How to Download PUBG Korean Version in India on Android 2021

As you know that pubg mobile has been banned in India due to Chinese application. So, if you want to continue playing pubg game in your smartphone in India, then you have to install korean version of pubg. so in this article,we will know that how to download pubg korean version in India.

How to download pubg korean version

But many players of pubg mobile are still playing pubg mobile by using VPN (Virtual private network) but this is illegal practice and by  using VPN game ping also increases that disturbs our gaming experience.

And as you know that many famous gamers & steamer like Dynamo, Scout, Jonathan, Mortal, etc. and to play pubg without ping problems that you often face when you play pubg by connecting with VPN. So, if you want to play pubg mobile without VPN and interruption then you have to download and install pubg mobile korean version application.

# 2 Main Methods to download Pubg mobile korean version.

There are many ways to download pubg mobile korean version in your android phone but here i am going to tell 2 best methods to download pubg mobile which are really so simple and easy. So, you can install it in your phone by following some easy steps of 2 Methods which are mentioned below.

2 major ways to download pubg mobile in your phone which we will discuss today are by using Tap Tap App store and by downloading APK + OBB. So, let`s know step by step of each methods clearly.

#1. How to install pubg By using Tap Tap App store.

So, here are the step through which you can download pubg mobile in your phone without any problem by using Tap Tap App store which is a very good app that provides you many apps including pubg mobile korean version. So, follow this easy steps to download pubg mobile korean version

  • Open Google and search their Download Tap Tap.
  • Open the first link that appears and which you can see in the below screenshot.

How to install pubg By using Tap Tap App store

  • Then scroll down and click to download for android as you see in the below image.

Download tap tap store to install korean pubg game

  • After downloading  this “Tap TAp” App store, you have to install it in your Android smartphone.

Install Korean version of PUBG Mobile


  • Open Tap Tap App (application) store.

Install PUBG Korean game through tap tap app store

  • Search Pubg Mobile KR version in search box on top right corner.

How to download PUBG korean version

  • Download the first one which is with 8.9 rating start.
  • Then an alert will appear to ask you that you want to download on wifi or on network.
  • Click on Get Now.

How to install PUBG Korean version in android

  • Your downloading gets started of 1.36 gb. (speed depends on your network/wifi speed)
  • Click on  To authorize then click on Allow app fron this source.

Play PUBG Korean version in india

  • Then install it.
  • Now, make a new account, and you are ready to play your favourite game Pubg.

#2. How to install korean version of pubg By downloading OBB + APK.

Now, I will tell you how to download PUBG mobile korean game by downloading APK+OBB. So, follow these steps to download it in you phone and play without facing any problems. that you often face while playing your favorite game pubg by connecting VPN. so, lets get started.

  • Open google.
  • Then search download pubg mobile korea version form ApkPure.
  • download the file which is in .xapk format.
  • Now, open file manager.
  • After this, Rename the file. (add .zip at the end of the file name)
  • Extract file & Install APK.
  • Ater installing APK don’t open the pubg.
  • Now, Copy the OBB file.
  • And paste it to Android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile
  • If, com.pubg.krmobile is not available open once the pubg.
  • Now com.pubg.krmobile will be available.
  • Paste there.
  • Now open the pubg, it will ask some permissions, allow it.
  • Now make a new account and enjoy playing it.

Benefits of playing pubg mobile in korean version.

Here you will know some benefits of playing pubg mobile korean version. As you are knowing that pubg mobile global version is now banned in India. So, if you want to continued playing pubg mobile than you must be needed to connect you game with VPN.

Which causes very high ping problem and disturbs your gaming experience. So, some benefits of playing pubg mobile korean version are as follows :-

  • You will not need to connect your game with VPN.
  • As, you will not connect to VPN then you game ping will be good.
  • Here you can change you server like you changed in pubg mobile global version.
  • In pubg mobile korean version will get the facility of auto match making.
  • In this you will get extra events and rare things as compared to pubg mobile global.
  • All things will be in English except some events and notices.
  • You will enjoy playing it without VPN.

Can in korean version we can play with other servers players.

If, you searching how to download pubg mobile korean version. And you are fustered playing pubg mobile global version by connecting many VPN.

And you are thinking to shift to pubg mobile global version. Then 1 question that often occurs is Can a pubg mobile korean version player can play with pubg mobile gobal version players?  so, today in this article i will give you the answer of this question.

So, the answer is Yes, you can play with pubg mobile global version players. You can easily form your squad which belong to any servers.

As you know that pubg mobile gives us the features to change our server in game so, we can easily play with other pubg player whether he play in pubg mobile korean version or in pubg monile global version. You can easily form team with your friends and you enjoy playing this super duper game.

FAQ on downloading pubg korean version

FAQ means the question often peoples asked while download pubg mobile korean version. So, I will also try to give answer of your questions that often occurs in many peoples mind.

Probably this question can occurs in your mind also. So, I will highly recommended you to read the answer of these questions. So, here are the FAQ.(Often ASKED questions) related to PUBG mobile game ban and Korean version.

1.Can we play pubg mobile korean versions without VPN?

So, the answer for this question is YES, we can play pubg mobile korean version without VPN. But for that you will need to download pubg mobile korean version. I have mentioned 2 ways to download pubg mobile korean version above so you can easily download it.

2.  How do I change PUBG to Korean? 

To change pubg to korean version there are some easy steps through which you can easily change it to pubg mobile korean version. For that i have given steps above you can check out that. So, you can easily shift to pubg mobile korean version.

3. Is PUBG Korean version banned in India?  

No, pubg mobile korean version is not banned in India you can easily download it and play. Through the steps that i have mentioned above. Only pubg mobile global version is banned in India. Now you can easily play pubg mobile korean version.

4. Is Korean PUBG better? 

Yes, but there is not much difference but a little difference is there in game play. It is smooth as it is made only for korean’s and it have some extra events and rare items. So, if you want to download it you can download step are above these questions.

5. Is it safe to play PUBG with VPN?

No, It is not safe to play PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle grounds) with VPN. It is an illegal tricks to play pubg in india with VPN because through the help of VPN, you tell the internet that you`re in other countries not in india whereas in really, you`re in india. So, i hope that you`re understanding well what i want to say.

6. Is PUBG will return in India?, Is PUBG permanently ban in India?

Many of the PUBG Game players have a question that when it will unbanned or Is it banned temporary or permanent ? As you know that between india and china, there is a problem. And india has banned this chinese PUBG Game because all the data of indian players are stored in their server and they can misuse this data. There is impossible to say that PUBG is temporary or Permanent banned in india.

7. How do I download PUBG after ban?

You can download PUBG Mobile game in india after banned easily but you can`t install easily as you download and install earlier. There are many methods to download and install PUBG mobile in india. In this article, i have mentioned that How to download pubg korean version in your smartphone in india ? and by following which you can easily able to download and install pubg after banned in india.

8. Can we play PUBG Lite in India without VPN?

You can`t play PUBG Lite in india without VPN in india but you can play PUBG by installing korean version in india from your android smartphone. Here i`m recommending you to download PUBG KR Version because if you use VPN then it is an illegal practice.

Conclusion on how to download PUBG korean version

I hope that by reading this article you may got a idea on downloading and installing pubg mobile korean version. And not only for downloading you may got a idea of benefits of downloading pubg mobile korean version.

In this article step by step explanation is there for downloading and installing it in your smart phone. There are two methods to download pubg mobile korean version in your smart phone first method is by downloading Tap Tap App store and second by APK+OBB and it  is up to you in which you are comfortable with.

If your phone is of 4gb ram then also you can download & install korean version of PUBG Game and you are not needed to download any VPN that distrub gaming experience. And if you want to know that how to download & install Free Fire game on laptop  then you can check here.

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