How to lock drive in windows 10 without any software? 2022

Do you also want to keep the data of your Windows 10 PC or laptop safe? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to lock drive in windows 10?

We mostly secure our system by putting windows screen lock password which can be easily locked by the control panel. But its not enough to protect your important and personal file from others.

how to lock drive in windows 10

There is an inbuilt feature available in the windows which is BitLocker. So, it provides you to protect your drive of the computer from offline and online.

However, By using the BitLocker feature, you can put passwords also in your drive in which important and personal files are kept. As well as, your file will also be secure from an online attackers or any malware.

So, if you also want to lock your any hard drive partition and keep safe from being stolen or misuse by someone then you should continue reading this article.

Because we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure on how to lock drive in windows 10 with a password without any third-party software? So, let`s know.

What is Bitlocker in windows system?

Bitlocker is a feature that is available on the Microsoft Windows operating system on laptop or PC. It is used to protect the drive partition of your computer by encrypting the whole data of that particular drive.

If you downloads any malware or someone attack your computer then also they will not be able to stole or missed the data of that drive which is protected by the bitlocker.

This feature is only available on that system in which TPM (Trusted platform module) hardware component is installed. Now, you have known about the BitLocker.

How to secure drive of your windows 10?

How to lock drive in windows 10 ? encrypt using bitlocker

Follow the below procedure to lock your drive in windows 10 using the bitlocker with password and without any third party software:-

  • STEP 1:- Open This Pc or my computer to get the list of partition drive.
  • STEP 2:- Right-click over the drive which you want to protect or lock from someone.
  • STEP 3:- Click to the turn on bit locker option.

protect windows 10 driver

  • STEP 4:- Tick the option of use password to unlock the drive.
  • STEP 5:- Type the password which you want to keep for your drive and then click to the next option.

secure drive in windows 10

  • STEP 6:- Now, you will be asked that how do you want to get backup  your recovery key?
  • STEP 7 :- Select Save to file or whatever option you would like to select that you can select. After that, click to the next option.
  • STEP 8:-  Choose the second option that is Encrypt entire drive and then click to the next button.
  • STEP 9:- Select the compatible mode option and then click to the next option.
  • STEP 10:- Here, you will be ask that Are you ready to encrypt this drive? So, click to the start encrypting.

how to lock drive in windows 10 using password

As you click to the start encrypting then your drive would get encrypted within a few seconds. Also, it would be encrypted but it would be open without password.

In this case, anyone can open that particular drive because that is only encrypted using the BitLocker feature in your windows system. So, this is not enough to secure your drive completely.

So, now you have to completely locked your drive then the drive would ask password whenever you would open the particular drive in your windows system. So, let`s know that also.

How to lock drive in windows using password ?

After following the above procedure which is given, your drive has been encrypted but not secured completely as the password is not asking while opening the drive.

So, for this, just you need to run the command in windows cmd or PowerShell of your windows 10. Then after that, your drive would be fully protected with password and would ask the password when accessing the drive.

Follow the below procedure to lock drive in windows using the password:-

  • Open the windows cmd using as administrator.
  • Now, the run the following the command which is given below to secure your drive completely with the password.
          • Type manage-bde -lock (drive_name):   example- manage-bde -lock e:
          • After entering the above command, press enter.
  • As you press enter after entering the command then your drive gets protected and would ask for the password when anyone would access the drive.

Also, when you would open this PC or my computer for accessing the data of your drive then lock sign with yellow color would get appear over the drive which you have encrypted and locked.

Now, I have told every procedure for securing your drive on windows 10 with the password using the BitLocker and without using any third-party software.

There are also various software available 0jn the internet for protecting your drive an di files using the password but here I have told you without installing any third-party software on your computer or laptop.

FAQ on How to lock drives on windows 10

You can easily lock your driver in your windows 10 system using the BitLocker feature without installing any third-party software. So, by following some procedure, you can encrypt any drive whichever you want and can lock it with the password.

When you turn on the bitlocker over your hard drive partition and also enter the password to secure it completely for keeping your important and personal file same. But then also, drive doesn`t ask any password when you access that particular drive.

So, only it gets encrypted but not protected with a password. So, you need to perform some of the commands to secure your drive with a password. After performing the command process, the drive will ask the password when anyone will try to open the drive.

Can we lock the file and folder specifically on windows 10?

Yes, you can lock the file and folder specifically on your windows 10 system but there is not any inbuilt feature available on windows for protecting your specific file.

You need to install some third-party software on your windows system for locking the file and folder using the password. For this, many software are available on the internet for locking your file and folder on windows.

Conclusion on locking drive on windows

I hope guys that you would have known well that how to lock drive in windows 10 using the bitlocker? We have tried our best to explain in a better way about locking your drive partition on windows 10 using the password.

The step-by-step procedures are mentioned by us in this article for protecting your drive partition using the password. If you have any problem or query related to locking drive on windows 10 then you can comment below.

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