Best ways to play youtube in background on Android 2020.

Sometimes, you might be want to listen song from youtube videos on android and also you want to continue your work. But when you back your youtube apps, songs stop playing because youtube apps does not allow to play youtube in background on Android.

But i am going to tell you the tricks to play youtube videos on your android mobile. So that you can use it in background and your work also will be continue.

Many of the peoples like to play games and also to listen song in background. so to listen song in background they download song but now I will tell the tricks to play YouTube videos in background. so that you can do your work one side and you can listen song in background online easily.

Basically, there are many method through which you can run youtube in background. Firstly, i will tell the tricks from that you can able to play videos of youtube on android without any apps. You can try both method by without app and also by downloading some apps.

1.How to play youtube videos in background without any app ?

So, let`s start the method to use in background without any app on android phone. Follow the points steps by steps which are given below and use it.

play youtube in background on Android 2020.

1. Open the youtube app in your android and play any videos which you want.

2. click the left side (square button) which is left side of the home button of your android.

3. After clicking that button, your all running apps will show there and videos will be pause automatically. Long press the youtube running app for 1 or 2 seconds.

4. As you will long press to youtube, three symbol (option ) will come. first one is to lock your app, second option is for  mini player and third is to open setting of that app.

5. So, click to second one – Mini player option.

6. As you will click that option, your youtube will open in half screen. click to play button of your youtube videos to play. It means to say that you can run double app in one screen at one time by running half one app and half second application.

7. Now, click second part of the half or back button. As you click, your youtube song will play in background. Now, you can do other work by listening online song from youtube in background.

One thing, i want to tell that if you have  new new latest brand of android mobile then only you can play youtube in background xiaomi, Realme, vivo etc. Then only this system was given.

Not only youtube, also you can run other app in background. If there is not given or you have other android mobile, then there is other method by the help of chrome browser without any app.

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2.How to run song of youtube in background in chrome?

All the steps are mentioned below through the chrome browser method. So, lets start :

1. Open the chrome browser and open the youtube website.

2. Click to trending on youtube page which is below and after the home button.

3. As you will click trending, on the upper side many categories will display. click to music option.

4. play your videos which you want.

5.tap to three dot on the upper right side corner and click to box of desktop site.

6. After clicking, that your site will turn into desktop version. again, replay your videos because while refreshing, video will pause. to home button or new tab and your audio will play in background.

Hence, you can play play youtube in background on Android. This method will work in all devices. Mostly, In all android mobile the chrome browser is installed previous

only. You don`t have to download. By this method and first one, you will no need to download any app.

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How to play youtube videos in background from firefox browser?

1. Download firefox app from the playstore and installed it.

2. You have to add plugin of video background play fix from firefox. click to link and visit the website from firefox browser.

3. click to add firefox and after adding, plugin installation will be completed in your firefox.

4.go to your firefox browser and open youtube. select videos which you wish to use it in background.

5. click back or click to home. Now, you can able to run videos of youtube in background.

There is the advantage by this tricks that you can play youtube with screen off (android). This benefit will not work in 1st and 2nd method and fire fox  browser run very fast.

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Hence, you have understood very easily through the steps. I have tried to mention all easy procedure to play youtube in background on Android without any app and as well as by app downloading app also.








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