How to scan a document on HP Printer – Scan from all model of HP Printer

Do you also want to know that how to scan a document on HP Printer ? If yes, then go reading this article you will get the process step by step with the screenshot.

HP brand is very much popular in india when it comes to printer and other devices also. So, i hope that you would have also bought a new HP printer.

How to print a document from hp printer

But due to new printer, you don`t have an idea to scan a document from your HP printer to your Computer or Laptop system. AM i right ?

So, if you don`t know about the process of scanning on hp printer then no need to worry. So, in this article i am going to tell you that How you can scan your document on a Hp printer from your Computer sytem ?

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How to scan a document from HP printer on Windows ?

By the way, You know clearly that you can scan any document from the smartphone only. But i hope that you know very well that there is so much difference in a scanning from printer and through mobiles.

Ifyou don`t know about that then i would like to share you that you can`t good quality, if you scan from your Smartphone through any Scanning application. And whereas if you scan from printer, then you get a perfect quality as a physical document.

You can scan your document in many format such as PDF, JPEG etc.  So, let`s know Step by step to scan a document from HP Printer.

1. Download the Driver of your model of HP Printer

As you know that when you buy a new printer, you get a Driver or software in the CD Storage to manage a printer from computer. So, with the help of that software or driver, you can scan a document from your HP printer on a Computer/Laptop system.

But if you have not installed driver then you can install that from CD or also you can download and install it from the Internet. So, let`s know that how you can Download and install the Driver of your model of HP printer.

How to Download driver for scanning from HP printer ?

Follow the Following steps to Download driver for scanning from HP printer :-

  • Firstly, You should know the model number of your HP printer. The model of your Hp printer, you will get on the Printer or it`s package.
  • Open any browser of the Computer or laptop system and go to official website.
  • Click to software and drivers option in the navigation bar of website.

How to scan a document on HP Printer

  • Select the printer option.

 how to scan as pdf from hp printer to laptop

  • Type the model of your HP printer in the box which is below of the Enter your product name.

 how to scan a document from printer to computer

  • Scroll down and click to  Basic Drivers option.
  • Click to download button which would be in side of the model of your printer.

 how to scan from HP printer to laptop

  • As you click that, downloading will be started.

How to Install driver for scanning process from HP printer ?

  • Open your downloads folder or where you have downloaded that driver of your HP Printer`s model.
  • Right click to driver and click to “Run as administartor option”.

How to Download Driver for the model of your HP Printer

  • Wait a few second, it will extracting.
  • Click to Continue option as you can see in below screenshot.

Install software to scan from HP Printer to your laptop

  • Now, Installation process will start automatically.

Install HP Print Scanner software

  • Now, Some of the steps installation process will ask. So, just read and go ahead. In last, just you have to click Finish.

2. How to Scan Document/photos through the HP Printer Driver ?

  • Open the Software or driver which you have downloaded according to the model of your HP printer.

 How to scan a document on HP Printer

  • Click to Scan option.

Click to scan a photos or document from HP Printer

  • Now, Click to “Scan a document or photo” option as you can see in the below screenshot.

Select the option scan a document or photos

  • You will get two format to scan a document. You can either select a JPEG or PDF Format as you can see in a below screenshot.
    • Icon type :- In this option,  you can choose item type such as Document or photo.
    • Icon Size :- In this option, You can select a paper size.
    • Color mode :- Her, you can select option of color, Black/white etc.
    • File type :- You can select that Paper is in which type of which you are scanning.

Scan as a pdf or JPEG Format from HP Printer

  • Finally, to scan your document, you have to click “Scan” option.

Scan your document from printer

  • Now, Scanning process has been started as you can see in below images.

Scanning process started from hp printer to computer

  • After a few seconds, scanning will be completed.
  • As a scanning completed successfully, then you need to Save that document. So, click to save option.

Save a scanned file in you computer from hp printer

  • As you click save option, You will get option to type a file name and to again click save option. The option is same as you save other document or anythings.

FAQ on Scanning a document from HP Printer

How do I scan a document from my HP printer to my email? How do I scan a document and email it as a PDF?

You want to Scan a document and want to send that scanned document to someone through Email. So, there is not a direct method to scan a document from any printer to your email to whom you want to send.

But you can easily send your document by scanning from hp printer to the email. So, for this you have to scan a document which you want to send in your computer and saved that scanned document in your folder of computer.

From the computer, which scanned document you have saved somewhere or in folder, that you can send to someone in an email. Now, open your gmail and click to compose for sending email. So, you can attach that scanned documents in your email by clicking to attache symbol –


How do I scan from HP printer to PDF?

You can easily scan a document from your HP Printer in a PDF Format. Open your HP printer model of Driver/ software which you have installed. If you have not installed, then read this article to install a Driver of HP Printer of a model.

After opening, click to Scan then Click to scan a document or Photo option. Now, you have to choose “Save as PDF ” option to scanned in a pdf format. So, after this, you can follow the next process. Full process –  Step by step, you will get in this page.

How do I set up my HP printer to scan? How do I scan a document to my laptop?

To setup your HP Printer for scan, you will need to just install a driver of a printer according to the model of your HP Printer. To know the installation and scanning process, you can read this article fully.

How do I get my HP Deskjet 2540 to scan?

If you want to scan a document or photos from your HP Deskjet2540 Printer, then you need to install HP Deskjet 2540 Driver/software. This software, you can download from official website.

To know the full process of how to install a driver of your HP Printer of any model and to scan a document or paper, then read this article.

Does HP Deskjet 3752 scan?

HP Deskjet 3752 model is a all-in one printer which akkows us to scan a photos or any document through your computer/laptop system.

Conclusion on How to scan a images on any modelHP Printer

I hope that you would have been got an better solutions to scan a document or photos from your any model of HP Printer to your computer. By the way, there are many methods and softwares through which you cn scan a document.

But in this article, i have shared only one methods by using a driver of your HP Printer. If you feel that somethings benefits you got by reading this article, then make sure to comment your opinion.

If you have any queries related to this article or blog, then you can contact us. We will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. To know  this type of problem`s solution, you can read our more articles which are related to technology.

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