shakti solar pump control from mobile। shakti solar RMS App।

shakti solar pump control from mobile

Hello friends, Today we are going to know that how to control shakti solar pump from mobile. Today solar pumps are used by the many people in india and as well as all over the world.

Most of them have solar pump which is situated some far distance from home. So, there is problem to go far to switch on and off the solar motor.

So, in these situation you can easily start and off your solar pump through mobile from home. By the help of shakti solar RMS (remote monitoring system) apps, you can control your solar pump.

you don`t have to go at where solar pump is situated to switch on and off the solar pump. you can start and switch off your solar pump from home only through mobile.

shakti solar pump control from mobile-shakti solar RMS app

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I will guide that how to control shakti solar pump from your android mobile. To use this features, you need to download Shakti  solar RMS apps. This system works through antennae which is connected to your solar pump controller.

So, let`s know step by step how to load and use it in your andrid phone.

How to download shakti solar RMS app?

  • Download shakti solar Remote monitoring system app. It is not available in playstore. before there is but now no. if you will search in playstore other app will come of solar. so, you will have to download from browser.
  • click here or go and search in google or any search engine shakti solar RMS app. it will redirect into apkpure website (portal). click there downloading button.
  • After when it downloaded, install it on your android device.

How to use Shakti solar RMS App?

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Now, i will tell that how to use Shakti solar RMS App in mobile. so, that you can use it to start and off your motor. Firstly, you have to create your account and you have login in this app. Then only you can use all features of this app.

How to create account ?

So, let`s we will know that how to create account. steps by steps some points are mentioned below which you have to follow:-

  • open the shakti solar RMS app in your mobile.
  • a new page will be open. In this, there will be three options. They are – Admin and organization, secondary login, Register new account.
  • you are new to use, so click on register new account button.
  • After clicking that, one type of form will come in new page.
  • It will ask username. enter the owner of the name of the solar. ( when you are applying for solar pump, which name you have filled that same name you have to fill there.)
  • Enter the controller id. (you have to enter serial number of your shakti pump controller which will be the side of your controller)
  • fill your phone number.( Remember:- enter the phone number which is registered to solar system then only it will select)
  • Enter address of that area where solar pump system is situated.
  • Enter password and again fill confirm password.( strong password should be there, so that any one can`t track it.)
  • After doing this all procedure, click sign up button.( check all information should be correctly otherwise it will not select)

Now, your account has created successfully.

How to login?

Now, go along with my steps that is given below:-

  • open the app. you will be see there three options. click first one- Admin and organization button.
  •  Enter username and password. ( enter that username & password which you have entered while sign in process)
  • When you entered then click login. Now, you can use full facility of this app. Now, your shakti solar pump control from mobile system is ready.

How to start and off your solar pump through shakti RMS App?

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Firstly you have to login. After that a new page will come in which there will be a map and other features will be there.

If you want to start the motor, click to on pump ( option is available in top of the page).  Then again, new page will open in which there will be some details about your motor pump. click start button which is in below. As soon as you will click start button, your motor will start running.

If you want to off the pump, click to off pump. again click stop button. as soon as you will click that button, your motor will stop.

Function and features of this app.

The features you can see such as output voltage, current, torque, power, temperature of solar energy, flow speed etc. There is the option to see GPS (global positioning system) Name and its detail that where system is located.

There is all history data of our solar pump that when you arer starting and closing your solar panel. All the date and time are stored in it.

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