How youtubers earn money | How much does a youtuber earn

How youtubers earn money

Do you also have ever thought that how youtubers earn money by making videos? I hope that absolutely this questions arises in your mind. So, we will try to know that how youtubers make money by uploading videos in youtube.

Also questions comes that if other can make money by uploading videos in youtube. Then Can I also make money ? It`s answer is yes guys anyone can earn money through youtube.

How much does a youtuber earn

If you also want to make make money by yotube, then you are in perfect place. Also you want to know that how much money you can earn through youtube ? or how much does a youtubers earn money by youtube ?

So, that by knowing It`s scope, you can choose right discision that whether is it good way to make money by youtube or no ? Am I Right ?

How much youtube pay for 1000 views

Most of the people have this type of question. Let me tell you that it depend on CPC and RPM of your ads. This CPC and RPM changes according to countries and categories of your videos.

For the satisfaction, i want to tell that in 10000 views you can earn 1 $ or 50 $. If your video will be watch in india then estimate amount you can earn 1 or 2 $. Just i have told estimated, it can increase or decrease also.

ways to earn money through youtube

There are many ways by which youtubers can earn money by youtube.  They are through an advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsorship etc.Mostly, all youtuber in beginning they make money through an  advertisements (ads).

Now, if you don`t know about an advertisement, then you think that what is it ? The short form of advertisement is ad. When you play videos of youtube, in first you see ads (advertisement). I hope that you have understood that by what type of ads gives money.

But when i will tell you in detail process then only you will know that how really come income from youtube through ads ? so, let`s know that how to earn money in youtube  through advertisement. ( CSC New registration 2020)

How youtubers make money from ads (advertisements)

How youtubers make money from ads (advertisements)

Youtube does not gives it`s own money to the youtuber. Youtube has so many advertiser company. Here advertiser means a company who gives money to youtube to promote their product in form of ads. whichever product gives advertising company to youtube in form of ads, yotube categorize it in different categories.

According to categories of advertisement and channel of  youtubers , youtube put ads beforing playing videos. You have also seen that before playing videos of youtube, ads play of advertiser. The amount of money advertisement company gives to youtube that of 45 % youtube takes and 55% youtube gives to on whose video the ad is shown.

All the new channels that are formed they have measure income from advertisement only. You should know that youtube is the product of google. Remember : Don`t think that Now, you start a channel and by uploading videos you can earn money easily. I have already told that through advertisement your income will come from yoputube.

As you will start youtube, advrtisement (ads) will be not shown in your videos. To show ads on your videos in youtube, you have to monetize your channel through google adsense. There are some requirement to monetize your channel.

Youtube monetization requirements 2020

1. You should have 100 subscriber. It means to say that your channel should be subscribed by 1000 people in 1 year.

2. All the videos of your channel should be watch 4000 hours  by audience in 365 days (1 year).

These are the requirement you should have to show ads on your videos. So that you can start to earn money. ( Play yotube in background)

How do youtubers receive their money

Youtuber receive their money through bank account. The money you get through youtube from google adsense is in form of dollar. So, when you will transfer your money to bank account, dollar will be converted to Inr in india and for foreign it will remain same.

Note : The money you will get only according to views, not from subscriber. In your mind one question will arises that how much money or dollar you can earn from how much views. (best coling app 2020)

How youtubers earn money from sponsorship ?

Firstly, you should know that what is sponsorship ?, then only you can able to understand it`s next process. As you read above that advertiser gives youtube to promote product in form of ads on video of youtuber. Here youtube charge more money to advertiser according to views.

But when advertiser direct contact to owner of the channel and promote product , it is called sponsorship . Here advertiser will get benefit because he/she have not to give money according to views. (best recharge commission app 2020)

Advertiser will tell to youtuber or owner of the channel to make video or to promote his/her product. Here money will be direct transfer from advertiser to youtuber or the owner of channel. By this method, youtube will not get any percentage of revenue. The deal of amount is make between advertiser and youtuber.

For example :- if the videos or product of advertiser is watched by 1 million people, then advertiser will be get more benefit. If the advertiser promote his product to youtube, then he/she have to pay more money. Youtuber also get benefit by taking no any tension. youtuber gets only once a high amount  according to deal.

Remember :- The sponsorship offer gets only some youtuber. Those youtuber have a high number of audience or subscriber, he/she get fast offer of sponsorship deal. So, through that youtuber can bring more views on the videos of advertiser. Then only advertiser`s product will be promote through your channel.

If you are beginner and you does not have a high number of audience then there is less chance to get sponsorship. That`s why beginner youtube has the measure focuse in starting to earn through advertisement. If you are beginner in youtuber then you can also earn money by affiliate marketing and as well as ads also. (download yotube videos in jio phone)


Now, I hope that you have understood that how youtubers earn money from youtube through advertisement and sponsorship. I have told that how much does a youtuber earn? By listening, to earn money from youtube is easy but when you will start, then you will know. Little hard work need to earn money from youtube. You  have to give time to record video and for video editing. You can also do by a part time. Hope you will visit again in this site.

















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