How to change windows 10 theme to dark mode 2021 – Step by step

If your are facing eye problems while using your computer at night time. And your computer is taking a lot’s of energy because of light mode that you often use it in your window. And the battery of your laptops often drain easily because of that light theme you use. Or often sometimes you work on your computer desktop for long time. Or by other reasons if you want to know How to change windows 10 theme to dark mode? 

Then you’re at right place. Because today I am curious to share several information with you related dark mode. Like shifting background from black to white again windows 10. Some advantages and disadvantages of using dark mode. Effect of your theme in your battery. So I will explain everything to you with easy steps and with the help of photos.

How to change theme to dark mode in windows 10 without external  software?

So, now I am going to tell you how to change them to dark mode by the the help of some easy steps and images. As you know that often working at night time, it effect our eye so much that we are not able to work. Because of the light mode our batter drain easily because pixels are glowing in our screen. And there are many problems that occur.

For example: If we are in a dark environment like at night time when lights are off. Then our eyes observe for light according to our surroundings. Which cause strain in eyes. And the battery usage also increases in light mode because many pixel glow at a same time. Which causes high battery usage in laptops and high electricity usage in computer. So, here are the some easy steps by which you can easily yo can change your them to dark mode in window 10.

How to change theme to dark mode Step by Step explanation.

  • Click on the window in your keyboard or on the left bottom of your screen.

How to change windows 10 theme

  • After that click on Settings.

  • Now click on Personalization.



  • After that click on Colors option.

  • Then chose your mode option appear.

  • Now select Dark in chose your mode option.

After enabling Dark mode you can choose an accent color according to your choice. Which you think best for you according to appearance wise. Which suit to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dark Mode.

There are many benefits of  changing windows 10 theme to dark mode. And today I am going to introduce some benefits of  them. If you are using dark mode in your computer or laptop then you should know all the benefits of thing which you are using. So, first of them is it’s effect on your eye. As you know that now a days every phone, laptops, and computers and most of the software also comes with Dark mode.

It is because if you are working for long time consonantly on your desktop or laptop at night time then it can cause problem to your eye. It is because all your sounding is mostly dark compare to day time. And from your desktop or laptop a bright light is coming. Which can cause damage in your eye. So dark mode is used which help us to work constantly for long time in our computer or laptop.

Some More Benefits Of Changing Windows 10 Theme To Dark Mode.

After knowing that How to change windows 10 theme to dark mode. You must know some more benefits of it. The second benefit that I am going to tell you that how it saves your battery while you are working in your computer or laptop. If you are working straight for long time then you must  need more battery. So, now you must be thinking that how it can saves your battery while you are working. Don’t worry I’m here to explain you.

See when we you bright/light theme in your computer then the pixels of your phone get lightens. Because of  that  we are able to see that bright and light theme which we are using. Because of that the pixels that are glowing needs battery to glow. So the battery usage of your laptop or desktop increases but if your laptop or desktop contains OLED display then pixels do not glow while using dark mode. Which saves a lots of battery which you can use for your work.

Disadvantages of Using Dark Mode.

As you know that every coin has two faces. So, If there are some advantages of using dark mode then there are some disadvantages also of using dark mode. So, now I am going to tell you some disadvantages of using dark mode so that you can take care of them and avoid problems that you might face. The disadvantages that I am going to tell you is very necessary to know for avoiding various dangerous problems.

Main disadvantage is it’s effect on your eye. As you Dark mode is made for night time but many people use it in day time also. Which can lead to serious eye injuries. Because from your laptop or desktop low night is coming whereas from your sounding high light is coming. Which lead to blurred vision. And it is found in research that shape of your pupil changes which is very harmful for your eye. And can lead to various diseases of eye and headache.

Solution Of  Disadvantage Of Using Dark Mode.

There are many problem that are going to arise if you are using Dark mode for long time. Because Dark mode is mainly made up for night time so your should use it at night time or at Dark environment. So, it is good for for your eye and you should avoid using Dark mode in Day time or at light/bright environment. So the only solution to prevent your eyes from getting effected is using Dark mode in dark environment and light theme in bright environment.

Therefore the only answer for this question is to shift on light mode at day time and shift back dark mode at night time. So, that your eye will not be effected that much and you can work for long time constantly. Without felling any strain in your eye. And without facing any type of problem like headache, eye strain etc.

How to change theme to light mode in windows 10.

As I have mentioned  above in this article both theme is needed for the good condition of your eyes light theme for light environment like in day time or place with sufficient light. And Dark mode for night time for dark environment or at the place where there is not sufficient light like if your are in room and electricity has gone. So you may need to switch your theme form dark to light or from light to dark theme.

So, here are some easy steps by which you can change your dark theme to light theme. For changing light theme to dark theme steps are given above.

  • Click on the window in your keyboard or on the left bottom of your screen.

  • After that click on Settings. 

  • Now click on Personalization. 


  • After that click on Colors option.

  • Then chose your mode option appear.

  • Now select Light in chose your mode option.

FAQ in How to change windows 10 theme to dark mode.

FAQ are questions and answer that are often asked in google related to How to change windows 10 theme to dark mode. So, now i am going to answer some of the questions. The question that i am going to pick I will answer them in short line.

Does dark mode save battery Windows 10?

Yes, dark mode saves battery. Because while using dark mode pixels that are not needed  does’t glow. Which saves a lot’s of battery while using your computer or laptop. And while working in dark environment it helps to avoid strain in our eye. To enable dark mode I have mentioned some easy steps and tried my best to explain you with photos.

Is Dark mode better for eyes?

Yes, using dark mode is better for eye. Because while using dark mode mode low lights enters in our eye because of that our eye does’t feel stain. But is good while using in dark environment only. Why we should not use Dark theme for long time? The answer of this question question I have mentioned above in this article so you can scroll up and read.

Why is dark mode so popular?

Dark mode is so much popular because it have many beneficial quality. Some of the benefits of using dark mode are It helps us to save battery of our computer or laptop, It helps to avoid the felling of strain in our eye, and it looks cool also. If you want to know a detailed expiation of these things then you can scroll up. I have tried to give detailed expiation to each of them.

Conclusion on windows 10 dark theme.

I hope that you have understood that you have got an idea of changing windows 10 theme to dark mode. And I have tried to explain you with steps and photos. And i have told you all the advantages and disadvantages  of using dark them and explained them one by one. So, thanks for reading if you are interested in this type of topic them you can view our websites.

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