How to install software in android mobile from pc । flash dead phone ।

Do your mobile also have problem that when you switch on then it can`t able to open completely and after sometime it switches off automatically.

If there is such types of problem in your Android device, then no need to worry. I am going to tell you the solution of this problem by installing software on your android mobile

But the question arises that for what reasons this problem is coming?. So, it`s answer is because of software problem. The operating software which is present on your mobile that is not working or that has been crashed.

So, you have to remove the software and again you have to put new (fresh) software in your device. So, i will tell you that how to install software in android mobile from pc ?

Mostly, when this type of problem comes, you go to shop to repair your mobile. The shopkeeper charges high amount and you have to pay.

But today by reading this post, you can easily install software in your phone at home.  The process that you will know here, don`t apply it in new or in working condition mobile.

Only i will tell you here that how to install software in dead mobile not in good condition of mobile. To remove and to install software on your mobile, you should have 4 things.

They are laptop/computer, USB (universal serial bus) cable, Internet connection in your pc and the dead mobile in which you have to install software.

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What is mobile Flash?

The important word or sentence comes in this topic that is Mobile flash. Now, it comes that what is Mobile flash ? so we will discuss about that it.

When you change or reinstall your mobile software (operating system), it is called Mobile flash. Here i have tried to make you understand in one simple sentences.

So, to install software on your android, you have to flash your mobile. To do mobile Flash, you need some of the software. So, we will know that in the process of how to install software in any android mobile and what are the software we need.

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What are the software needed for mobile flash? or Software Installation in your Android?

The Software needed for Mobile flash, they are:-

  1. SP Flash tool.
  2. Android USB Driver.
  3. Stock ROM according to model.

How to install software in android mobile from pc ? Or How to do Mobile Flash?

1. Download ROM For your phone – How to install custom ROM?

There are two types of ROM. They are stock ROM and custom ROM. So, to do mobile Flash (installing software), you need to download stock ROM for your mobile.

All the mobiles have different stock ROM according to it`s brand and model. So, let`s know about that How to download Stock Rom for your phone.

For example: If you have realme 5 pro mobile, then just go to google and search there – Download stock rom for (your model of phone).

After searching it, Many website will be display. Enter into any one website and there will be the option to download stock rom for your android phone. Note that you have to download in your laptop or computer device. It will be in zip file.

So, you have to extract it to do unzip file. when the file will be unzipped, under it there will be one software.Hence, the process of downloading Custom ROM and extracting is finished.

The work of this software will come after downloading one software. That is SP Flash software. So, i will tell you the full process of Sp flash software.

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2.SP Flash software


SP Flash software is a one type of tool which enable us to do flashing or to install software on android phone. So, you have to download.

To download this software, search in your browser SP Flash tool and visit it`s official website.

It will be also in Zip, unzip it by extracting. When it will be extracted, Sp flash software software will come in it`s file.

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3.USB Driver for your phone.

Thirdly, you have to download USB Driver for your phone to connect your phone via USB cable to your laptop or computer.

This USB Driver software are also comes according to your mobile brand (mobile). For, example if you want to download USB driver for oppo then you have to search in google – USB Driver download for oppo.

When you will search, many links will be available in first page. click anyone and download zip file it from there. Extract it in your pc.

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4. How to flash android phone ?or how to install software in android mobile from pc ?

  1. Open the SP Flash tool software which you have downloaded. In the SP Flash tool file, blue color icon will be display of this software.
  2. Click to scatter loading button in the home page of the tool.
  3. As you will click that file will be open. open Stock ROM file which you have downloaded. When you will open stock rom file, click to firmware. When you will click it, stock ROM software will be appeared which will be named as scatter file. so, select it and click to open.
  4. As you click that all files of stock ROM software will be loaded there. Now, you have to click download button.
  5. As you will click that, downloading will start. you can see it`s status in the downside which will be in pink color and also percentage will show there. Wait until it completed up to 100% for next steps.
  6. Remove the phone`s battery and sim card from your phone. Now, connect your computer to mobile via USB cable.
  7. When you will connect, process will start which you can see in red color and there will be display 100%.
  8. Wait to complete the process for 5 to 6 minutes. When the process will be completed, there will be display, Green signal. It means that software has installed on your phone.

Now, you can insert your battery in your phone and switch on. As you will switch on, it will be on properly.

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FAQ on How to install software in android mobile from pc

How can I flash my Android phone?

You can easily flash your android phone through the laptop or computer system. Through installing some software on your PC System and connecting mobile to PC, Android phone can be flashed. All the steps are given above to flash an android phone with full guide.

Which software is used to flash Android phones?

The software which you will need to install on your system are SP Flash tool, Android phone USB Driver, Stock ROM file according to mode of mobile. All the steps are given above to flash an android phone.

How can I install software on my dead phone without PC ?

You can install software on your dead phone without PC. Just you have to download stock ROM in SD card and put that SD card in a dead phone. Open recovery mode and upload stock ROM file from SD Card. Methods are same as i have mentioned above to install software on dead phone with PC.

Conclusion on how to flash android phone :

In this article, I have tried to mention all easy steps to know the solution of your problem.

I expect that you would have understood easily that how to install software in android mobile from pc.

Now, i hope that by following all the steps you can easily able to flash your dead android phone.

Good bye friends, again we will meet in other post. If you have any query, you can comment or contact.

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