use whatsapp archive feature in your smartphone.

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FAQ on how to hide chat in whatsapp with password

How can I hide my WhatsApp chat password? How can I chat secretly on WhatsApp?

You can easily hide your Personal whatsapp chat with password, fingerprint lock and PIN. Many application are available which helps to lock a particular chat which we don`t want to show others. They are locker whats chat app, GB Whatsapp hide chat app, Yo Whatsapp app etc. So by the help of these android application, a personal chat of whatsapp can be hide. To know detail step by step, read this article

How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

There is not anyway to know if someone is checking us secretly on WhatsApp. Anyone can check you secretly on whatsapp that are your whatsapp profile and media status. Status you can check that who viewed your status. But you will not be able to see viewed (seen) status of that particular person, if that person switch off Read and receipt option. Other than these two things anyone will not be able to check other things.

Can anyone see my WhatsApp chat?

If other person is able to log in whatsapp with your mobile number and OTP, then that person can easily see your whatsapp chat. Be ready with hard security of whatsapp application, so that anyone can`t able to access our whatsapp id. For the hard security protection of your smartphone, you should set 2 Step verification system in your whatsapp. So, that anyone will not be able to access your whatsapp id.

How can I hide WhatsApp chat without archive?

You can hide your personal whatsapp chat with password without archive features. As you know that if you hide your personal chat of whatsapp using archive features, then anyone can see. But if you hide whatsapp particular chat with fingerprint security, password, PIN etc. then anyone will not be able to access that particular chat without your permission. by installing Yo whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, Locker whats chat app etc. whatsapp chat can be hide without archive features. Read this full article to know in detail.

How can I hide my profile picture on WhatsApp from one person? Can WhatsApp DP be hide from few contacts?

if you want to hide your profile picture (DP) on whatsapp from only one person, then it is impossible. But if you want to hide your profile pictures other than the number saved in your mobile, then you can hide. Anyone will not be able to see the whatsapp profile picture except your contacts.  Follow the following steps to Hide profile picture :-

  1. Open wahtsapp and go to setting.
  2. Click to account and then click to privacy.
  3. Tap to profile picture option and select the given option according to your wish. Three option is given there and you can select anyone from Everyone / My contacts / Nobody.

How can I hide last seen on WhatsApp for one person?

You cannot hide last seen on whatsapp for only one particular person. Three option are available to hide last seen on whatsapp. They are Everyone/ my contacts/ Nobody but not available for one particular person. Follow the following steps to hide last seen on whatsapp :-

  1. Open wahtsapp and go to setting.
  2. Click to account and then click to privacy.
  3. Tap to last seen option and choose any of them from three option. They are Everyone/ My contacts/ Nobody.

How can I hide WhatsApp messages on android?

There is not any option available for hiding only messages of chat or group But along with chat (contact) or group, messages can be hide. I means to say that chat (contact) or groups with message can be hide with password. So, if you want to hide a particular whatsapp chat with password, then you can hide. For his, you can install application such as GB Whatsapp, Yo whatsapp, Whats lock chat etc. Read this article to know in detail step by step.

How can I hide someone’s status on WhatsApp?

You can hide easily someone`s status on your whatsapp. Just open the whatsapp and go to status section. Long press the status which you want to hide and tap to mute option. As you click Mute option, that particular status will be hide from the list in status section. In future, if you want to unhide then go to status section < muted update < Long press the hidden status < Tap to unmute option.


Conclusion on how to hide chat in whatsapp with password

I hope that you would have understood that how to hide chat in whatsapp with password in your Android phone. So, by this 3 ways you can easily protect personal chat in whatsapp.

I have given the best method to hide whatsapp group or contact permanently with password. So try anyone from three method which you feel the best.

I have tried to make you understand in easy way. So comment and tell that how this article makes you helpful about that how to hide whatsapp chat in android phone ?.

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