How to validate digital signature in pdf : verification of digital signature.

how to validate digital signature in pdf
Validate digital signature

Nowadays in every document there is online digital signature. If you download any document as a certificate such as Aadhaar card, birth certificate, land record, caste certificate, domicile certificate, death certificate etc. then it is signed with digital signature but you need to verify. So, today you will know that how to verify or validate digital signature in pdf document.

As you download and open, then the digital signature is not verified in a document. You can see the logo of question mark above of the digital signature.So here question comes that how to verify digitally signature with green tick logo instead of question mark in pdf file.

The important thing is here that unless the digital signature would not be verify in your pdf document, it has not any value at anywhere. So, there is necessary to validate it.

Note: You can do this validation process only in PC. You can not validate any digitally signature from mobile. So, you should have a computer or laptop to do the validation process.

How to verify digitally signature in a pdf format :

So, this process you can do through Adobe acrobat reader software in your pc. Basically, this software is already installed in your computer or laptop, as you buy a new pc. If in case, it is not installed on your pc, then click link to download adobe acrobat reader dc to validate digital signature in pdf.

Steps to Validate digital signature in a document  (verify with green tick from yellow question mark) :-

Step 1. Open the file or document in adobe acrobat reader software which you want to validate (green tick).

Step 2. Click once to question mark logo which is in yellow color and above of digital signature in the acrobat reader dc software in pc.

Step 3. Click to signature properties.

Step 4. Click to show signer certificate.

Step 5. Click to trust.

Step 6. Click add to trusted certificate.

Step 7. As you will click that, one message will come. So, click to ok.

Step 8.  Click to ok and then again click to ok.

Step 9. Click to validate signature option.

As you would click to last step that is validate signature option, the digital signature of your document would be valid. Yellow question mark (validity unknown) would be turned into Green tick (signature validate).Now, you can submit your document anywhere and it has the value.

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How to add digital signature to pdf :

Now, you have known that how to validate digital signature in pdf. but as well as you also should know that how to create digital signature in pdf file. You can easily add your own digitally e-sign in a pdf file.

So, you have to no need to install any other software for digitally sign in a pdf. The software which i have mentioned above to validate a digital signature in pdf with adobe acrobat reader dc. With same software, also you can digitally signed in a pdf document.

There are many types of digital signature you can do in pdf file. The type of digital signature are given below :-

1. Basically, you may have also seen that government document or certificate is signed with digital certificate based signature. The signature which you need to validate, that is in certificate based signature. This digital signature is secure. It cannot be performed in smartphone.

2. The second type of digital signature is handwritten E-signature. You can create signature with the help of mouse of your pc as you do in hard copy. This signature is not secure as compare to digital certificate signature. It can be done through the  mobile also.

How to sign pdf with digital signature certificate – (Certificate based signature) :

Step 1. Open a pdf file in adobe and click to tools.

Step 2. Click to open under the certificate option.

Step 3. Click to digitally sign.

Step 4. As you will click that, ‘+’ symbol will come. So, select the area where you want to insert digital signature certificate.

Step 5. You have to create digital id. So, click to configure new digital id.

Step 6. Select create a new digital id and click to continue.

Step 7. Choose the option of save to window certificate store.

Step 8. Enter a name which you want to add in digital certificate signature & email address.

Step 9. Click to save option.

Step 10. Select the digital id which you want to insert and click to continue.

Step 11. Now, preview will come of digital signature certificate. You can edit it. So, click to sign in option.

Step 12. Select the file where you want to save and click to save option.

Now, digital signature would be inserted where you had selected the area. So, let`s know that how to create handwritten electronic signature.

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How to digitally sign a pdf with adobe reader ( handwritten E-signature) :

Step 1. Open the pdf file in which you want to insert digital signature in adobe reader software.

Step 2. Click to tools option in adobe.

Step 3. Click to open under Fill & sign option.

Step 4. Again click to fil & sign.

Step 5. Click to sign and click to add signature.

Step 6. Three option is available.

  • Type : Just type name and it would be insert in pdf file.
  • Draw : You can do handwritten signature using mouse as you do in hard copy.
  • Image : If the signature is scanned from hard copy, then you can add.

Step 7. So, select anyone and click to apply.

Step 8. Now, signature would come in your pdf file. You can insert where you want to keep it by dragging.

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Conclusion :

I hope that you would have understood that how to validate digital signature in pdf document & to add digital signature to pdf.

If you follow the process carefully, I expect that your issues might would be solved related to digital or electronic signature.

If you find any problem or want to ask about any query, then you can contact me. The solution of your problem or reply you will get as soon as possible.

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