How to recover deleted files from pendrive & PC ?

Most of the people keep their important files such as photos, videos, documents, audio, etc. in their Pendrive external storage. But sometimes due to some reason or by mistakes, it deleted permanently by us.

How to recover deleted files from pendrive

In this situation, we confused that what to do? because we have kept our important data which is most necessary. But if you are suffering from such a problem, then no need to worry about it.

Today, I will tell you that how to recover permanently deleted files from the external and internal storage of PC with the help of a Computer System. Just you will need to follow the step-by-step through which you can easily able to restore your permanently deleted data from external storage.

As well as external storage, you will also be able to recover deleted data from your Desktop/laptop hard disk. There are many software available on the internet to recover deleted data from devices.

Many of them are paid software in which you have to pay money to use that software. But I will tell you about the free software by using you can easily recover permanently deleted data.

3 ways on How to Recover permanently deleted files?

As I told above that we have mentioned the steps to restore data from free software. But all the software is not free for a lifetime or more storage.

So, if you have a less size of file which you want to recover then you can recover. But if you want to use it for a lifetime and more size of storage then you can purchase that software.

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1. How to Recover deleted Files from Recoverit Software?

Recoverit is software that allows restoring files from any external storage and internal storage of desktop/laptop system. You can download and install this software for free without paying any charge.

And it is free to use also but for limited storage. I mean to say that if you have to recover data from less than 100MB then you can recover your deleted data for free.

But if you have to recover deleted files of more size than 100MB then you will need to purchase them. Recoverit is one of the best reliable and trusted software for recovering data.

Therefore, there will not be an issue after installing this software. So, follow the step by step process which are given below:-

#1. Download and Install Recoverit software on your Desktop/laptop system?

Follow the following steps to download and install recoverit software on your computer system:-

  • Visit website from the browser of your computer or laptop system. or if you search “Recoverit software download” then also you will be able to visit this website.
  • Click on to “download for windows” option or if you have a mac then click on to “Download for Mac” option.

How to recover deleted files from pendrive

  • Now, the software will be downloaded which is in .exe file in your download folder..
  • So, you will need to install this recoverit software. Open download folder where the software is downloaded.
  • Right-click over the “recoverit file” and click to Run as administrator option.

How can I recover my permanently deleted files from pen drive?

  • Click to install button as you can see in the screenshot.

How can I recover deleted files from my pendrive for free?

  • Now, the software will start installation process. So, you have to wait until the process not completed up to 100%.

How do I restore deleted files?

  • Click to “start now” option.

 free data recovery software

  • Now, you will be redirected to the official website of wondershare recoverit and you will get the message “Installation successful”. So, the software has been installed successfully on your computer.

Recover data using wonderhsare recoverit software

  • “Wondershare Recoverit” software will display on the desktop file of the home screen.

#2. How to Recover deleted data from pen drive and Hard disk using Recoverit Software?

Follow the following steps to know about that How to recover deleted files from Pendrive and hard disk of computer or laptop. By the way, the process is the same for the computer deleted files and Pendrive. So, you have to follow the same process.

  • open the Wondershare Recover its software.

restore permanently deleted data

  • Now, choose a location from where you want to recover deleted files or any data. You can select your Pendrive storage or from a hard disk also.
  • click to start option.

recover data from recoverit software

  • This software will start scanning all your deleted files from your Pendrive storage or the location from where you have selected them.
  • When the scanned completely successful, click on the Recover option as you can see in the screenshot.

How to recover deleted data from hard disk

  • Choose the location or folder where you want to save that recovery data.
  • Click to recover. Now, the file will be recovered successfully in that location.

So, in this way you can recover your deleted data from Pendrive and the hard disk of a computer. You can recover any type of format

How to recover deleted files from pendrive using Recuva Software ?

Recuva is also one of the best data recovery software for windows like Wonderhsare recovery software. It allows to restore permanently deleted data from Pendrive, sd card, Hardisk of the laptop, Computer etc.

The most interesting about this recuva software is that you can recover large files also for free. By the way, there is a premium plan available in this recuva software which you can purchase for more features.

#1. How to Download & Install Recuva software?

  • Open any browser from your windows system and search “Download Recuva Recovery software”.
  • After searching it, visit to first website of

how to download recuva recovery data software

  • Click download full version option.

Install recuva software

  • As you click that, then you automatically scrolled down. Click to free download or if you want to purchase then you can buy pro version.
  • Click to download option. You will be able to see the features of free and pro version.
  • Now, the software will start downloading. After few second,it will be downloaded in download folder.
  • As the software downloaded, open download folder and right click over it.
  • Click to run as administrator.

how to restore deleted data from pendrive

  • Click to Install option.

data recovery free

  • Tap to Run Recuva option. Now, the recuva software has installed succesfully on your windows system.

#2. How to Recover deleted files from computer, laptop, pendrive, SDCard etc. using Recuva software?

  • Open the Recuva software which you have installed on your system.

how to recover photos, music, videos and other files from storage

  • Click to Next option as you can see in the below screeshot.

Data recovery software

  • Select the file type in which you want to recover your deleted files and click to next.

How to recover deleted files on windows

  • Choose the file location from where you want to restore the data. So, select “In a specific location”.
  • Click to browse option and select the file from a Pendrive or SDcard or Hard disk.

how to recover deleted files from pendrive

  • Click to ok and then click to Next option.
  • If you want to do deep scan then make sure to enable the option but it will take too much time and click to Start option.

start recovering deleted data such as photos, videos, document

  • Now, it will start scanning deleted files from the particular file of storage that you have selected.

Scanning deleted data

  • As the scanned complete, you will able to see preview of scanned data.
  • So, select the data from the preview which you want to recover and click to recover option.
  • Now, select the file where you want to save that recover deleted files.
  • Click to ok and click to the Next option.

So, in this way you can easily able to recover any type of permanently deleted files from your pendrive, sdcard, hard disk of laptop and computer etc.

FAQ on How to restore deleted files from external storage & PC

1. Where do deleted pendrive files go? Do deleted files from USB go to recycle bin?

Whatever data you delete from the hard disk storage of computer or laptop that goes to the recycle bin. But the external device of storage such as pendrive, sd card etc. it does not goes to recycle bin. As you delete the files from pendrive, it permannetly deleteds. If you want to restore that permanently deleted data from pendrive then you can do with the help of software.

2. Are deleted files really gone?

No, the deleted files are not permanently gone anywhere unless you don`t overwrite the storage after deleted. After deleting files, if you overwrite files then there is almost impossible to recover it. because the data has been overwritted. So, after deleting any files, try to recover it as soon as possible with the help of software without overwriting.

3. How can I recover permanently deleted files from Recycle Bin Windows 10?

After deleting permanently files from recycle bin, there is not given any option to recoverit from windows operating system. But you can easily recover it from the help of external software such as recuva, wwonderhare recoveri  etc. Which i have mentioned in this article.

Conclucion on How to Recover permanently deleted files from pendrive

Finally, i hope that you would have got an idea about that how you can restore your deleted data from pendrive, sdcard and hard disk drive. We have tried our best level to tell the process of data recovering step by step.

We have also mentioned the screenshot, so that you can understand easily. Therfore, there is much easy to recover deleted data from your computer or any external storage.

The process for data recovering which we have mentioned in first method that is using Recuva software. So, if you want to do recovering without paying any money for unimited storage then you should try first method.

The second method which we have mentioned is through the wondershre recoverit software which is free for limited storage only. So, if you have to recover more than 100MB then you will need to purchase a premium plan.

If you have any query related to this blog or article or facing any problem then you can comment below.

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