What is captcha code and why do website ask to fill it?

If you use the internet then obviously you are knowing about the “Captcha code” word and you might have filled it also in the past. Whenever we create an account or fill something for registration then we need to fill the captch code.

What is captcha code

By the way, you all have seen the captch code features in website and also have filled. But do you know that what is captcha code, Why do they ask to fill the captcha code?, What are the types of Captcha,

And all other information about captch code. So, if you don`t know the answer to this question then you don`t have to be worry. Because I have mentioned detail information about the captcha code in this article. So, Let`s know.

What is Captcha code in a website?

The full form of a captcha code is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Captcha code is a function that is mostly used in the Website and application.

The captcha code is used to differentiate between the humans and Robots before the user procced to do the work in a website such as creating an account or filling registration or anytings.

So, the captcha code only allows proceeding to the further step unless the algorithm of captcha code identify that the user is real human. If the user able to fill the captha code properly then the program verify that it is real user.

Any website can be used by the Robot Programme as well as through the manual user (Human). So, if the website work will be done by the Robots programme then there is very dangerous for the website.

Below we will know in detail that why there is danger for website if it is used by the Robots programme. So, let`s know that Why captcha is used?

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Why Captch is used?

The captcha is used to avoid the Computer auto-generated spamming program. For example; If you visit any website for doing the registration of tick for train, then it will take time to complete the task if a real person do it.

Whereas if the same task is done by the program then it will be completed within a few seconds. And the program can do millions of task in few times.

So, if millions of task will be done by the programme then the database of a server of website will be full and as well as website will be crash due to the millions of traffic in a real time.

As well as this, the captcha code is also mostly used when you login to account for protecting the Brute force attack. If you don`t know about the brute force attack then tell me in brief.

Brute force is a hacking technique through which password can be guessed through the brute force programme of a account.

So, the captcha code is used to protect these type of spamming and hacking. If the captcha code programme is there then the scripted programmes by the hackers are not able to proceed to the further process because they don`t able to fill the captcha code.

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How captcha code system works?

Its program shows the crooked word or shows images or play sound then asks the user to enter the same things what appearing or playing.

The images or crooked words appear in such a way that the program or machine is unable to read that one but human is able to read. So, if there will be real humans then that will be captcha will be solved by him/her easily.

As the captcha program identifies that the user is a real human then the website allows us to proceed to the further step. In this way, this works for the security purpose of the website.

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H2- What are the types of Captcha?

There are many types of captcha available in the website which you might have filled. You would have known that what is captcha code? So, let`s one by one types 0f captcha and about that captcha program.


In this type of captcha, most of the time users have to just click then the user is able to proceed to the further step.

But if the servers get notified through the help of its algorithm whatever script are programmed then it shows images and ask to verify. It is also called No captcha.

3D Captcha

In this type of captcha, users are shown image or text in a 3d form which is little bit difficult to solve as compare to the normal captcha.

ad Injected Captcha

This type of captcha shows ads and through the help of this captcha, website earn money also. For example; it is shown in the website of IRCTC while booking tickets.

Standard captcha

It is a standard way in which crooked words are shown and asked you to verify by filling those words. In this, there is also option available to switch to the Recaptcha type of Captcha which is through the by showing the images.

Maths captcha

It is a atypr of acatpch in which math types of question are given to you which you need to solve. Unless and until, you don`t solve the captcha then you don`t eligible for further step.

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Conclusion on Captcha code

Finally, we have given you full information about captcha and other information in this article very well. So, in this article, you have learned that What is captcha code?,

Why captcha code is used in website?, How captcha code program works?, And What are the types of Captcha? So, whatever question were arising related to the captcha as a perspective of the user, all the information are mentioned by us.

This article about the captcha code is only for the users. Not for the website owners, because we have not mentioned the procedure for how to insert captcha program in website.

If you have any doubt related to the captcha code then you comment below and we will try to give your answer.

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