How to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android.

Have you deleted your important whatsapp message by mistake ? Do you want to retrieve your deleted whatsApp message? If you want to recover your deleted whatsapp messages in your android mobile, then you are at the right place. Sometimes we accidentally delete our important WhatsApp messages such as photos, videos, text, document etc. and after when we needs, we are in a worry.

But no need to worry, if you have deleted your whatsapp chat. So, you will know by this article that how to recover deleted whatsapp message on  android mobile. There are many methods to restore deleted whatsapp messages or chat.

How to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup :

How to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android

By the way, you should take a regular backup of whatsapp message to google drive or somewhere, so that in future if you delete anything, then you easily restore it.

But if you have not backed up your whatsapp message and you want to recover deleted whatsapp chat, then also you can restore easily. So, you will know that how to recover deleted whatsapp message without backup.You should know that whatever data you delete from your android phone, it just hide and does not delete permanently.

How to restore whatsapp chat from local backup :

Whatsapp stores automatically backup of last 7 days regularly in the internal storage or sd card. If you have deleted and want to restore whatsapp chat of last 7 days, then you can restore it easily. The backup file of whatsapp stores with date wise.

Step 1. Open the file manager and go to internal storage or sd card. ( If you insert sd card in your mobile, then all whatsapp file stores in sd card. and if sd card is not there, then it stores on internal storage.)

Step 2. Open whatsapp folder and then open database file. Here you can see the list of backup of deleted whatsapp chat with ‘msgstore’ name. Also you can see date of backup file.

Step 3.  Select and rename the backup file according to date which you want to restore of last seven days. (Remove date from file. It should be as ‘msgstore.db.crypt12’.

Step 4. Reinstall whatsapp application or clear all data of whatsapp from setting. (Reinstall means first uninstall and then again install.)

Step 5. Open whatsapp app and verify with your mobile number & otp. After verifying, you would get one pop-up notification for backup, so click to continue and allow all permission.

Step 6. Click to restore option. (Now, recovering process would be start)

Now, deleteted whatsapp chat would be restore in your whatsapp application. You can see your whatsapp chat such as photos, videos, voice, text,document etc.

Note : If the whtasapp file is deleted from file manager. then you can not recover whatsapp message on android through local backup methods.

If you want to recover whatsapp chat of more than seven days without backup, then you can easily recover with the help of computer.

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How to recover 1 year old whatsapp messages without backup :

Whatsapp chat or messages include such as photos, videos, audio. text, doucument etc. Through this method you can only recover which is stores on file manager and gallery of mobile. So, photos, videos, audio. document is store in gallery or file manager of your mobile but text message is not stored. So, you cannot restore text message without backup.

You can recover too many old whatsapp messages without taking backup through the help of computer or laptop. But text message not. There are many windows software available to recover deleted data which works 100 % real. So, let`s know that how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android such as photos, videos, voice and document.

Through this method not only you can recover whatsapp photos & videos but also you can able to recover other file from your mobile.

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How to Recover deleted whatsapp chat or data from PC without backup – Step by steps :

Step 1. Download Dr. Fone software on your window pc and install it.

Step 2. Open dr. fone software and click to ‘Restore’ option.

Step 3. Connect your android device to computer through USB Cable.

Step 4. Enable USB Debugging option from setting of your android mobile. You will be given steps or process that how to enable us debugging ?

Now, process of connecting of your device to computer would be start. After a few second, it would be connected successfully.

Step 5. Select the type of file which you want to recover such as whatsapp messages & attachments, videos, messaging, gallery, Audio, Document, Messaging, Call history, Contact etc. So, select ‘whatsapp messages & attachments’ option to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android.

Step 6. Click to next option. Now, whatsapp message recovering process would be start. (It will start deep scanning information from device)

Step 7. Now, Deleted whatsapp chat would come. So, select or tick whatsapp and whatsapp attachment option and click ‘recover to computer’.

Now, deleted whatsapp chat would be recover to your computer. It means whatsapp chat would be saved in your computer file. You can see all chat history of your whatsapp status.You cannot restore this file to your whatsapp application.

Note : Dr. phone is a best whatsapp recovery software which enables us to recover deleted data from any external storage and android & ios device, remove screen lock without loosing data, backup & restore data, system repair etc. This software is paid because it provides amazing feature which is impossible. Dig deep image recovery etc.

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Conclusion :

I hope you would have understood easily that how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android mobile?. If you have deleted important whatsapp message, then by reading this article your problem would be solved.

I want to say that you should backup your whatsapp daily in google drive. So, that you restore it easily if you delete by mistake. It will take less time to restore backup whatsapp message from google drive.

If you think that you can recover whtasapp message without backup easily, you can do it but it would take more time. The process is too long and it is possible through paid software only.

If you are getting problem to recover your deleted whatsapp chat, then please comment and tell the issue. I will solve it as soon as problem.

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