How to install omnisd in jio phone : jio phone omnisd app.

If you have a jio phone and you know that what is omniSD, then of course you will also want to install omnisd in your jio phone. So, in this post you will know that How to install omnisd application in your jio phone and what is it ? Step by step.

You know that Kaios operating system is installed on jio phone in which you can`t install any other apps other than jio store. But omnisd is one of the amazing software which allow user to install an android app in their jio phone.

There are many basic feature which are not available in kaios software of jio phone but through omnisd software user can avail such facility & features.There are many ways to download & install omnisd in jio phone which i am going to tell you full procedure.

If you don`t know about that What is jio phone ?, then let me explained.

what is omnisd in jio phone ?

OmniSD is an Application which can be install in jio phone and it is same as jio store, playstore, app store etc. Which enable us to install some basic app of an android into jio phone. So, that jio phone users can get some of the features & facility.

Many of the jio user want to install some apps such as instagram, hotspot feature etc. in their jio phone. So through omniSD software only, the apps you can download & install, which is not available in jio store.

There are many benefit by installing omnisd and also there is detriment. So it is risk to install because your jio phone would be rooted. If you miss any of the step while installing then software can be damaged also. But don`t take that much tension, if anything goes wrong or your mobile damaged then you can flash jio phone.

How to install omniSD in Jio phone ?

How to install omnisd in jio phone with pc and without pc.

If you don`t have a computer or laptop and you want to install omniSd then also you can able to install. So, i will tell that How to install omnisd in jio phone without pc ? and How to install omnisd in jio phone with pc ?The type of process is same as you flash your jio phone but some of the steps are different.

There are many things & setting which you should have & set before installing omnisd zip file in your jio phone.So, let`s know that what are they :

Things and setting require before installing omniSD in Jio phone :

1. Sd card : SD card (San Disk) should be inserted in jio phone to move omniSD zip file in sd card. Because this zip file can`t able to store in ROM ( Read only memory) of your jio phone due to low space.

2. Internet : Internet connection should be available to download a file from the internet. If you follow steps to install jio phone without pc, then you have to do from jio phone. So, you should have a internet connection in jio phone. Or if you want to do from pc, then internet connection should have in computer or laptop.

3. USB Cable :  USB Cable ( Data Cable) is necessary to transfer file from your pc to sd card of jio phone. ( Note: This is necessary if you are following process of installation of omniSD through PC.

4. Storage in SD Card : It is the important things that your memory card should have enough space to store some of the files.

5.Battery : The battery of jio phone should have enough charge approximately above of 60%  before process of installation.

6. Backup :  Take the backup of all file of jio phone such as photos, videos, song etc. because after installing omnisd software, the file can be deleted permanently. So keep your file in backup.

7. Sim card : Remove the sim card from your jio phone. so, that any harm will not get to your sim card and it will be safe. Also your contact list would not be deleted.

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How to install omniSD in Jio phone with pc ? Step by step :

1. omnisd zip file download for jio phone

Firstly, you have to download omniSD Zip file in which there will be all file, tools, driver etc. which would be needed to install omniSD Software in jio phone.

Note : You have to download OmniSD Zip file according to models of your jio phone as you download flash file of jio phone according to models.

So, now question comes that how to download omniSD Zip file to install it in your jio phone according to model. So, download a zip file in your omputer or laptop system by clicking link which is given below.

omnisd download link for jio phone of all models.

2. Extract

So, as you will download, it would be in a zip file. so, you have to extract it. Basically, beginner user of computer also know that how to extract any zip file.

When you will extract it, one new file would automatically come in which there will be some software and file. if you don`t know then right click to zip folder which you have downloaded and click to extract here option.

3. Install QFIL USB Driver

You have to install usb driver to connect jio phone to pc. if you don`t install this driver, then software of QFIL Tools would not identify or attach. So, follow the process :

  • Open file which has been extracted and it will be name as the model number. Suppose if you have downloaded for F90M mdel, then file name would be as ‘LYF F90M omniSD File’.
  • click to driver.
  • click to setup and then you have to finish installation by following some normal procedure. so these you can do, no need to mention.

4. Open OFIL Software or tools

Now, you have to open QFIL tools from extracted of zip file. So, follow the process to open QFLASH tools.

  • Open file ‘LYF F90M omniSD File’.
  • Again one file will be come which name also will be as same as of previous step.
  • Click to QFIL and in next step click to ‘bin’ folder.
  • Click to QFIL.exe which will be in application type. Now, QFIL tools would be open completely in your pc system.

5. Connect Jio phone to PC Systm

As you open the tools after that next step you have conect your jio phone to computer system. So, follow the step hich are given below:

  • Connect one end of the USB Cable to the computer or laptop system.
  • switch off your jio phone.
  • keep pressing the boot of your jio phone. Note : Boot button is different in all jio phone aacording to model. if you don`t kow boot button of model of your jio phone, then know boot button of all models of jio phone.
  • Connect other part of usb cable to jio phone.
  • As you would connect, the mobile would display would be blink. (It is not fix that in all model of jio phone would be blink.)

6. Load omniSD file in QFIL Tools

You have to load omniSD file in the tools then only you can move into jio phone through the help of QFIL Software.

  • Open QFIL tools. (As i have mentioned above already that in step no. 4)
  • Click to ‘Flat build’ option under the ‘select buid type’ option.
  • Now, you have to select programmer. So, click to browse button which will be in right side of select programmer option.
  • Click to file whih has been extracted and then again same file. so, click it.
  • click to file which name will be ‘file’ only and then click to first file which will be as ‘prog_emmc_firehouse’. Now, it will be loaded on tools.
  • click to Load XML option and one file will come which you have to select.

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7. Install omniSD File in jio phone

  • click to download button in the flash tools to install omniSD software in your jo phone.
  • As you click download button, you have to wait for few second or minutes.
  • As downloading process would be finished then omnisd would be successfully installed on your jio phone.

Remove battery of jio once and then gain insert it. Now, switch on your jio phone and you can see there that omnisd ap would be installed.

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How to install omniSD in Jio phone without pc ?

You can install omniSD in only LYF F50Y Model of jio phone. It means that omniSD Zip file has made only of F50Y model, if you are installing omiSD in jio phone without computer or laptop system.

Note : The important things is that the zip file which i have mentioned to download in above that will not work without pc. So, don`t try that.

if you have F50Y model of jio phone nad you don`t have a computer, then you can easily install omnisd in LYF F50Y of jio phone without pc. So, let`s know that how to do it ?

Steps to install omniSD in jio phone without pc or computer system :

1. Download omniSD zip file from your jio phone or any other device and move it in micro sd card. (SD Card should be it inserted and in that zip file should be there anyway.)

2. Switch off jio phone.

3. Keep pressing volume up and power button as boot key until your phone does not vibrate. As phone vibrate and logo of jio comes then release all button and after a few second recovery mode would be come.

4. Scroll down to ‘apply update from sd card’ option and select it by pressing power button.

5. Now, all file will be come which is in the sd card. So, select zip file by pressing power button (red button) which you have been downloaded and transferred.

6. Now, flashing would be start. It would be finished after a few second.

7. As flashing would be completed, you would be come in first page of recovery mode.

8. Now, you to wipe data from your jio phone. (if you would not do, then omnisd app would not be installed. so, there is necessary to wipe data.) So, scroll down to ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option and select it as i have told many times by  pressing red button.

9. As the data would be wiped, you have to select reboot option.

Now, your jio phone would be switch on nd you can see there that omnisd app would be successfully installed on your jio phone.

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Conclusion :

I expect that you would have understood that how to install omnisd in jio phone with pc & without pc. So, if you want to get benefit of some features by installing omniSD app in jio phone.

Now, you can enjoy some basic feature which you can`t get before installing omniSd. So, you can download hotspot app to share internet, instagram applicatio, twitter etc.Many of them have main purpose to downlad it to enable hotspot setting in jio phone to share internet from jio phone.

If you get any problem or want to ask something then you can comment and ask or you can contact me. The reply of your comment or question would be given by me as soon as possible.

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