Mantra vs morpho device । Difference between mantra & morpho ।

Now-a-days, there are two biometric devices which are mostly famous. They are morpho and mantra. Today we will know about that Mantra vs morpho device.

Mostly, when you are planning to buy a Fingerprint device, the question that may be arising in your mind that is whether mantra is good or morpho ?

So, we will try to know that what are the difference between mantra and morpho biometric device. And also that which is the best biometric (fingerprint) devices and which we should buy and why ?

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Mantra vs morpho device । best fingerprint devices ।

Mantra MFS 100 Fingerprint scanner.

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Mantra is of lower price than morpho device. The price of the mantra is Rs. 2000 to 2500. It is big in size and it has white & black colour.

The fingerprint scanner light of the mantra device, switch on for 1 minute and if the device has not been captured your fingerprint successfully, then also it switch off.

If the persons finger is not clean smoothly, it will not capture. It scan slow than morpho.

It provides free Mantra device registration (RD Service without paying any charge for always.)

To use this, you need to download Mantra rd service software/app in your Android mobile or pc. Then only it will work.

Morpho Biometric Devices

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Morpho device is of higher price than mantra device. It`s price is 300 to 3500.

You can purchase it from both online and offline. It is small in size and it has red & black color.

The light of morpho device switch on until when it fully captured  your fingerprint. It has not the limited time and It capture fast, if the person`s fingerprint is not clean then also.

Also it scan very faster than mantra.

It takes maintenance that is Morpho RD service Registration in which you have pay fee.

You have to renewal per year of amount Rs.300 to 400 for rd service.

You have to download Morpho SCL RD Service apps/software in pc or in your mobile to use.

Similarities of both mantra and morpho device.

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Both devices have the same uses and work. It can be use in laptop, computer, Android phone etc.

To use both biometric devices you have to download it`s driver services (software).

while capturing fingerprint, red light started to burn of both fingerprint devices.

Both devices can be use for all services such as for AEPS, KYC, Aadhar card correction, authentication, identification etc.

Which is best biometric device for csc ? Mantra vs Morpho Device.

If you will see all side, then the mantra mfs 100 biometric is the best device.

Because it is of less price than the morpho. There is the difference between of RS. 500 to 100.

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In mantra device, you don`t have to pay any charge and you can use it for all time.

So in my opinion, Mantra is the best device for all user.If you have extra money to invest, you can purchase morpho device.

You have seen many times in bank that they use morpho device because it run very fast.

Many of them search and they want to know about best biometric device for csc.

So, i have put the text “CSC” in heading. But here, i will tell you that this mantra device is not best fingerprint scanner for csc only.

But also, it is the best for all work and services. It does not matter for only one work.

Which is the cheapest Fingerprint Device ? List of fingerprint device and it`s price.

All the Finger print devices are given below from cheaper to higher price.

1. The cheapest fingerprint device is of mantra mfs 100. It`s price is RS. 2000/-

2. Startek FM220 comes in the second number and it`s price is RS.2500/-

3. precision pb is in third number and price RS.2700/-

4. Morpho Device is of RS. 3200/-

5. The highest price of bio-metric device is of secugen hamster plus. It`s price is 4000/-

[From the following list, first one and fourth one are, we have discuss about Mantra vs morpho device.]

How to download mantra mfs100 driver & install ?

For laptop/computer:

1. visit the official site of mantratecapp.

2.enter there captcha code in the box which will display next.

3. Now, all the drivers of the mantra will come. here you have to download two software/app (driver). First one to run and second to check.

4. click to Download MFS 100 RD service in the windows section and also click to download MFS100 client service to install.

5. When it downloaded, install it and open client service software. when you will open then client installation process will start and it will ask to restart your pc.

6. when you will open client service software, then MFS 100 test application will be open. by clicking start capture option, you can check morpho is working or not. (Remember- rd service driver should be installed)

For Android:

Download mantra RD service or Mantra management client app  from the play store. when it installed in your android. you can able to use it properly.

How to download morpho RD serrvice  driver & install ?

For laptop/computer:

1. Go to the official website of morpho rd service online.

2. click to download and then again clcik to windows. when you will click, it will start downloading. install in your device.

3. It will be installed in zip file. so, right click to zip file and click to extract file.

4. Now, one file will come after extracting. click to it and go to window rd service file. Right click to rd service software and click to run as administrator. Now, it will take installation process. Now,you can use it properly in any services.

For Android:

Install Morpho SCL RD service in your android mobile from play store. you can use it in any services by putting morpho device.

Friends, Hopefully you have understand about Mantra vs morpho device and also about which is best mantra or morpho ? I have try to cover all possible and important things. This is the helpful tips, if you want to buy a fingerprint devices.

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Conclusion on Mantra vs morpho device

I hope that you may have got an idea to decide that whether you should buy a mantra or morpho. I would like to tell you that both the devices are best.

According to the advantages and disadvantages of mantra and morpho, the information i have mentioned. This will really help you to decide for the perfect device.

If you want to know the detail review of all Biometric device such as of mantra, morpho, startek, etc.

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