How to remove watermark from image & Videos for free

Whenever we need images and videos for any project, we search it on the internet. After doing many hard works, we are able to find the suitable images and videos for our project. But we can`t use that images or videos because there is watermark or logo which creates problem to use in our project. So, Now no need to worry about it. Today i will tell in this artile that how to remove watermark from image & videos in a single click.

With the help of software, you can remove any logo or watermark on videos & images in a single click. So, after removing the logo & watermark from videos and images, you can use them on your project. There are many software available on the internet for removing watermark which are free as well as paid also.

2 Ways on How to Remove logo or watermark from videos and images ?

There are many videos editing software are available which inserts watermark until you don`t purchase their premium plan.  So, many times we have to upload that videos or share with the watermark because we can`t afford in premium version of software.

But the software which i will tell, you can remove easily any type of watermark or logo from the edited videos or edited photos. As i tol that there are many software availabe, but i will tell 3 software for the watermark removing which is easy to use and free.

How to Remove watermark from videos using Hitpaw software?

Hitpaw is a windows software as well as online website also which allow us to remove logo or watermark from any videos and images. It is a very easy to use software and the application is of very light size which you can install in any laptop or pc.

You can remove logo in your videos and images by installing hit paw software and through the online website also. So, i will tell through installing software and online website to remove software.

You can use this software full free and if you want to purchase the premium version then you can buy. There will be some extra features in premium version but you can do esily from free version also.

How to install Hitpaw software and use for watermark removing?

  • open any browser and search “Hitpaw watermark remover”.
  • Visit to first website or you can directly visit to this given link.
  • Click to “Try it Free” option to download this software. or if you want to purchase premium version then you can purchase by clicking “Buy Now” option and then selecting plan and filling detail and paying money.

How to remove watermark from image

  • As you click that “Try it free” option, this software will be downloaded to your download folder.
  • Double click the software for installing process which you have downloaded in your download folder.
  • Click to Install option.

Remove logo from image by using hitpaw software

  • As you click the install button, it will start process of installing. So, it will finished in a few second when it completes up to 100%.

Download hitpaw logo and watermark remover software

  • As the installation process finsished up to 100%, Software will be installed sucessfully.
  • Click to start option to open the hitpaw software.

Install hitpaw watermark remove software

  • Now, you can see the two option and they are “Remove video watermark” and “Remove image Watermark”. So, i will tell to remove watermark from images and by the same process, you can remove from video also.
  • Click to “Remove image watermark option”.

Remove watermark from videos

  • upload the images from you want to remove watermark.

Remove watermark from images

  • Select the selection type in which you want to select the watermark or logo. You can select a square, triangle and manually pencil to selct. By the way, almost every kind of watermarks are inserted in text form.
  • Select the watermark with the help of mouse.
  • Now, select the remove mode. you can select anyone from the 3 option – smooth filling, edge filling and texture repair.
  • Click to Remove Now option. After clicking this option, Watermark will be removed sucessfully.

How to remove watermark from images using jihosoft software

  • Finally, you need to save that Removed waternmark images. So, click to the export option and select the file where you want to save the images.

How to remove watermark from images

So, in this way you can easily remove watermark from the images in a single click. Therfore, in the same ways you can also able to remove the watermark or logo from the videos by selecting the watermark.

How to remove watermark from image using Jihosoft Software?

Jihosoft is an photo editing software which provides mostly to remove unwanted objects from the image. So, as well as with the watermark, you can also remove other unwanted objects which you want to remove with better clarity.

It is a free software for photos only. You cannot remove watermark or logo from videos like the above hit paw software.

How to install Jihosoft software on windows and how to use to remove watermark from photos?

(How to edit photos in jio phone)

  • Open any browser and search “jihosoft photo eraser”.
  • Click to first jihosoft official website.

Install jihosoft watermark remover software

  • Click to “Start a Free trial” option to download this software. As you click, the software starts downloading.

Remove watermark from images

  • When the software downloaded, double click it.
  • Select, i accept the agreement option and click to next option.
  • Click to Next and then again click to next.
  • Click to install button and then click to Finish button.

remove logo from images and videos

  • Now, open the software or may software open automatically as you click finish button.
  • Click to “select photo” option to upload your images. So, upload the images which you want to remove watermark or logo or any unwanted objects.

How to remove watermark from images

  • Select the watermark by dragging the cursor as you can see in the screenshot.
  • After selecting the watermark, click to erase option.

How to remove logo from photos

  • As you click the Erase option, the watermark or logo removed successfully.0
  • Click to save icon to save the images with no watermark.

How to remove logo from edited photos


So, in this way you can Easily removed logo or watermark from the any images. The drawback of this software is that you can`t remove the watermark of videos whereas this software is much better for photos.

Conclusion on How to Remove watermark from image

Finally, i hope that you would have able to remove any type of watermark or logo from the images or as well as the videos also. So, i have mentioned the process to remove watermark specially for the images.

But as well as with the images, you can also remove watermark from videos with the help of the first method by hit paw software. And the second software is especially for the only images.

There are two software that i have mentioned in this article to remove watermark, So both the software are reliable and there would not be any issue after installing it.

However, after removing watermark you can use easily in your project without any problem. If you have any doubt or problem then you can comment below. We will try to reply to your query.

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