How to connect Bluetooth in wagon r car 2020 from Android mobile.

Hi friends, Today we will know about that how to connect Bluetooth in wagon r car from your mobile. So, you can go through this article, if you have wagon r car.

Mostly, when the people buy a new car, so in starting they get problem to play music in their car through Bluetooth. So, i have tried in this post to solve the problem.

So, Don`t confuse about vxi or zxi model of wagon r. Same music system comes in both model vxi and zxi. The process or step that i will be tell is for wagon r car.

Many of the people search that bt not available wagon r. They search because they get problem while connecting mobile to wagon r car and they see the error that bt not available in display of music system.

So, i am going to tell you the solutions of your problem related to connecting bluetooth to car music system.

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How to connect Bluetooth in wagon r car 2020 –  bt not available

Follow the steps to solve the problem of your music system to play song through bluetooth.

1. Switch on the bluetooth of your mobile.

2.Switch on the bluetooth of your car music system of wagon r.

3.Search available devices either in mobile or in music system and connect it.

So, now i am going to tell you the full process of short steps of which are given above. know the full explanation that how to do it.

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How to Switch on the bluetooth of your car music system of wagon r ?

How to connect Bluetooth in wagon r car 2020 from Android mobile.

1.Press the menu button of your music system.


2.scroll down to second number that is bluetooth setting  with the help of rotating Tune/FLD button.

3.Now, press the Tune/FLD button to go to bluetooth setting.

how to fix bt not available problem in wagon r car

4.Go to intial setting by pressing tune button.


5. here you can see that your bluetooth is switch off or on. If it is off, on this to connect bluetooth with your mobile to play song by clicking it.

6.Now, press display button to got to home screen of your music system.

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How to connect  bluetooth from music system of wagon r car to mobile from the list of available devices?

1. , 2. & 3.(process will be same as it is mentioned in above)

4.go to pairing.

5.Then go to pairing audio list option in second number.

6.Now, you can see here all available to your device name which you want to connect it.

7.after clicking, it will show confirm your action. Also there will be the option to connect, so click to connect.

8. Now, it will do searching and automatically connected.

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What to do if it shows that Bt not available ?

1.Check that your bluetooth is witch on or not in both devices.

2.Try to search and connect from mobile. if then also there is problem, then connect from music system.

3.If then also there is problem then you can reset your bluetooth setting and apply the steps from starting.1

Hence, i expect that you have understood about that how to connect Bluetooth in wagon r car 2020. I have tried to give you the information direct, for what you are looking about.If you have any query, you can contact o comment.

Conclusion on BT not available wagonR music system

I hope that after reading this article, you would have come to know that solution of your problem.

If you have any problem related to this content, then you can comment or contact me.

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