How to get loan from phonepe? Get instant loan 2022

Do you also want to know that how to get loan from phonepe? If yes then continue reading becuase all the detail information are given in this article and the step by step procedure are told for getting phonpe loan.

As you know that sometimes comes such situation in which you need a money to fulfill the emergency situation but sometiimes we don`t have money.

How to get loan from phonepe

And if you go to the bank account then that will take too much time for getting loan. But today, in this digital world, you can get loan from just sitting at home.

So, you don`t have to go anywhere and stand in que for getting loan. As you know that Phonepe is the most reiable application of UPI which gives many facilities.

Most of them only know that it provides features for transferring money from one account to another and to recharge. But if you don`t know then i would like to tell you that you can also take loan from phonepe.

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What is phonepe loan?

what is phonepe loan

Phonepe is an UPI application which provides the facility for money transfer and for other services as well as the most important facility are provided through this application is loan.

If any person wants loan then they can instantly get loan through the phonepe. After getting loan, customer can use anywhere such as in shopping or they can transfer money in their account.

Since, you don`t have to give any interest on the phone pe loan but you have to pay the loan in a specific time. Now, you have known that what is phonepe loan?

Before knowing that how to get loan from phonepe? Now, let`s know about its eligibility for taking phonepe loan.

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What are the eligibilites to get loan from phonepe?

Following are the points that are the eligibility which you must have for getting phonepe loan:-

  • The person should have a phonepe account and that phonepe application should installed in their phone.’
  • Aaadhar document is mandatory for the verification.
  • Pan card document is also mandatory for the approval of loan as it will need for verification.
  • Your CIBIL score must be above of 700+ then only you will be eligible for the loan.
  • The age of the person who is taking loan, that should be above of 18. (If you are bel0w 18 then you can`t get this phonepe loan)
  • The person should not have already an extra loan from anywhere.

Therefore, these are the following the points which you have to follow the carefully if you want to get the loan from phonepe pe application. Now, let`s know that how to get loan from phonepe?

What are the document required for phonepe loan?

By the way, there will not require many document like bank. As you know that there are many document are required in the bank to get the loan such as property document, occupation certificate, aadhar card, apn card, voter id card, etc.

But here you only need the aadhar card and pan card document for the approval process as a verification to get the loan from phonepe. Now, we have known about the document required.

So, let`s know that how you will get the loan from phonepe and what procedure you will have to follow for getting loan.

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How to get loan from phonepe?

As we have known some of the basic detail about the phonepe loan such as its eligibility, document requirement etc. Now, let`s know that exactly what procedure you will need to follow to get the loan from the phonepe app.

I would like to tell you that phonepe does not provides you loan personally as a single, but it interconnected with the flipkart which means flipkart and phonepe acts a parent and provide loan to the customer.

So, you will need to create phonepe account, flipkart account, and flipkart pay later account to get the loan amount. Let`s know it through the step by step procedure.

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Follow the below procedure to know that how to get loan from phonepe:-

  • Firstly, If you have not created your phonepe account then install the phonepe application on your mobile and then logging with your mobile number and then registered with the same bank account and mobile number which is linked to the aadhar card.
  • Secondly, install the flipkart application and create account with the same mobile number from which you have created the phone pe account.
  • Now, you have to activate the Flipkart pay later options in which KYC will be done. You have to do the KYC (Know your customer) in the flipkart to get the approval for the loan. (You have to upload some document for the KYC process)
  • Then, you will get the status of your cibil score and also the limit between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000 will be given to your accordingly to the CIBIL or Credit score.
  • Now, you have to open the phonepe application and click to the my money options.
  • Finally, your loan money will be shown there which you can use for your need by shopping anythings or paying bill of any services and all services in phonepe.

In this way, you have known that how to get loan from phonepe app? Just you have to follow the step by step procedure as given by us then you can easily borrow loam from the phonepe and flipkart.

How to use phonepe loan?

We can use the phonepe loan at many services such as for bill payment, shopping from flipkart, mobile recharge, shopping, loan payment, credit card payment etc.

But it cannot be transferred to the bank account directly, only the money can be used under the flipkart and phonepe every services like insurance, and for other services which are available in the phonepe.

FAQ on How to get loan from Phonepe

Can I get currently loan from phonepe?

No, you cannot get currently loan from phonepe because taking loan from phonepe procedure is disable currently. But previously, phonepe was providing the loan. Maybe, phonepe enables the loan payment in features.

What is the limit of the phonepe loan?

The limit of the phonepe loan for approval to the customer is between 5000 to 50000. It is decided accordingly to the CIBIL score as it should be above of 700 (your cibil score).

What is the interest of the phonepe loan?

Since, the interest of the phonepe loan is 0% which means there is no interest taken in this loan from the phonepe and flipkart. It is very interesting things of the phonepe loan as compared to the other loan provider.

Note: you have to repay the loan within 45 days.

Wheras you get loan from 7% to 14% of interest at bank or from any individual businessmen.

IS phonepe safe to take loan?

Yes, phonepe is safe to take loan as a bank because it is authorized by the Reserve bank of india and it is secure also for every service.  There is no fear of data or password hacks as it is secured and authorized by the government.

Phonepe loan customer care

If you get any problem while taking loan from customer care then you can talk to them by their customer care number or also you can email them.

Phonepe customer care numbers :-  080-6872 7374

So, this is the helpline customer care number of the phonepe in which you can get support of your query or solution or information of your query.

Conclusion on how to get loan from phonepe app

I hope that you would have understood well that how to get loan from phonepe app? We have told you full information about taking the loan from phonepe.

But currently, you cannot take loan from phone as it is disabled by the phonepe or Flipkart. In this article, you have known that what is phonepe loan?,

what are the eligibilities for taking the phonepe loan?, What are the document required for the phonepe loan?, How to get loan from phonepe step by step?,

Frequently asked question related to the phonpe loan are also mentioned and phonepe loan customer care number are also given through which you can get help.

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