How to check mobile purchase date redmi – verify MI phone activation date

Are you curious to enquire about your mobile that how to check mobile purchase date redmi ? Here not only you will know about xiaomio mi purchase date but also how to check redmi mobile activation date, warranty validity, Original or refurbished, IMEI & Serial Number, Manufactured date etc.

How to check mobile purchase date redmi

By knowing everything detail all the doubt will be clear from your smartphone. Before buying a new or old smartphone, you should consider and verify all the detail status of smartphone.

We will know that How to check Mi phone activation date & all other detail status in this article. So, let`s know that How old is my mi phone?, How do I know if my Xiaomi phone is refurbished? etc.

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How to check mobile purchase date redmi  – MI activation date

Don`t confuse in Purchase and activation date. I would like to tell you that when you purchase a new phone that time only your mobile activate for the first time and it is known as activation date. So, purchase date and activation date is same.

There are many ways to check redmi mobile purchase or activation date. They are through the official website, online activation date checker tool, google account etc.

As you know that about the IMEI & Serial number of any smartphone and how to find it ? You will need IMEI or Serial number of your Mi redmi phone to check activation date and other detail.

How to check MI phone IMEI Number ? How can I check redmi mobile IMEI number?

If you don`t know how to find MI phone IMEI number then let me tell. Follow the any ways to find imei number of your redmi phone from the given below following points :-

  • Redmi IMEI check code – Dial *#06# in dial pad of your redmi mi phoneand then you will get your Mi IMEI number. (If there is inserted dual sim in your redmi phone then you will get 2 imei number and if one sim then only one imei)
  • Note your Redmi imei number from the package box of your new redmi phone.
  • Open setting < about phone < All spec < Status < IMEI. Perform this step to know imei number of mi phone.

How to check Mi phone (Redmi) activation date using online website ?

  1. Visit to website in your browser from that same mobile which you want to purchase date or another phone.
  2. Click to IMEI Checker from the menu bar in the homepage of website.
  3. Select “Xiaomi Warranty & Activations Status” from the ist.
  4. Enter the MI redmi phone IMEI number of 15 digit unique code in the blanks.
  5.  Click to Check button.
  6. Solve the captcha of “I`m not a robot” by ticking box and selecting to similar images as written and shown.
  7. Again click to check button.
  8. Click to “Warranty & country & MI Account status” option.
  9. Again click to “Check xiaomi warranty & MI Account status” button. (After clicking, wait for a few second, around 10 seconds to upload the data of your MI Phone)

Now, you will get all the detail status of your MI Redmi phone such as Activation date & delivered date with time, Model & brand name etc. status you will be able to see. So, this the process of checking MI Redmi phone activation date. Now, let`s see another method/ways.

How to check Mi phone (Redmi) activation date using online website ?

  1. Visit the website in your browser from any smartphone or windows.
  2. Click to IMEI Checker option from the menu bar list.
  3. Select “Xiaomi MI Check” option from the list.
  4. Enter IMEI Number of your Redmi MI phone in the given box.
  5. Click to check button.
  6. Solve the captcha that you`re not a robot.

Now, you can clearly see your Activation and Purchase date of your Redmi phone with exact Real date and time and as well as Brand & model name also.

How to check warranty of mi phone online ? How can I check my mi phone warranty?

Search in google ” Mi phone (Model of your phone) warranty validity”. After searching, you will come to know about the validity of that model of smartphone such as 1 year or 2 year.

Now, you will have to know that Purchase or activation date of your Xiaomi Mi Smartphone. After knowing the purchase date of mobile, you will come to know the validity of warranty of your mobile.

Suppose, if the purchased date of your mobile is 3-01-2021 and the warranty is for 1 year then the last date of warranty will be 3-01-2022. I hope that you are understanding well about that how to check mi phone warranty online ?

If you are unable to check warranty of mi phone by given above method then last method is to call MI Customer care care 1800 103 6286. You can talk to mi customer care through this number for the enquiry of warranty status.

There is not any website or application for MI Redmi phone that tells the warranty status. So, i have mentioned these two mwthods through which you can check warranty of mi phone online.

How do I know if my Xiaomi phone is refurbished?

  1. Search in google “MI Warranty check”.
  2. Enter to first official website of MI which will be written as “Product authentication” in title.
  3. Enter IMEI or Serial number of your xiaomi redmi phone in the first box.
  4. Fill the captcha code in the second box.
  5. Click to verify option.

Now, you will get the exact model & brand which will be registered to that IMEI Number. If the brand and model matches from there and package box or setting of your mobile, then the mobile is original.

And if the brand is showing different or not showing any information o the online platform, then the phone is refurbished. I hope the concept of checking that whether your mi phone is original or refurbished is clear to you. So, this is the real way to check or test your phones.

FAQ related to How to check mobile purchase date redmi

How long is Xiaomi phone warranty?

It depends on the model of xiaomi mi phone that how long warranty is given in mi smartphone. Mostly, the warranty is given for 1 year only. In some model it may can comes warranty of above of 1 year but there will be at least warranty validity of 1 year in every smartphone of mi. If you want to know the exact last date of warranty validity of your mi smartphone. then read this article in the above paragraph to know step by step process.

How can I check redmi activation date?

There are may ways to check redmi activation date that when that particular sim is connected to first time through network. Activation date and purchased date are same in every smartphone. So by knowing activation date of your smartphone, you can also know easily that when smartphone was purchased ? Read this article in the above paragraph to check redmi activation date.

Conclusion on How to check mobile purchase date redmi

I hope that you may be understood well about checking detail status of your MI phone. The information which are given in this article will be beneficial for you.

As i have mentioned above in this article that you should check these things before buying any new or old phone. If any person is selling any smartphone in very low price, then you should understand that there is some fault.

So, in these case you should check IMEI, Purchased date, Warranty, Original or refurbished etc. things by following the process which are given below step by step.

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