How to unlock puk blocked sim card : Unlock puk code.

Do your Sim card has blocked due to PUK code ? Have you forgotten your PUK Code of sim card ? Have you cross the attempt limit of puk code? If you have forgot the PUK code of your sim card or you have entered wrong code too many times, then you are at right place. Don`t worry guys, all the problem or issue would be solved as soon with the help of this post. So, i am going to tell that how to unlock puk blocked sim card ?

I am going to share with you to unlock puk code of all sim card of brand such as Idea, Jio, airtel, Vodafone, BSNL etc. If the puk code of such brand of sim card is locked or you have forgotten security code, then you can easily reset security code of sim card. Because to know the code to unlock puk code of sim card, it depends on the operator or brand of sim card.

There is not only one process or steps to unlock puk code of all sim card. The solution of puk code can be done according to sim card`s operator or brand wise.

How to unlock puk blocked sim card of all operator :

How to unlock puk blocked sim card

There are two condition to unlock puk code of sim card. First one – If you have forgotten or you don`t know security code and you have not entered too many times. then your sim card is not blocked. When you will enter correct puk code, then you can easily access your sim card smoothly.

Second one – If you have entered too many times and it has the cross the attempt limit, then your sim card would be blocked. So, it does not matter any things the process is same for both case.

How to know the puk code of sim card :

Many of them search that how to unlock sim card without puk code but let i tell you that you can unlock it through puk code only. There is an easy way to find puk code of all sim card through customer care. There are many methods to find puk code but customer care method works for all sim card.Some of the sim card provides online puk code and some through dial code.

The important things is here that before calling to customer care, you should note that ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) Number of your sim card. Which is printed backside of all sim card and is of 19 or 20 digit. When you call to the customer care, they ask ICCID serial number to identify the correct owner of sim card.They can ask your name, address, last recharge,date of birth etc. to identify that you are the correct owner of sim card.

If they would not ask the above personal and iccid serial number then anyone can know others puk code. So, these is the reason that they ask the followings things.

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Idea puk code recovery – unlock puk code of idea sim :

There is only one method for the idea sim to know puk code through customer care. The following points are given below to recover puk code of idea.

1. Call 1991 to the idea customer care from any other idea sim and select the option to talk.

2. Tell the issue or problem of puke code of sim card and also tell the mobile number of your sim card.

3. They will ask some detail such as ICCID number, address, name, date of birth, last recharge etc. (Tell the correct detail as you have given, when you are buying a sim card.)

4. Enter the code which were told by customer care.

As you would enter that pin. you can access full features of your sim card and also the sim card would be unlocked.

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Airtel puk code unlock :

I have already told the methods through customer care, you can follow same method for the airtel sim also. So, let`s know that to airtel puk code unlock without calling to customer care through online. So, let`s know :

1. Login to your airtel account by entering mobile number and otp.

2. Go to manage account and puk service.

3. You can see the puk code. So, enter this puk code to unlock puk code of sim card.

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Vodafone puk code unlock number :

It also has only one option to know puk code of vodafone that is through customer care. So, there is no need to explain step by step. Just call to customer care from another vodafone sim card and tell them information.

What is puk code in sim card ?

If you don`t know that what is puk code, then let i tell. PUK Code is personal unlocking code. The way you lock or set password in your phone for security in the same way there is the option SIM Card PIN lock or puk code for security. If you enable the puk code of your sim card and your phon lost, then anyone can not able to use your sim card.

So for security, there is most necessary to lock sim card. But don`t forget your pin card or don`t enter too many times wrong pin.

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Conclusion :

I hope that you would understood that how to unlock puk blocked sim card ? I expect that this article makes you helpful in solving the issue to unlock puk code of you sim card.

If you don`t enter correct puk code or you have forgotten, then you can`t access your sim card. It means you can`t call to anyone and can`t receive call, until you do not enter your puk code.Mostly through the customer care you can unlock puk sim card of all operator.

I have told in this post the most easy way though customer care. But may be you don`t have the idea before reading this post that you can know puk code by calling customer care.

when you visit to any mobile shop and  you tell issue then they just told that your sim card has permanently locked, you have to get new sim card. If they will give new sim card to you then their profit will be there.

If your puk code of sim card is unlocked through this post, then please comment. Also if you want to ask about any query then contact us.

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