How to share google map location on whatsapp : share location whatsapp.

If you want to share google map location on whatsapp, then you can do it easily. When you share location to someone, then that person can trace your location. It means to say that to whom you have shared, he/she can know that where you are.

If your friend or someone is coming to your home or address, then you can share location. So, that person can come easily by tracking your location.

Whenever a person from our home goes somewhere, we would worry a lot. We repeatedly call and ask their location, “How long will it take to reach home?” Through this method you can keep your family and your child safe. With the help of this technology tricks, you will not have to call again and again.

There are the two ways to share location from google maps on whatsapp. One way is by whatsapp and the other by google map.

1. How to share location from google map on whatsapp using Whatsapp :

How to share location from google maps on whatsapp

There is the easy process to share location from whtasapp. Through this process you can share live location or current location. Live location means if you will move from one place to another then also other person can know live location.

Whereas in current location, the other person can know location of only one place. For example : if you will move from that place then he/she can`t know your location. So, let`s know Step by step all the procedure :

1. Open the whatsapp of your mobile.

2. Open the contact number in which you want to send location.

3. Click to attach symbol which is left side of camera logo in your whatsapp.

4. When you click that then many option will come. So, click to location.

5. There will show two option. They are live location & current location.

6. select by clicking anyone according to your need or choice. (if you will select live location then y0u have to select time also that how much time the person can live. Whereas  in current location, the location would be direct shared)

If you want then you can stop sharing your live location from google map. When you send live location then ‘stop sharing’ option comes. So, you can click it, if you don`t want to share exact real time location.

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2. How to send location on whatsapp From google map :

You know that every android mobiles already have google map appl`gf

1.Open the google map application in your mobile.

2. Click to white circle logo as shown in images.

3. Now your current location will come. Click to your current location as it will be mentioned by pointer.

4. Three option will c0me. You have to click ‘share your location’ option.

5. Select time that how much times you want to share your real time location. (Here real time location means live location.)

6. Downside you have to select through which you want to share. so click to whatsapp icon. (After selecting, wait for few second because it will load)

7. Select the contact list in which you want to share your live location and click to send icon.

Now, your live location would be shared through link to that contact number. That person can track your real time location upto how much time you have set while sharing.When that person will click that link then he can know your live location.

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3. How to share google map location on whatsapp iphone :

If you have iphone then also you can share your live location on whatsapp. The procedure is same as android smartphone. Some of the function is different as compare to other smartphone.

By the way, you know that there is hard security related to tracking location & other things in iphone. So, you have enable location services in your iphone mobile.

Go to setting < click to privacy < Turn on location service.

Follow the same process which is mentioned above through using whatsapp. So, there is no need to repeat same thing again.

4. How to share location on whatsapp status in android & iphone :

If you are in some famous places, then you want to tell your friends that i am in that particular place. So, through the whatsapp status you can share your live location at one time to your all friends. So, let`s follow the process to share location from google map on whatsapp status :

The location can be shared by two ways. By pasting link and Direct from google map.

1. By pasting link of share location :

1.Firstly you have to share your location from google map to any contact or your personal number on whatsapp.

2.You know that when you shared location from google map, then it send through link. So, copy that link.

3.Open whatsapp and tapto status. Click edit icon.

4. Now, option will com to type. So, paste that link which you have copied of location.

5. Click to send icon.

2.Direct from google map :

1. Follow the process upto 6 points of heading number 2 that is ‘How to send location on whatsapp From google map’.

2. Tap to my status option which is on top and click to Next arrow icon.

3. Now, link will come in status. So,click to send icon.

Now, your status would be updated of location. If any person click that link through whatsapp status, then he/she can know your location.

Conclusion :

Note : Anyone can`t know or track your location without your permission. There are many videos in youtube that tell you that you can track the location of anyone. But that is fake video and they tell whole lie.

Government agencies can track location if anything goes wrong. Application or software can track by asking permission of location of your mobile.

(you may have seen that some of the app when you would have installed, then it ask permission. So when you allow, then that application can know your location. because you have given permission of location.)I means to say that any normal user can`t track your location.

I hope that you have understood that how to share google map location on whatsapp to your friends. If you want to ask about any query, then you can comment.

The question of your reply get as soon as possible. Comment and tell that how this article makes you helpful in sharing location of google map in whatsapp.




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