What is jio fiber : Jio GigaFiber Broadband service – Full explanation

What is jio fiber ? Full explanation and it`s benefit.

Have you listened the word of Jio fiber ? If you have listened then, can you know that what is jio fiber and its uses ? Many of them don`t know about jio fiber and it`s uses.

So, in this post we will know full explanation detail about jio Giga broadband service.If you want to know full detail information about jio fiber then you are in perfect place.So, let`s know.

Jio GigaFiber provides internet to the people through broadband and wifi service. The broadband and wifi of any telecom oprerator has the high speed internet than the normal internet..

In the same way, Jio giga fiber provides high speed of internet. It provides high internet servic from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps Jio giga fiber will be set up in your home and through this you can use internet through broadband (wired) & Wifi (wirelessly).

Jio gigafiber means fibre to the home (FTTH). It means to say that cable will be sent to your home and through this Jio fiber setup box will be setup.

Anyone can get Jio Fiber connection at their home. So to get this connection, there is necessary to know detail about this. It`s specification & plan and the other features.

Jio Fiber Broadband connection Installation charge (fee) :

The installation fee of jio is Rs.1000/- But the customer have to deposit Rs.2500/-  in which 1500 will be refundable amount. So, for new installation of jio fiber, total amount you have to pay RS.2500/-.

The amount would be refund if in future you want to discontinue jio gigafiber broadband service. This amount you have to pay before setup of jio fiber.

The amount which is refundable that will be charged as security deposit of jio Giga fiber system. It means to say that Amount will be taken of device and when you will apply for cancellation, then all system will be replace.

So, your money also would be refund. It is for the security that if any harm gets system of fiber by you, then amount will be not refund.

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What is Jio Fiber Data prepaid plan – Fee :

This also very important to know about Jio Giga Fiber Plans. Mostly, telecom operator provides broadband in Prostpaid plan. But Reliance Jio Giga Fiber telecome operator provides broadband internet service in Prepaid plan.

By the way, you are knowing that what is prepaid and postpaid ?But if you don`t know, then don`t worry.Let i tell you, The amount we pay before using internet data or anything according to plan that is Prepaid.

Whereas The amount we pay after using internet or anything that is known as postpaid plan. So, In Jio Giga fiber you have to pay Before using internet or broadband service according to plan. So, let`s know it`s plan :-

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Jio Broadband connection plan :

1. Bronze :- The Plan starts from 699/- per months but it takes 18% GST taxe on each plan. So, total you have to pay Rs.825/- in starting. The first starting plan name as Bronze. Here you will get unlimited data upto 350 GB per months at 100 Mbps speed. 100 Mbps (mega bite per second) means 100 mb will be consumed per second and according to that internet will be very fast.

2. Silver:- The second plans comes that is name as silver plan. This plan is of Rs.8499 per month with unlimited upto 800 GB at 100 mbps.

3. Gold:- The third plans comes that is of Rs.1299 with unlimited upto 1750 GB at 250 mbps speed.

4. Diamond:- It`s monthly pln is Rs. 2499 with 4000  GB at mbps.

5. Platinum:- It is of Rs.399/- per month with upto 7500 GB unlimited at 1 Gbps speed. Here Gbps (Giga byte per second) means 1 GB will be consumed at one second. So, due to 1 Gbps, Internet will run superfast than the above plan.

6. Titanium:- It is of 8499/- and with 15000 Gb at 1 Gbps speed. It is highest plan from above.Because it has the high speed and more data to use internet from the above.

To know the data plan of detail and list, you can click here.

Note : In all the plan there is free voice and Home networking included. The GST taxe will be included in all plan with 18 %. Now, you can know how much it will cost to get Jio Fiber installed and in it`s in plan of every month.

You can also get tv video calling and gaming but for this you have to pay Rs.1299/- per year for each item..

If you want to get Jio Fiber broadband connection, then you have ton apply for  registration. So, let`s know :-

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How to apply for Jio Fiber connection (Registration online) :

1. Go to official website of jio fiber. (Search in you browser ‘jio fiber’ and enter into first website or click here.)

2. Click to ‘book now’.

3. Enter your Name & Mobile Number. Click to generate otp.

4. Enter the otp (one time password) which will be sent to your mobile number and click to generate otp.

5. Now, confirm your address by filling some detail such as pincode, state, city, building or society name, office or building number, email id. click to submit button.

As you will click to submit button, your registration would be successfully. You will also get message of  ‘comming to your area soon’. Now, they will contact and come.

When you will pay installation charge then connection would be setup in your home. When the connection setup, you have to activate your plan. This all the process engineer of jio broadband connection will tell you.

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Benefits of Jio Giga Fiber broadband service :

It gives broad band connection with optical fiber cable. Other telecom operator gives connection with copper wire and coxial cable. but nonly jio gives with optical cable. Through the optical cable, internet runs very super fast than from the other cable.

The extra benefit you will get that is tv video calling and gaming. These features and goods you will be get in jio Giga fiber connection, For this you have to pay more money. These are the extra benefit you get from the other fiber.

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Conclusion :

I hope that you have understood that What is Jio Fiber ? and how to install it in your home ?. here the  amount is more costly than the other fiber. There is not much benefit in fee but the system and goods are attractive and most usefulness. It means to say that according to money, device and system are good.

If you have any query related to this, then please comment and ask or email. Hope you will get some value by reading this article.

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