How to verify youtube channel? 2022 Latest

Are you also want to do the verification of your new youtube channel? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to verify youtube channel?

Verification of the youtube channel is very necessary to access the important features to your youtube channel. After the youtube channel verification, many additional features would be provided to your youtube channel.


You would be able to upload the custom thumbnail on your youtube video after the verification and it is the very important feature which plays role to grow your youtube channel.

As well as it, you can upload 15 minutes videos,live streaming and appealing content-id claim. So, if you want to access all these 4 features to your youtube channel then you need to verify.

So, Below we have mentioned the step by step process on how to verify youtube channel in a easy way. So, let`s know about it in detail.

What is youtube channel verification?

Basically, youtube verifies your youtube channel using your phone number, so that youtube can detect that the particular youtube channel exists to an authentic person.

After entering the phone number then you need to fill the OTP Which receives your phone number then verification is completed successfully and you are eligible to access features.

How to verify youtube channel?

You can verify your youtube channel using the smartphone or computer. But you cannot do it in your smartphone using the YT Studio application.

If you want to do the verification of your youtube channel using the mobile then open the youtube studio on chrome browser.

And for computer system also, open youtube studio in any browser of your computer. The process is same for both the devices.

Follow the below process on how to verify youtube channel using mobile and pc:-

  • Click on the setting option of your youtube studio.
  • Click on the channel option and then click on the feature eligibility tab.
  • Now, three options would appear below, they are a standard feature, an intermediate feature, and advanced feature. So, you have to click on the intermediate feature that allows for Videos over 15 minutes, custom thumbnails, live streaming, and Content ID claim.


  • Click on the verify phone number button.


  • Select the option how you want to get the verification code through your phone either by message or an automated call.
  • Select the country name and enter your phone through which you want to verify your youtube channel.
  • Now, click on the get code option to deliver the OTP in your phone.


  • Enter the 6-digit verification that received to your phone and then click to the submit button.


  • Finally, you would got message that “congratulation! your youtube channel got verified

By following the above procedure, your youtube channel would be verified and also would be able to access the custom thumbnail, upload video of above 15 minutes, live streaming and appealing claim id content.

What are the benefits of youtube channel verification?

There are many benefits of the youtube channel verification  that you get when your channel got verified using the phone number.

As i told above that you can upload custom thumbnail, get the feature to live streaming, uploading longer content than 15 minutes and appealing content ID Claims.

Let’s understand in detail about each feature that you get after the youtube verification.

Uploading Custom Thumbnail

When you create a new channel and upload a video on youtube then youtube automatically generate a thumbnail of any part of your video.

But it creates problems in growing your channel as your thumbnail doesn`t look attractive and does not viewer intent, that`s why people don`t click to your video.

To solve this problem, you need to verify your youtube channel then you are eligible to upload custom thumbnail. So, you can make the thumbnail according to the video and can upload that.

Live Streaming Video

You can also live-stream your screen while playing a game or doing anything and using the camera also. So, whenever you need to come live on youtube then you can do it.

If your channel has not verified then you get the error that “Live streaming isn`t available now” while accessing the feature of live stream.

Uploading content longer than 15 minutes

If your youtube channel has not verified then you can`t upload the video of longer duration than 15 minutes. In many cases, you may need to upload videos of more duration than 15 minutes.

So, as you verify your youtube channel then you can upload with any duration on youtube longer than 15  minutes there is no limit.

Appealing content ID Claims

As your youtube channel got verified then you can appeal for a Content ID Claim. If your youtube channel is not verified then you can`t apply for content ID Claims.

When you have a content ID Claim and if anyone copies your youtube video then before uploading the video that person would get a warning of copyright.

So, it is the main benefits and features of youtube channel verification which you can get. If that person upload copyrighted content which exist to you then you would get all money of that video.

FAQ on how to verify youtube channel

What is the difference between channel verification and verification badge?

Some people thinks that channel verification and verification badge is same and they are confuse about it. But i would like to tell you that channel verification is totally different from verification badge.

In the youtube channel verification, your channel is verified using the phone number and you get some of the features and there is not criteria for it.

Whereas when you reach the 1 lakh subscriber then only you can apply for the youtube badge verification. In this you get the grey color verification badge beside the name of your youtube channel, it appears.

How can I verify my youtube channel on mobile?

You can easily verify your youtube channel on your smartphone as you do in the computer. Just you need to open the youtube studio in your chrome browser in the desktop site which you get by tapping to the three-dot in the browser.

Can we verify youtube channel using the email?

No, you cannot verify the youtube channel using the email. You can only verify the youtube channel using your phone number. Just you need to enter the OTP which is receive to your phone number and then your channel got the verified.

Conclusion on youtube channel verification

I hope that you would have known well that how to verify youtube channel on mobile and computer? So, now you can go and verify your youtube channel to get all the access of features.

Now, you would be able to upload the video longer than 15 minutes, and also would be able to live stream your mobile screen and camera. Other than these, you would be able to upload the custom thumbnail and appeal content ID Claims.

If you have any query related to the youtube channel verification then you can ask in the comment below section.

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