How to add bank account in google adsense? 2021

Do you also want to know that how to add bank account in google adsense? If you are earning money from youtube or website through the ads then surely you are using google adsense, right?

As we all youtuber, blogger or web owner knows that we have to face the lots of difficulty to earn the first dollar. So, if you have earned 1 dollar and reaching to the 100 dollar then you will need to add the bank account details to get money.

How to add bank account in google adsense

As you might be knowing that the minimum payout of google adsense is 100$. So, as the 100 dollar reach to the google adsense balance then the adsense transfers that money to your bank account.

So, We will know that how to transfer google adsense to your bank account in this article. I have mentioned the step by step procedure on transferring google adsense amount to your bank account.

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Can we add bank account details in google adsense?

Of course, You can add your bank account details in google adsense to receive the payment in your bank account. Many online places we have seen that there is not an option to add bank account.

We need to take the money through paypal or other third party website but there is not like that in google adsense. You just need to provide the bank details to the adsense and the google adsense transfer from unites states country to your bank account in india.

Now, also there may be one doubt on your mind that is it possible to receive payment in nearest bank account from other international country (united states of america). So, these querey has solved below in the how google adsense transfers money?

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When you should add your bank account in google adsense?

When you create your google adsense account to your youtube channel or website then the ads starts running on your content as well as earning also starts.

as you open the account and starts earning then also you cannot add bank account details currently because adsense does not provide any option in starting to add payment method.

When you complete your address pin verification after reaching to the 10$ then only adsense provide option for putting bank account details.

So, there is not time that oyu should add bank account details at the exact date or time. But you can add anytimes after address verification. And also try to fill the bank account details before reaching the threshholds.

How to add bank accounts in google adsense?

The procedure for adding bank account is very simple but you must fill carefully otherwise if there is mistake in filling the bank details then your money may transfer to the other account also or it may creates problem.

You just have to oepn the payment filling form of wire tranfer (bank account) and the you have to enter the bank details and you have to saved the bank account data for further payment.

Open payment adding option

Follow the below procedure to open the option of adding bank account in adsense:-

  • Log in to your google adsense payment.
  • Click to the menu bar which is of three line on the top left corner.
  • Click to the payment option.

  • And then, click to the payment info under that.
  • Click to add payment method.

As you click to the add payment method option then then the options display to fill the bank account details to transfer money from your google adsense account to the bank account.

Now, the next procedure is to add the bank account details. So, lets know that how to fill the bank account details and what are the things required for it.

Fill the bank account details

Below we have mentione one by one data required to add in abnk details form in google adsense such as Name on abank account, Bank Name, IFSC Code, Swift code and account number.

So, we will know that how you will get the number or data of the required asked things in the filling the bank details. So, let`s know about the procedure of filling bank details.

Name on Bank account

Firstly, you have to enter the name on bank account means whatever the spelling is mention on your bank account that you have to type here. You can find it on the passbook of your bank account or even in cheque book also.

Bank Name

Enter your bank name in which you account has been opened such as state bank of india, or HDFC Bank. Whatever your bank name will be there that you have to enter exactly.


Every Branch of bank account has unique IFSC Code (Indian financial system code) of eleven character which is a mixture of alphabet and numeric. So, you have to enter the ifsc code of your branch of bank account.

This IFSC code you will find by searching on the online or you can get the ifsc code on your bank passbook or cheque book.


Swift code ( Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a code of 8 to 11 character which is used while tranferring money to the international level.

So, as you might be knowing that adsense transfers payment from unites states of america. Therefore, they require SWIFT Code to send the payment on your bank account.

If you are having a small branch of your bank then there is less chance to get the SWIFT BC Code of your small branch. But you can give the swift code of your nearest big branch of the same bank account.

You will find the SWIFT code by visiting to your bank account or by searching online or even you may call to the customer support of your bank to get information about it.

Account Number

As you know that account number is the main number through which you will receive your payment. So, enter it carefully and you will find your account number on the passbook or cheque book.

After enetering the account number, again your will need to re-enter the account number for confirmation. Now, all the data you have been filled in the bank details.

Save the bank Deatils

As you fill all the bank account details then you have to check the box of Set as primary payment method and then you have to click to the SAVE Button.

Now, your bank account details has been added successfuly on your google adsense account. So, as the payment threshhold reaches and payment due date reaches then adsense will transfer the money on your provided bank account.

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How google adsense transfer money to your bank account?

Wire transfer can also be known as in simple langauge which means trasferring money vai bank account. Google adsense transfers payment to the US Dollar to the india bank account on the branch basis on your swift code,

then the payment transfers to your local branch through the help of IFSC Code. So, if you don`t get the SWIFT code of your local branch of bank then you can enter the swift code of any cities of india of that bank.

So, when the google adsense will transfer money from USA the the payment will come in the branch of where you have given the swift code then that branch will transfer to your main branch of bank account.

In this way, google adsense transfers money to your bank acocunt. Now, let`s know about FAQ related to it.

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FAQ on transferring money from adsense to bank

Can I change bank account on AdSense?

Yes, you can change your bank account details anytime whenever you want as you wish. You can also put the bank account details of  your friends or other people in which you want to take money.

It doesn`t matter that of what name adsense account has created and the Account holder name. It can be different there will not be any problem.

When Google adsense transfers payment to our bank account?

For indian publisers, google transfers payment between 21st to 26th date of each month. As the google adsense transfers your payment to the bank account then it may take a few days to receive on your bank account.

How do I add multiple bank accounts to AdSense?

You can easily add multiple bank account details on your adsense but you will need to set anyone bank account details as a primary bank account.

So, that google adsense can send money to your primary bank account. The whole money will be tranferred only in one bank accounts.

Conclusion – How to add bank account in google adsense

I hope that you would have known well that how to add bank account in google adsense using the above procedure. We have provided you the step by step procedure with the help of screenshot on transferring amount to bank account.

Some of the frequently asked questions are also covered in this article which are related to the transfering payment in your bank account from google adsense.

If you have any query related to adding bank account in google then you can comment and tell us.

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