How to create an android app without coding : free mobile app builder

If you want to create an android app without coding skill, then you are at the perfect place.

Today many application are available in playstore which are created without any coding or programming language knowledge.

Most of them are earning in lakh or above 1000$ by developing an android apps without coding skills.

How to create an android app without coding

Nowadays many online tools free mobile app builder are available through which you can create easily an android app.

You can develop any type of android application or software as you want through free mobile app builder online website.

Such as for education or study, business, social media, personal app, app for your blog or youtube channel, etc.

However as you want any type of an android app and everyone will be able to make easily through app maker online without coding.

You can monetize own app which you will be making through online website.

There are many method to monetize your an android application by which earning can be done by developing an android app without coding free.

They are through placing ads, by upgrading paid app in playstore, upgrade to remove ads, subscription service, affliate program etc.

There will not be any problem related to earning after creating an android app without coding in free platform.

Now let`s know that how to create an app for free and make money without coding.

And what are the free mobile app builder tools or website to create android app online without coding of your own.

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Best 2 tools to create an android app without coding – free mobile app builder

You can make your professional android app without any programming language skills within just 30 minutes.

I will tell here 2 best online free android app maker tools by which choosing any one tools, you can develop mobile application without coding skills.

You don`t require any technical knowledge for how to create an android app without coding, even a small child also can make through tools.

But don`t worry, I will tell you step by step full process to operate or use the online tools of android app maker or free mobile app builder.

Through which you can build successfully android app and can publish in playstore and earn money.

You will get each step of each tools, unless you can`t install in your android device that app.

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#1. Andromo: No-Code Required, Create an android app without coding

Develop android app without coding wih andromo is an online website or tools that provides us to create android app online without coding.

It has easiest way of user interface, through that anyone can operate this online software tools.

Through the coding or programming language, developer has developed this online tools in such a way that without any coding, user can create android app online without coding easily as user want.

You will not have to pay any money or payment to access andromo website – (No-Code Android Application Development)

Follow the following instruction or steps to build successfully an android app without coding knowledge :-

1.Visit to official website from your chrome browser or any other browser.

2. Click to “create an app for free” button.

3. Choose theme for your new application according to your need and look.

Many types of themes are available such as for spiritual , wallpaper, education, music, fashion, News, Local business, event etc.

4. after choosing your theme, click to “ build this app ” button.

5. Now, all the option will come to edit or customize app as you want. It means all the things will be in your hand to optimize or control the app.

Under the option Activities , Themes, Global style, Setting, Monetization, Services, Build.

Here activities and Themes are very important from other option. I will explain each option one by one that how to customize.

Note – While doing Any changes or editing, live preview of app will be shown in side.

So, it will be more easier to setup your android application without coding skills.

Themes to develop app without coding :-

  • Startup mode – Here you can select “Show dashboard” or “show first activity (no dashboard)”. My recommendation that select show dashboard option.
  • Navigation – According to your need you can enable or disable navigation drawer. Also you can upload image that you want to keep. It will display when user will click navigation (three bar) on an app.
  • Setting – You can write dashboard name of your choice which you want to keep. Also you can enable or disable about banner ads on dashboard and social share button.
  • Layout – In this you can change layout design that how you want such as in grid, List, card, List with icon by clicking “select by appearance” option. Many option are available to edit.
  • Style – From this option, you can change color.
  • Images – You can upload feature images and background images and can change it`s style or size.
  • Toolbar – leave it as it. If you want then can make changes.

Activities option to edit function of android app without coding free :-

Under this option, you can also add or remove features according to your need that what you want.

For example- if you have a website or blog then you can link that website in an app. It means to say that you can convert website to android app free without coding.

Likewise you can add your youtube channel also. You can write content by giving heading or title. For subscribing the user, you can add subscribe button also.

Setting for android app developing without coding free :-

  • Basic app Information – By the way under this option everything will be selected automatically. But if you want to edit it, then you can do such as app name & version, Target market, Category, Description and package name.
  • App icon:- Here you have to upload logo of your app.

Monetization for app to earn money by creating an android app without coding :-

This is an option for which purpose you want to create an android app without coding free.

Am i right ? Yes, of course you want to earn money by developing an android app without coding skills. It is the main important setting for you. I think for this only you are building app.

So, firstly you need to select network that ads you want to show on your android app of which brand or company.

For example, I will tell detail about admob network monetization.

Perform the following instruction to link Admob to monetize your an android app :-

# Click to monetization and then click to Admob network. Here you will be asked some information from admob account. So, to fill this option you need to create and setup admob account.

# Create Admob account and setup to earn money by making app free :-

  • Visit to official website of admob and sign up to access.
  • Go to app section and click to “add app” option.
  • Now, you will be asked that “have you ever published app on playstore ?” According to your choce, select yes or no.
  • Enter your app name and platform, android or ios. And click to Add button.
  • In next step, you will be asked to “create an ad unit”. So, click it.
  • You have to create ad unit for Ads banner and Interstitial Ads. Here below i will tell you to create ad unit for only banner ads. So you create for Interstitial Ads by yourself, following the step of banner ads.
  • Select banner ads option.
  • Enter ad unit name. Any name you can enter, no problem.
  • Click to create ad unit option.

# After making banner ads unit, Copy code and paste to Admob banner ads id, under monetization tab in andromo site. Same way create Interstitial Ads and copy it`s code.

# Now, you will need to enter Admob app id. So, this id you will get from admob account. Follow steps which are given below to fill app id :-

  • Access your admob account and go to app setting.
  • Copy the app id and paste there.

# Click to save changes.

Build Your app – (Install your own app after creating an android app without coding) :-

This option helps to install your own an andoid application t your android device.

  • So, to download tap to “build your app” green button. Now it will take some time to build.
  • After building, download option will come. So, click it to download your own app.

After downloading, You can install that particular app in any android device.

You can also published this app to playstore but you have to pay charge of 25$. So, if you want to know that how to publish app in playstore ? , then click it.

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#2. Appypie – create an android app without coding

Make android app without coding with appypie

Appiepie is an online platform (website) where you can not only create an android app without coding but also can create Website, Task animation, chatbot and graphics.

It is professional app builder without coding platform and high level you can crate an android app without coding knowledge.

Follow the following instruction to develop mobile application without coding from Appiepie website :-

1. Visit to website from your browser in smartphone or from computer.

2. Select mobile application option.

3. Click to get started.

4. Enter business name and click to next.

5. Choose the category of app. Many option will be available there such as Business, online store, Education, News, Health etc.

6. Select theme from the options , according to your need & look.

7. Select which device to test your app on, Android or ios device.

8. Click to “Save and continue” option.

9. Sign up with your Email and password.

10. Now, Edit options will come for your app that which type of design you want, that type you can setup.

Option are available such as Customize font & colors, Customize app layout, Customize app elements and app information.

So, below each option are explained in detail.

Note :- All the live preview will be shown to you while editing or doing changes styles and design of android app without coding and programming language.

Editing mode under an android app without coding :-

  • Customize font & colors :- You can change color, font, size, background of text of layout, header and page. under your own android application as you want it`s look, according to your need.
  • Customize app layout :- Here you can Change layout of your an android app as you want. Many options will be available there such as Matrix, slide out, Bottom, List, Diamond layout, 3D slide, Color list, Slide shutter, Grid, Skew, Half list, Linear etc. Other layout options are available.
  • Customize app elements :- In this option you can set or change app icon, App background and splash screen.
  • Customize app information :- Here you can edit or change Business name & package name.

11. Click to save and continue option after editing.

12. Now, you will be asked to test the app in your android device. Follow the given below steps to check or test the app :-

  • So bar code will be given there to scan. Therefore, open scanner or camera from your android device and by clicking website download “Test Lab -Basic” application.
  • You have to enter same email as you have entered before while signing up in So, enter that and click to “Start testing”.
  • App will open under this application on testing mode,

13. After using, come back to appypie website at same place from where you have scanned bar code.

So, now in side of bar code, you will get Notification of “Congratulation, you have successfully installed your android app” and below, it will be given option of “Start editing”. So, click it.

14. Click to “Go Live” Option and pay Rs. 99/- to download your own app which you will create an android app without coding.

After paying, download option will come. Lastly, download it and also you can publish own android app without coding in playstore.

Monetize your own which you have made your android app without coding in Appy pie platform

1. Login to Appy pie (App maker without coding) website.

2. Click to welcome and go to “My app”.

3. Click to monetize option from the list to earn money from your own app with admob.

4. Create Admob account and enter “banner ads unit id”and “Interstitial ads unit id” from your admob account.

(If you are not knowing to create admob account and to create ads unit of banner and interstitial, then prefer to above in first andromo section.)

5. After billing all detail from admob account, click save button. Hence, your app is completely linked with admob and you can start earning money.

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Conclusion on creating application without coding :-

I hope that you would have got an idea about that how to create an android app without coding. Also as well as you have got best  free mobile app builder online tools.

By the way i have tried my best level to make understand and explain in detail about developing mobile application without programming language skills.

But If you have any confusion or problem related to this blog post, then kindly request that comment or contact me. If also you want content about any other query, then also you are most welcome to tell us.


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