How to Change Theme in Windows 10 : Apply Custom & Microsoft theme

Have you bored by using only one theme in your system ? When we buy a computer or laptop system of window 10 then window theme is already set by them. After using the system or few days, we feel boring by looking only one theme in our computer or laptop system. If you are feeling bore by looking only one theme every time, then you should change your theme. So, if you want to know that How to Change Theme in Windows 10 then you are at the right place.

By the way, 3 – 4 themes are already installed by the Microsoft window operating system, just you need to apply that from the setting. But we will know that how can you apply different variety of themes in window 10 system. To apply different varieties of themes in your system, you will need to download themes from Microsoft Store. As well as with Microsoft, we will also know to apply Custom theme in window 10.

How to apply Microsoft and Custom Theme in Windows 10 ?

How to change theme in windows 10 from microsoft Store

Follow the following steps to apply theme in windows 10 from Microsoft store :-

  • Click to Start button of your system.

 how to change theme in windows 10

  • Click to setting option.

 how to change theme in windows 10 without activation

  • Now Click to Personalization option from the various list. In personalization setting only, all the functions are available such as theme, background, color, screen lock theme, Font etc.

windows 10 themes

  • Click to themes Option.

how to change desktop background windows 10

 customize windows 10 theme

  • After clicking that many themes will be displayed from Microsoft Store.
  • Click to themes according to your need  which you want to apply in your system by looking preview as you can see in images. For example; i have selected “Pride 2020 Flags’ themes.

change windows 10 theme to classic

  • Click to “Get” option which is in blue color.

Apply microsoft themes

  • Now downloading will start automatically as you can see in below images.
  • When the theme will be downloaded then the “apply” option will come. So, click to apply option.

How to change themes in window 10

  • After clicking “apply” button, you will come in theme setting. So, in the theme list the theme which you have downloaded from Microsoft store that particular theme will be listed there.
  • Click to that theme Which you have downloaded from the theme list.

Install a Microsoft themes in window 10

  • After selecting theme, your new theme will be applied in your window 10 system and previous theme will be changed.

So, in this way you can change your theme in windows 10 system. You have to perform all the steps that i have mentioned above. I have tried to make understand step by step with screenshot. By looking screenshot, you will not get any problem while changing theme from Microsoft store in window 10 computer or laptop. I expect you have got an process of How to Change Theme in Windows 10.

How To Install Custom Themes In Windows 10

If you do not want to apply theme from Microsoft store which are recommended by the Microsoft operating system, then you can install custom theme also. Actually, Microsoft operating system don`t allow by their side to apply non-Microsoft theme from outside.

As you install Android application in a PC System using Bluestack software, in that same way for other theme you will require one software. The name of software is Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher which makes window 10 system to install and apply other theme from internet which are non-Microsoft theme.

So, to apply any custome theme from internet which wish, you will need to install firstly Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher then by downloading any theme from internet, you can apply that. So, let`s know that How to Download Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher Software.

How to Download & Install Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher Software to use custom theme ?

Perform the  following steps for installing Ultra-UX-Theme-patcher software :-

  • Type “Download Ultra UX Theme Patcher Software” in your browser.
  • Visit to first website which will be shown in first that is (By the way, there are many website from where you can download)
  • Under the Download section, click to UltraUXThemePatcher which is of 159 KB. So, it will not take much time to download.
  • Right click to the Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher file or software which you have downloaded.
  • Follow the instruction to install that software in your computer. The process is same as you installed other software in your system.
  • When the installation process completed of that software, then once restart your computer.

Now, after installing the software will make the operating system in such a way that you can be able to apply any other theme from internet which are non-Microsoft themes.

How to download non-Microsoft custom theme ?

Now, according to your choice of theme which you want to install or apply in your system, you can apply. So, download the themes from any website. you can download themes from, etc.

Let`s download custom theme from website, So perform the following steps:-

  • Go to website from any browser of your window 10 system.
  • You will be able to see many list of themes in the homepage of website. According to your need or which you wish to download, Click to them by looking the preview of theme. For example; i have selected Dark Space theme.
  • Now, after choosing theme you will come to the downloading page where you will get option to download it. So, scroll down and below the download section click to the theme name to load it.
  • As you click that downloading will start within 5 Second.

As the theme downloaded in your system, then you need to apply that in your system through the help of Ultra-UX-Theme-Patcher  software.

How to apply that custom theme which you have downloaded ?

  • The theme which you have downloaded, unpack that one by extracting.
  • Copy theme file and paste that file into – C:/Windows/Resources/Themes 
  • Now, the theme which you have downloaded that will be added to the theme list.
  • Right click on the blank area of home screen of window 10 and select personalize option.
  • Click to theme.
  • You will be able to see the theme, under change theme option which you have downloaded from other website which is non-Microsoft themes.
  • So, select the themes then that custom theme will be applied to your window  system.

So, this the process to apply custom theme in your window 10 system. Actually, the process is long and it is complicated to apply. But however, i have tried my best level to explain you about how to install custom theme in window 10 with step by step. I have also mentioned the youtube videos to make you understand in a easy ways. I hope that you would got an answer about that How to Change Theme in Windows 10.

FAQ on changing Theme in Computer system

How do I change my Windows theme?

You should change your theme through the Microsoft store. To change windows theme go to Start < Setting < Personalization< Theme < Get more theme from Microsoft store < Select theme < Install < Apply < select theme from the list to apply.

What are the steps to change desktop background?

  • Click to start button.
  • Click setting option.
  • Go to personalization.
  • Click to background.
  • Choose the background type Solid color, Pictures or Slide show.
  • If you want to select the system background then choose from the below list. And if you want to Change your own background then click to browse option and select from folder.

How do I install a custom theme in Windows 10?

You can easily install a custom theme by downloading from various website in window 10. Microsoft operating system does not allow officially to apply a custom theme in your windows 10. You will need to install Ultra-UX-Theme-patcher software, it will make a system in such a way that your system will be able to apply any custom theme. After downloading the software, you will need to download your custom theme from any website and copy theme paste that into C:/Windows/Resources/Themes. Now, theme will be stored in theme list in theme setting and you can apply.

Why can’t I change my taskbar color Windows 10?

You can change your Taskbar color on windows easily. Perform the following steps to change taskbar color :-

  • Go to start < Setting < Personalization.
  • Click to Colors option.
  • Select the colors from the list which you want to apply in Taskbar.
  • Scroll down and tick the “Start, taskbar and action center” option.

Can you change the theme to dark mode?

Yes, you can change your computer system theme to dark mode. Follow the following steps to change theme to dark mode :-

  • Go to start < Setting < Personalization
  • Click to cloursoption.
  • Under choose your color option, select dark.

Conclusion on applying Theme in Windows System

I hope that you would have understood that how can you apply Microsoft and Non-Microsoft (Custom) theme in your windows 10 computer system. I have tried to explain you in a better way by giving step by step process with the help of Screenshot pictures and Youtube videos.

By the way, my recommendation will be to use only the themes which are allowed from Microsoft themes. Applying a custom theme in a system is a unofficial process.

Custom themes will effect your computer and it may be dangerous also. It may can slow your computer and if there is laptop system then there it may spoil a battery also.  So, if possible then try to apply only Microsoft themes in your computer system.

If you have any query or any steps has left by ourselves then tell in comment section, we will try to resolve that problem as soon as possible.

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